Chapter 47: Temple

Author: Arya

Titan made its way towards the last scanned location of the Ox. 




The mechanical beast stopped.


“Confirming last known location of the target. No anomalies found. Proceeding in the target’s track.”


The huge black metallic body moved forward tracing the same path as that Ox.


Just as he reached the last known location of the Ox something weird happened.


Titan sheathed the fearsome black katana on the back and moved its hand forward to confirm something.


The front half of the arm mysteriously disappeared. 


“Interesting, there appears no damage. Response delay is none. No abnormalities detected by the system.” 


What is happening?


Percy thought as he retrieved the arm back. There was no sign of damage.


Am I hallucinating? 


Ahh, forget it. Let’s just face whatever it is.

[Prototype Titan: Final Log entry]


“Entering a mysterious location which seems to be draped into a highly advanced stealth mechanism.”


Percy moved Titan forward and its entire body disappeared. There was no trace of it. All that was left were the tracks. 


A very different scene greeted Percy.


As if he had entered a totally different world.


Seemingly like an other world scenario. Among the white clouds and the blazing sun stood an ancient dilapidated structure. 


A still lake, on which were floating numerous water lilies creating a heavenly environment. Some particular white water rose among them were particularly eye-catching. In the center of the lake stood the structure, shaped like a mountain. On it were carved numerous different patterns and runes. The most bizarre part of the structure was the gully right in between which seemed as if someone had cleaved the mountain in between, creating a passage to the other side.


There were six small pyramidal towers scattered around the structure at equal distance from the center, creating a formation of sorts. The towers were situated at the corners. A small wall made of unknown material acted as the boundary defense. 


Between the tower and the mountain were different buildings giving an ancient vibe and aura. 


The only path towards the mountain were a series of footholds on the lake, which were bounded by columns of the same unknown material. 


Besides the structure, the entire central land was full of trees. If one listened carefully, one could even hear birds chirping and animals roaring in the distance. 


Such a scene was totally mind boggling. As if a scene depicted from a fairy tale.


Percy inside Titan was enchanted by the scenery and lost himself for a few minutes. 


Just as his senses returned, he immediately activated the necessary measures. 

Titan’s detection systems went on full alert. Its eyes radiating a terrifying amount of redness. 


The black metallic katana had again returned in its hand to display its terrifying might.




Unknowingly Percy felt a tap on Titan’s waist. 


All of a sudden its engine roared. Titan moved the katana in a sweeping motion towards the enemy behind. The power behind the force was too devastating. It created an astonishing sonic boom. 




A weird thing happened. The katana swished past the target. 


But still the gales produced by it, created a strong wind which blew dust and mud everywhere.


As the surroundings cleared, the target was now visible in sight.


The target was an old man. He had no hair on his face and head. The face was also full of wrinkles. He wore shabby clothes, dressed as a villager, donning a scarf around his neck. 


In his one hand was a walking stick, while another hand was holding his chin. He was watching Titan. It seemed as if he was unfazed by the earlier attack.


Percy inside Titan, lowered his gaze to have a look at the old man’s eyes. 


As he looked, he was instantly charmed by the eyes. The eyes radiated a warmth so comfortable that made him almost sleep. The brightness and wisdom in those eyes was truly too deep.


Just as he was about to fall asleep, a mysterious power surged into his mind. The mysterious power dragged his consciousness from entering the deep slumber.


The old man slightly narrowed his eyes as he watched this. He moved his other hand from his chin and placed it on the walking stick. Calmly gazing at Titan. 


Beside the old man was another living being. It was the same Ox which had stepped foot on the grassland and disappeared. 


It took time to describe but everything happened within seconds. 


Just as Percy was about to attack the old man again.


The old man spoke with an aged voice.


“Young man, it isn’t wise to attack an old man like me.”


Saying that he moved his walking stick and poked at certain points on Titan.








[Power level below 30]


[Exiting Combat mode]


[Energy saving mode activated]


TItan’s power level dropped rapidly and stabilized at 30 percent. The power was just enough to sustain the normal functions of Titan.


Percy was flabbergasted by this scene. 


Titan hurriedly moved backwards a few steps creating a dull thud.


“No need to be frightened. That much energy is just wasted on this metal can. This much is enough for it, rest won’t be necessary. After all, we don’t want the other beings resting here to be frightened now, do we? Hahaha” 


“Come now follow me. It must be fate since this little Ox brought you here.”


As he said he moved towards the footholds on the lake.


The footholds were spread in an orderly linear manner. The distance between each foothold was enough for a person to step on. The old man calmly walked towards the entrance of the temple like structure. The Ox followed it beside.


Percy was still alert as he vigilantly looked at the old man. After much deliberation he chose to follow the old man. 


After all, he was more curious about the emergence of this mysterious land. 


In the intelligence record obtained by Lucifer from the Holy Church’s database, there were records about a mysterious organization. Although there was not enough information, the importance of this data to the Holy Church was another matter. It could be seen from the amount of effort the Holy Church put in to find about the organization.


The records were very vague. Only a handful of people on the planet were aware of this organization. It wasn’t an organization to be exact, it was more like an institute. 


The records also maintained that the institute has been in existence since long before the Reboot. The pre-world United Federation had been in contact with the institute before too. Since they couldn’t gain anything noteworthy, the Federation didn’t bother to act. After all the various world governments before the Reboot weren’t just for show.


But now their interest was once again diverted to it. The records stated that the institute had immense knowledge, scriptures and texts dating way back in history. The now Federation turned Holy Church wanted to gain those things, the Council believed that it would help them increase their overall might.


Now after having a look at the situation in front of him. Percy could neither confirm the suspicion of the Holy Church.


Titan moved towards the entrance of the temple.


The entrance of the temple wasn’t that grand. There were just two big columns engraved with various runes side by side covered with dense vegetation, along with a series of steps which led upwards.


The old man slowly and calmly traced those steps along with the Ox.


But before that he looked back and said.


“Young man, this is as far as I can help you. If you really have some fate, then you must enter the temple on your own. Or else you may trace back your steps and return to where you belong.”


He moved forward and spoke clearly.


“The fate of a person who sits, sits. The fate of a standing person stands and the fate of a sleeping person sleeps. But the fate of a person who walks, walks along with them.” 


Percy was puzzled by what the old man was saying.


As he reached the gate, he noticed the old man had already reached the top and was watching him calmly, as if waiting for a show.


Percy didn’t bother much and took a step forward along with Titan.


Just as Titan’s legs were about to step on the stairs something mysterious occurred.




A transparent barrier emerged from the sides of the column. The strange and bizarre runes engraved on the columns started vibrating intensely. The dense vegetation covering the columns was vaporized and all of a sudden.




Multiple runes glowing with strange orange light emerged from the column. Every rune was shining in a mysterious way and they all slammed towards Titan.




A loud boom echoed as Titan’s huge body was blasted backwards. Although there was no major damage. The shockwave from the blast was enormous enough to blow its whole metallic body towards the edge of the entrance.






Just as Titan was about to enter the lake. The boosters in the leg created an enormous amount of thrust, which barely enabled Titan to stay on land.


Inside Titan various warnings colored in deep red were flashing repeatedly along with sparks from its circuits and mechanism.




[Engine Overload]


[Entering standby mode]




A lot of steam gushed out from Titan’s back as Percy emerged from there.


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  2. Idk why but Percy is just too dumb to be a leader. With their goals in mind, why would he attack the first human he meets when the old man wasn’t even showing hostility? Plain stupid.

    • If you look at the situation, he was within an unknown territory he was on high alert for any sudden situations, plus it was weird to have a human being here. Another thing was that the old man caught him by surprise. It was more of a battle instinct rather than a attack. The next time he decided to attack was because he felt threatened as he looked into the eyes.

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