Chapter 46: Titan

Author: Arya

The island.

Percy boarded the Osprey and embarked on the mission of contacting the mysterious organization in the east. 

Seated on the pilot seat, he was conversing with Lucifer.

“How exactly am I supposed to find the location?” Percy enquired.

[ Umm. It is indeed difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the organization. According to the data collected from the Holy Church, the organization is situated in the mountainous region of the southern part of the Asian continent.]

Lucifer’s voice sounded from the radio.

On the holographic screen appeared an image of the Asian continent along with the highlighted region. 

[ The highlighted region is the scope of our search. I cannot judge accurately, so once you reach the location, I would need to perform a scan for better estimation.] Lucifer said.

“Are you sure you can pinpoint the location?” Percy asked.

[ I have to give it a try. If the organization is as mysterious as it sounds, then there has to be an abnormal phenomena which we can use to pinpoint the exact location.] Lucifer said.

“Alright. What about the other team? Any updates?” 

[Negative. It might take some time.]


[ Approaching blackout region ]

A mechanical voice echoed in the cockpit.

“I will send you the data once the scan is completed.”

[O…ka…] A weak voice was heard on the radio, followed by the loss of signal.

Due to heavy energy interference the scope of wireless communication was greatly reduced. Though it was possible to send data, real-time communication was a whole different matter. The radio waves would lose transmitted data due to interference from the energy radiation. The speed of data transmission was also reduced to a bare minimum. The data transmission was possible by sending frequent transmission using small data packets and applying prediction algorithms in filling the missing data.

The engines roared to life as the Osprey headed towards its destination at maximum speed.

Approximately 6 hours later.

[Approaching destination]

A mechanical voice echoed in the cockpit which alerted Percy who was calmly meditating. 

Using the technique mentioned in the Mysterious Manual had helped the sins increase their combat strength. Although they were only regarded as D+ on the energy level, as compared to the supers like Light and Dark who they regarded as A+. 

So how were they able to defeat them previously. The reason behind their combat strength was the ‘type’. The energy used by most of the supers was a crude and basic form of energy present in the environment. It could be termed as elemental energy, represented by the different elements. It was vastly different in comparison to the cosmic energy. 

Cosmic energy could be considered as the driving force of the Universe, thus it was able to easily command the various lower level energies.

The sins utilized cosmic energy, thus giving a boost to their powers.

It was not that the other supers could not utilize cosmic energy, but they needed special techniques to help them. The sins were able to do so only with the help of the mysterious manual. 

It must be noted that even now none of the sins were able to reach the third stage of the manual. And only Percy was able to barely enter the second stage due to the help of the inheritance cube.

As Percy opened his eyes, he let out a long breath.

“Alright. Let us see what this mysterious organization is about.” Said Percy as he entered instructions for the environmental scan.

[Scanning Marked Terrain]



[Terrain Scan complete]

[Compiling Data]

[Data compilation successful]

After moving around the highlighted area Percy was able to scan the terrain. 

[Data transmission successful]

Data was safely delivered to Lucifer, who was on the island repairing the defense systems and modifying them.

Lucifer went through the data and was able to gather some clues after some time. He compiled his information and sent it to Percy through the same channel.

[Incoming message]

[ The data is solid. The area shows traces of intense cosmic radiation. Meaning there was someone or something responsible for it. You see the beasts here have mutated very strongly due to this radiation. But there is also a mismatch, if not for Aria’s precise calculations I would have missed it. The region in the central part, a very small region is devoid of any cosmic radiation. As if the energy never touched this region, which is a very odd phenomena considering the uneven amount of radiation in the surrounding. Try exploring that region. I am attaching the coordinates with the message. ]

[New-coordinates received]

Percy calmly instructed the on-board autopilot to move towards the new location. 

[Autopilot sequence initiated.]

After reaching the area.

[Activating standby.]

The cargo doors opened and Percy wearing his signature three-meter tall combat suit Titan dropped from the aircraft.

The combat suit Titan wore by Percy was an advanced counterpart of its predecessor.

Different from the previous bulky frame, the new Titan had a new body made from Titanium doped with cosmic energy. It gave the new metal a dark black shade. The aura emitted by Titan was far more superior. Not only its body but its subsystems were also replaced by an advanced version, making it easier to control.

This was a custom made combat armor made by Lucifer. The circuits and auxiliary systems like power control, weight balance, movement control, weapon guidance were a mix of technological and runic systems made from specially developed cosmic grade carbon nanofiber.  

The Runic language was a major contributor of the development. Still it was just a prototype and only Percy was able to operate this beast. The reason was the operator must have the knowledge of the runes used in the construction or else they might not be able to properly direct the flow of energy. Since the energy used by the beast was produced from a miniature generator based on Kevin’s design. The new generators used cosmic energy as well as conventional nuclear fuel as the power source. The energy flow from the cosmic energy was yet too strong for Titan’s body to handle. The generator itself could not tone down the energy, thus the circuits and runes would be destroyed if used for a longer period of time.

The new systems also included a neural interface, connecting the user’s consciousness to the beast, albeit yet a prototype. Allowing the user’s thoughts to control the beast to some extent which included its motor nerves or circuits, power control to some extent and weapon guidance systems. 

The weapons installed in the beast included shoulder based canons which fired concentrated photon beams, downscaled versions of the wall mounted cannons, though it would deplete the energy reserve. But the best part about Titan was its ability to integrate with the user’s ability. 

Using the Runic language. Lucifer, Aria and Percy were barely able to craft a set of runes capable of manifesting the user’s ability by using Titan’s energy generator and its neural interface. 


As Percy landed on the ground, the knees of Titan bent down to disperse the force.

Moving towards the location he spoke.

“Mass scale prototype testing: Titan Log.”

A small blue log appeared on the HUD.

“The movement systems feel fine after the fall. The neural interface relayed back a feedback which induced pain in my body. Rest of the systems seem fine.”

 “Approaching boundary. Switched to combat mode.”

[Combat mode]

Titan had a slit on the head which indicated its eyes. As soon as the combat mode was activated the slits turned from blue to purple. 

From the back. A fierce two meter black colored katana was unlocked which shone with a metallic luster, threatening its enemies. The shoulder canons which were quietly sitting on the shoulder hummed a little and turned silent, waiting for a prey to unleash hell.

Controlling the beast Titan, Percy moved its hand towards the back and the thick metallic fingers of the beast grabbed the hilt of the black katana.


The black katana was unleashed from the back of Titan. 

Since there were already shoulder mounted weapons the need for additional weapons was not necessary.

Titan’s generator roared to life as it moved forward carefully, as if searching for a prey.

“Initiating life scan.”


[Scan Complete. Area devoid of sentient life.]

That’s weird, considering the level of radiation in the surrounding environment there should be many high level beasts.

“Heading towards the location.”

The designated location was a grassland around 500 meter in radius. There was not a single plant or tree in this region, just grass. 

Titan moved towards the grassland, just as it was about to enter the region it stopped.


“Detecting life signals nearby. Heading towards the source.”

Titan’s detection systems caught a life sign, using its optic sensors it soon locked on the target and relayed the necessary information to Percy. At the source was a Musk Ox lazily grazing the grass near the grassland.

Titan watched from afar as the Ox moved towards the grassland and all of a sudden it vanished as soon as it entered.

“That’s weird, it was here just a moment ago. Check for life signs.”


“Hmm, no life signs. Did it just vanish? Was it a new ability it gained after the Reboot!”

Percy wondered while repeatedly checking for life signs. Titan’s Life scanning was derived from a mixture of thermal and cosmic radiation.


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