Chapter 50: Destination

Author: Arya

As more and more purple blobs fused with the inheritance cube a visible change occurred to its appearance. Before the cube was totally blank like an empty slate etched with some patterns of a few runes scattered here and there, but now within a few seconds there were innumerable runes appearing on the cube. It seemed as if the fusion between those purple blobs and cube was creating this mysterious phenomena.

After a minute there were no purple blobs left in the crystal. Yet, the cube floated in the crystal globe. 

The old man who was emanating orange light from his eyes while floating seemed unaware of everything that had happened. 

The runes glowing on the walls turned into a string of runic thread and moved towards Percy. Before he could react they quickly entered his body through the head. 

As soon as that happened, Percy felt his mind becoming heavy. A vast and new information was slowly being unveiled to him. Slowly but surely the stinging pain he felt before disappeared and he closed his eyes.

He could feel and observe the information that had now appeared in his mind like a movie.

In the vast environment of the black space, where countless stars lied, a huge crystal globe lay suspended in the inky darkness. Inside were numerous circular disks imposed on top of one another made of some unknown material. The crystal twinkled just like a star due to the lights emanating from the disks. A source of light in the center, provided the space around the crystal with light, illuminating the crystal. If looked closely the crystal resembled the same structure as the one in the library, the only difference being that the rings inside were present on the outside from the one in the library. 

Due to the unavailability of any reference point, the sheer size and majesty of the structure could not be determined. As the scene moved further and further. The inside of the crystal started emanating sparkles of light, especially the rings. It seemed to be a series of explosions. A multitude of smaller vessels were hurriedly moving away from the crystal. The series of explosions soon calmed down and a heavy silence pervaded the darkness. The rings went totally black. Even the strongest source of light from the center of those rings started to dim. After some time, the light started collapsing into itself. The central light which was supposed to emanate a warm yellowish hue soon turned into a blood red color. A dark red miasma started pouring from the center. The crystal was soon engulfed in the miasma and the surroundings turned silent. 

As more and more scenes moved, sometimes there were intense explosions of light in the crystal. Something or someone was fighting whatever that seemed to have taken over the crystal.

At one point, after a huge vibration, the only door which was closed after the departure of the multitudes of vessels, opened and another vehicle emanating the same soft and warm yellowish light escaped. Soon after it left, the miasma inside the crystal as if found an outlet moved towards the black darkness, trying to catch the vessel. As soon as the vessel entered the inky darkness of space, it rumbled and vanished. The door through which it escaped started closing, sensing it, the miasma started to move towards the door. More and more escaped from the door, until finally the door closed. 

The escaping miasma moved slowly into the vastness of space. The crystal globe lay there silently. 

The scene moved ahead, the vessel carrying the so-called vestige from the crystal could be seen moving towards a planet. Gazing at the planet, it resembled close to Earth in size as well as looks. 

Meanwhile the runes and carvings on the walls slowly cooled down. The inheritance cube inside the crystal globe could now be seen again. There were various undecipherable runes on it. The cube slowly made its way back to Percy and submerged inside him.

Another information was being unloaded in his mind. It was the name of the cube.

The Void Box

Percy thought as he opened his eyes.

Staring at the familiar ceiling and structure, he felt like a dream. Hardly a few minutes have passed whereas he had experienced a lot in those few minutes. Although there were still many doubts and questions unanswered, something else bothered him.

After the Void Box merged with those purple blobs of light, the faint calling that he felt before had intensified to a much greater degree.

The old man floating and emanating orange light, slowly floated down too.

He took his original posture with the cane in his hand.

The book latched with runes closed and disappeared in the crystal globe.

Slowly opening his eyes, he spoke.

“This is as far as I am able to inform you. I too have no idea about what and how this place came into existence. Ever since I opened my eyes I have been the guardian of the library. That is all I can inform for now. It seems you have a hidden connection with the temple.”

Seemingly unfazed by the questioning looks of Percy the old man walked outside as Percy followed him.



The Doors of Wisdom closed behind them.

The old man staring at the blue sky spoke with a little nostalgia in his voice.

“You have been bestowed with a new destiny. I can sense others with the same destiny as yours. But right now you and the others are too weak to accept that destiny much less try to bring a change with it.”

“Young man, according to the custom I am supposed to answer your curiosity, but I cannot answer. Not until you become capable enough.”

“Since, I cannot let you leave without an answer. I will help you with your current worry.”

“You carry the burden of your entire race. In order to lighten the burden, you must gather every form of help you can. Do not repeat the same mistake again.”

“Now, go back. You may only return once you are capable enough to alter your destiny. The place you are looking for isn’t here.”

Along with the fading voice, Percy slowly turned transparent as a blinding light sparked in front of him.

The view cleared and Percy soon found himself in the same grasslands inside Titan. The only proof of whatever happened was the name ‘The Void Cube’ and the condition of Titan.

The search for the mysterious organization was still left. 

Even though it was hard Percy tried to forget everything and focus on his mission. 

As communication  resumed, Percy summoned the Osprey. He had decided to discard Titan. Due to the previous maneuver its systems were overheated and needed repair which wasn’t possible. 

Quickly completing the task, Percy moved ahead. 

He was equipped with his nanosuit and katana. 

As the grasslands cleared, the forests were visible once again. Thick and huge trees created a creepy environment. Due to the mutation, even the flora was affected.

Suppressing his presence, moving stealthily he finally found what he was looking for.

Percy was now on the edge of the cliff. This was the location where the forest ended.  

In front of him lay a beautiful valley covered in lush green flora. Surrounded by the mountains on both sides. A river calmly yet fiercely moved between them. At the banks of the river lay a mountain smaller in size. It was covered with beautiful white buildings all the way to the top. It looked just like a fortress with white walls and huge trees acting as defense. 

After he reached the walls only then he understood the sheer size of the fortress-like city. The majesty and aura it emitted was too heavy. Searching for a way to enter the city, he found a group of people, carrying scrolls in their hands, barefooted. Just as he decided to ask them, one of the people looked towards him. Whispering something among them, everyone looked at him and made their way towards him.

“Mister are you lost? Why don’t you follow us, you can take a rest in the abode inside the temple.” Asked one of them.

Nodding his head, Percy joined the group. He listened to their conversation as they reached the entrance of the vast city, which these people called.

Apparently the people here lived a nomadic life. Shut out from the external world. There were close to a hundred people living here. The male to female ratio was 3:1. Inside the city were several roads leading to different directions. The person who suggested for rest, guided Percy towards the building located at the top. He informed Percy that many times people who get lost wandering in the forests take rest here. Meanwhile the Temple master guides them back to where they came from. The abode of the Temple master was on the building at the top. It was the location where all the elders and the Temple gurus gathered. Only the Temple master and the elders were aware of the way to the outside world.

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