Chapter 49: The Library

Author: Arya

As the bald man walked towards the doors he spoke

“Young man, the doors in front of you will guide you to your answers. These doors hold the uncountable years passed in the material world. The traces of wisdom contained in these doors from uncountable years had made it heavy. Beyond the doors one would find the actual knowledge that guided the people throughout the ages. If you wish to know more. You must push the doors yourself. Only a firm will and determination can make them move.”

With his walking stick in the hand, he pushed the doors. The seemingly heavy looking door opened with a short bang, while a voice floated from afar.

“All your questions will be answered once you pass through these doors. If you cannot then I am afraid your fate with the temple was only till this time.”


The doors slammed shut.

Percy was now deeply curious about this mysterious temple and its relationship with this village and him.

There were no records of how such a thing came into existence, but the marks of this mysterious temple were left throughout the history of the Human Race. Each and every major event in the world which propelled Humanity towards prosperity had a shadow of this mysterious temple behind it.

Some ancient civilizations even worshipped this temple, declaring it as the home of Almighty.

As for the actual degree of influence it had, there was no concrete record of it.

After pondering for a bit of time, Percy decided to open the doors.

Approaching the huge doors he pushed them with all his raw strength yet the doors didn’t even budge.

Later he utilized his powers. A layer of faint purple light appeared on his body, this was the sign of peak second stage of control from the Mysterious manual. Blood circulated faster in his body. His entire body emitted a red halo. The contrast between the red halo and the purple light made him seem like a demon. The Hydra’s regenerative gene started repairing his cells while the blood manipulation ability provided immense cosmic energy to the cells. 

Percy’s power soared to its peak. The amount of strength accumulated in his cells could leave a mark on an iron door or might even crack it.


Taking a deep breath, he placed his hands on the door and pushed them with all his might.

The result.

A total loss. The door didn’t even budge for an inch. 




Taking deep breaths, he sat down on the ground exhausted. The move earlier had emptied his stamina and energy reserve, leaving him extremely fatigued.  

Stabilizing his condition, he observed the doors. There were many distinct patterns and runes inscribed on the doors apart from the religious images. The most he could recognize were spread far apart on the edges. 

On the edge of the left hand side were three runes which he could figure out. One with the shape of a crescent moon and the star in between, another a cross, lastly a star.

On the edge of the right hand side were many smaller and different runes of various spirit animals and temples along with other religious symbols out of which he could recognize a few. 

Recalling the words of the old man from before, a vague thought entered his mind.

He said the doors contain endless wisdom of Humanity. Looking at it, the centre part must be the planet, and the various inscriptions and runes should be the knowledge and wisdom imparted to humanity in the form of religion and science. But still how can I open this door? There must be something I am missing.

Thinking hardly suddenly a thought occurred to him. 

Come to think of it, the old man said a strong will and determination is all it needed to open the door.


Too much trouble. How am I supposed to do that ? I guess I am left with no other choice then.


An ancient chant echoed in the surrounding, a faint purple glow radiated from Percy as the inheritance cube appeared in front of him floating in his hands. The only difference this time was that there was an additional rune on the top of the cube radiating a heavy aura.

Slowly but surely Percy pushed the cube towards the door. The result–

Nothing happened.

Goddammnit. Is there really no other way?

Another crazy thought occurred to Percy this instant after looking at that rune on the top.


The inheritance cube slowly faded away from his hand, along with another chant.


Letting out a deep breath, Percy stretched his hand out. Pointing a finger towards the center of the door, right at the small globe he concentrated his energy using the technique from the mysterious manual and started moving his finger.

Little by little time flowed, sweat started forming on his back and forehead. His clothes were drenched with sweat, yet the movement of his finger never stopped.

A faint purple glow started emerging from his finger as he continuously moved them in a repeated manner. His fingers started to trace a seemingly ancient rune. 

It was the same rune which appeared when he destroyed the barrier outside the temple.

The creation of runes was only possible by the help of the inheritance cube. Afterall he could neither manifest nor shape the surrounding cosmic energy into the required form. It could be described as a special ability triggered by the inheritance cube.

Previously his mind had subconsciously utilized the power of this rune. The use of the rune and its structure was somehow etched into his mind and right now Percy was trying to concentrate and construct the rune using the method bestowed to him by the inheritance cube.

After what seemed like a very long amount of time a faint pattern could be seen surfacing in the air. 


A heavy chant sounded in Percy’s mind.

Suddenly the air turned still and space rippled for a moment as everything rapidly returned to normal. 

Percy was still standing in front of the doors of wisdom with a pale face. The only difference was the globe on the door was gone. There was nothing in place.



With a heavy rumbling the doors on both sides started opening. 

On the other side of the door

A very different scene greeted Percy.

It was a very large hall. In the center of the hall was a huge crystal sphere with purple light spheres moving in it. The huge crystal had circular rings made of unknown metal with various runes inscribed on it, giving an orange hue. The rings moved around the globe in a fixed pattern. 

Strangely the globe seemed to be fixed in the center, although there was nothing holding onto it.

At the end of the hall was a statue which almost reached the ceiling. Considering the height of the hall the ceiling was almost four-storey high, assumed Percy.

The statue was holding a book in his right hand and a flaming torch burning with an orange flame.  A very odd part of the statue was that there was no face attached to it.

The walls of the hall were made of unknown rocks with beautiful carvings etched on it. 

The whole atmosphere was grand yet emanating a peaceful and serene aura. 



A cough woke up Percy from his thoughts, moving his attention towards the source Percy found the bald old man beside the crystal.

Curious to have his questions answered, Percy hurriedly moved towards the old man.

Before Percy could ask anything, the old man spoke.

“Congratulations on passing the trial of the doors of Wisdom. According to the tradition you have been granted a chance to satisfy your deepest curiosity. Please place your hand on the Crystal of Knowledge. It will grant you the answer for the most desired question you seek.”

“Umm, old man before this I would like to know about what this place is.” Percy took a pause and spoke.

“Certainly you have gained the qualification to know about it.” The old man spoke.


He tapped his walking stick on the ground. 


A blob of purple light floated out from the crystal sphere in front of the old man. 

Soon the purple light faded and a book made of ancient hide covered in shackles appeared. The book unshackled itself and unfurled, the pages turning rapidly.

On the pages were numerous chains of runes dancing and moving about like snakes and worms, giving an orange hue.

The old man was covered in that orange hue and slowly floated on the ground with his eyes closed. He was floating cross legged on the ground. The walking stick moved to a horizontal position and floated similarly. 

His eyes snapped open and the hall was illuminated with orange color. The carvings on the walls came to life all of a sudden as if resonating with a greater power. 

Percy’s forehead started glowing in a purple hue. The inheritance cube slowly appeared in front of him. 

Slowly it floated towards the crystal sphere and entered. The rings and the surface posed no interference to this. 

As soon as it entered inside, a sudden change took place. 

The blobs of purple light floating inside the sphere started moving towards the inheritance cube and slowly started merging with it. 

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