Chapter 48: [Obliteration] Rune

Author: Arya



Coughing hardly Percy staggered a bit as he took deep breaths.


Due to the sudden attack Titan’s automatic defense mechanism was triggered. It’s computer immediately pushed the generator to its limit in order to maximize power for achieving the high speed maneuver.

Thank god, that smart fellow didn’t accept my suggestion. Or else I would have died.

Percy had suggested for such an automatic defense system, after all during critical times one’s minds often go blank. But instead of utilizing the power from the primary generator, he had suggested for the more potent secondary flux generator, to maximize the output.

But Lucifer neglected the idea of utilizing the flux generator, according to him the raw power generated would be too brutal and savage. It might even fry the circuits and runes, leaving just a piece of scrap in the aftermath.

The old man on the top smiled as he saw Percy’s reaction.

“Hahaha, young man. It seems the temple has no fate with you. Just return back to where you came from.”

Percy was truly irritated this time.

After the counter-attack the runes on the column hadn’t dissipated instead they were still visible and were vibrating intensely at a high frequency. 

Percy once again moved towards the entrance.

This time he slowly moved his hand towards the entrance as if trying to feel something.

His hand touched the barrier. 

The runes started to vibrate more intensely.

The old man suddenly changed his expression. He lifted his walking stick when all of a sudden something miraculous happened.


A small purple light flickered on Percy’s hand and the vibrating runes suddenly turned silent.

The barrier between the two columns shattered like a glass into smaller pieces and disappeared.

The old man turned silly as he watched it. The walking stick was held in the air.


Percy after performing such an amazing feat, collapsed on the floor.

“Hmm, interesting. There was indeed a fate between him and the temple. I guess I will have to exercise my old bones a little.”


It was exactly when Percy touched the barrier, the runes started to vibrate and shine intensely.

At the same time, Percy closed his eyes. 

The very next scene was Percy was standing inside a dark gully. 

On his left and right were huge towering walls, extending towards an unknown location. 


A deep voice along with a sigh was calling him from deep inside the darkness. 

Percy hurriedly opened his eyes. 

Everything happened in an instant but there was an additional feeling of longing left in his heart.

Something was calling him inside the temple. This made Percy curious. After all Percy had never been to the Temple nor did he know about it. The only reason could be the inheritance he had received.

As such thoughts were moving in his mind, the runes started giving off a dangerous vibe.

Hmm. Something feels off. 

The runes in front of Percy were arranged in a formation. Each rune was responsible for a corresponding rule associated with it. 

Even though it was the first time for him to observe such an intricate formation. He could very well understand each and every rule binding and affecting the formation. 

All of a sudden a new rune emerged in his mind.

As soon as it emerged an otherworldly voice sounded in his mind.


All his energy was immediately directed towards his hands as there appeared the same rune, giving off a small purple twinkle.

That was all he remembered as he lost his consciousness.

Afterwards he noticed that he was lying on the floor. The only thing separating the floor and his body was a thin mat made of animal fur.

The room was fairly sized with no door but ventilated enough.

The air in the surrounding felt very fresh and comfortable to him.

The whole ambience radiated a nice warmth.

There was a wooden bowl placed beside him along with a gourd of water. 

The fumes emitting from the bowl indicated that it hadn’t been long before it was placed.

Silently Percy got up. He felt a severe bout of weakness in his body.

After gathering enough energy he ate the porridge in the bowl. There was even some meat in the porridge which helped him soothe his appetite. Finishing the food, Percy gained some energy. The regenerative power from the Hydra gene began its work. Slowly but surely Percy was getting better.

An hour later he was able to move normally.

Percy moved outside the room. The scene outside was totally new to him. He had never experienced anything like this.

The house he was in gave vibes of ancient aura. There were many such ancient houses connected in a semi circular pattern forming a settlement. There was a lake which cut the settlement in the middle. The middle part of the settlement was built on the bridge which connected the two sides. It was more like a stream rather than a lake. Both sides of the settlement were carved on the huge mountain like walls which supported this ancient settlement which looked more like a village.

The walls were covered with dense vegetation. The upper part of the walls were hidden with fog. There were few birds moving around on these mountainous walls. Due to the fog, there was just enough light. Earthen lamps were fixed at regular intervals providing light to the people living here.

The whole village reeked with an abstruse ancientness. This made Percy very puzzled. According to him, for an entire village to seem so old it must have existed before the Reboot. But then how was it undiscovered until now. Thinking back he could figure that the entrance he was trying to pass through must be the only one.

As various thoughts were moving in his mind, an age old voice called him back.

“Young man, it seems you have recovered.”

Looking back Percy found out that he was the same bald old man with an amazing light in his eyes. Percy had many questions to ask, he opened his mouth but was soom cut off by the old man.

“You wish to know more about the village?”

Percy nodded.

“Hmm, guessing you have a fate with the temple. I can fulfill this small request if you answer my question honestly.” The bald man said.

“Please, it would be my honour.” Percy spoke in a polite manner.

“How did you break the Seal at the entrance?” The bald man asked.

“Do you mean the barrier between the columns?” Percy wanted to know more about it so he questioned.

“Yes, for ages the Seal has been the one which has prevented our village from harm and destruction brought by the influence of the material realm. The destruction of the Seal means the fate of the village is at risk.” There was a hint of worry on the face of the old man.

Percy pondered for a moment and decided to answer the previous question.

“I do not remember clearly, as soon as I touched the barrier I found myself in between two huge walls and an ancient voice calling for me. After that the voice reverberated in my mind and suddenly I lost consciousness.” 

The bald old man was stunned with the mention of Percy’s vision. Certain things described by Percy were deep secrets related to this place.


“It really must be fate. Young man, take some rest. All your questions will be answered in a few moments.” Saying so the old man tapped his walking stick. 

Percy immediately entered deep slumber. Before he could fall down he was caught by a man who appeared suddenly.

“Take care of him.”

The man bowed as he put Percy like a rag on his shoulders and moved towards the same room he was before.

Percy was unaware that his presence in this mysterious village had stirred an unknown ripple in the history of the village.

After he woke up. Percy found an unknown man dressed in simple clothes in front of him. The man noticed Percy and gestured to follow him.

Percy quietly followed him. He was very curious about this mysterious village. 

The man brought Percy to the only two storey house on the bridge. As they reached the huge doors of the house, the man stopped and bowed indicating for Percy to enter. 

Percy stood in front of the gates. The doors emanated a very heavy feeling, as if they carried the weight of an entire world. There were numerous carvings on the doors divided in two halves. The left side contained various depictions of the pre-world western religions and mythological beings. The right side contained depictions of the pre-world eastern traditions and beliefs. Each side had its own significance. In between the doors was a circular globe depicting the origin of these beliefs and myths. Percy was charmed by the doors. He stood still like a statue gazing ath their vastness.


A jolt ran through his mind which instantly awoke him from his stupor. He looked back only to find the same bald old man, only this time the stick which he held emanated a heavy desolate aura.

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