Chapter 51: League of Traders

Author: Arya

A fleet of JLTV’s were moving along on the road. 

This was the transportation prepared by Lady Nicole of the League of Traders. As a Board of Director, her name carried a heavy authority and status in the league. 

In reality the League of Traders carried a huge secret. The main power behind the foundation of this immense yet vast power was the Luther family. 

After Kevin had joined the Sins, the family had been in constant touch with him.

Due to this Kevin was able to inform the Luther family of the upcoming apocalypse. Being the family which established the renowned Guild system in the pre-world, the Luther’s sure knew how to read the flow.

It was also because of the Jackson group that the Luther’s were able to establish the system, thus trusting the Jackson’s again, the Luther’s developed a new plan for survival.

Kevin had only mentioned the family to take refuge in one of the higher level cities being built but the Luther’s wanted more. 

So using the family influence, the Luther’s created a vast alliance of the major business men and the rich families of the middle-eastern countries. Using the vast resources it had gathered, they then began to lay the foundation for the current League of Traders.

The intelligence provided by the guilds as well as the resources by the alliance paved the way for the now all powerful League.

Although there were certain problems. Like, authority. Every member of the League had to have equal authority in order to prevent clashes. Also in order to prevent internal instability, the goals of every member in the alliance must be the same. This led to the formation of a Board of Directors. Every Board of Director was a representative of a member organization and was responsible for a division in the league. Every Board of Director carried the same authority and status. Internal strife and fighting was not accepted by anyone. If found, then the representative organization would be removed from the league. Its resources and division would be distributed evenly among the other members.

The league also had its own super force, which was solely under the jurisdiction of the Luther family. Since, the Luther’s were the one to lay the foundation and the family was well trusted by everyone, there was no opposition to this. At first when the foundation was being laid, the various organizations found it a waste of resources and power, but since they weren’t the one who were paying they never bothered. 

It was only after the apocalypse struck that these organizations came to know of the real intention behind the mass movement. 

They were really glad and thus whole heartedly worked for the league. The Luther family became the core of the League and well respected by every member and division.

Thus when Lucifer came to know of the hidden structure of the League from the intel obtained, he immediately had Kevin contact his family. 

Thankfully, his family had immense status in the league and had promised to arrange a Board of Directors meeting for the sins. The Luther family was already ready to accept whatever the sins were planning, or so they thought. It was the blind faith that they carried towards the Jackson group, now the sins.  

As the fleet of JLTV’s moved forward, they soon reached the shore.

From this point onwards would be the HQ of the League. The HQ was whole of the palm islands. 

Palm Islands

Three artificially created islands by the middle-eastern property developer Nakheel. A state-of-the-art development in the pre-world country of UAE.

The reason to choose these artificially created islands as the base of operations of League was simple, protection. Protection from threat, at least till the point they would be able to defend themselves. In the beginning even the Luther’s were not aware of the scope and destruction of the apocalypse. Everything was vague, also the movement from the Federation made it worse.

And their decision seemed to be great. When the planet was hit by the Reboot, the majority of the population had entered the state of madness. Even imagining a zombie apocalypse would have been fine, but the sheer immensity of destruction was nothing to scoff off. 

Even though the thought process of these humans had degraded, the animalistic instincts were further enhanced. The human population infected by the Reboot virus turned bloodthirsty. Their senses were enhanced, different from normal fictional zombies. Every infected was an animal only proficient in hunting. Their fast reflexes and incredible strength made it impossible for the uninfected to fight back. 

The result of it was the horrible destruction left. Even now the pre-world cities were full of these infected and were littered with bones of the deceased. The only salvation that the virus was not contagious by any medium or method. It was a one time effect.

Although the virus enabled humans to access their genetic information and dormant potential, not everyone could do so. Majority of the remaining population was safe only due to them not being infected, as for the select few who could access the latent potential they were spread out. 

The other benefit of this was the mutation which took place in the human mind and body enabling humans to command supernatural powers. 

The League being able to develop so steadily was also due to its military might which was highly due to the Luther family’s contribution. After the Reboot, it was discovered the Luther family carried the inherent genetic structure of the legendary Pendragon’s. Thus a legion of Knights was formed which were the core fighting power of the League totally under the control of the Luther’s. This legion was responsible for fighting monsters and other threats which could not be dealt by regular supers and weapons.

During the initial movement the league had three islands each responsible for different divisions, but after the Reboot, two of the islands were attacked ferociously by the mutated marine organisms. The league had tried to recover them, they even sent the Knights legion but they returned with heavy casualties. The only thing good was that they were able to procure the data. It was during those days of relentless fights and defense, the head of the Luther family, the commander of the Knights legion, died. The commander was the father of Kevin, after his death all the authority fell under the hands of Lady Nicole, Kevin’s mother and wife of the late commander. 

Since the mutation from the Pendragon genes, the chivalry of Knights and their Knighthood was engraved in majority of the Luther family members, thus internal conflict was reduced to null.

Due to the principles, the Luther family also refrained from abusing their power and quietly protected the League from external threats while training their new members.

To enter the HQ the JLTV’s had to pass through a bridge which connected the coast and the islands. The airzone of the island and its periphery was totally closed and defended with anti-air defense mechanisms. Due to the previous attacks by the marine creatures, a sturdy and strong defensive parameter was established. There were still attacks from the sea, but most of these attacks were used to train the Knights and other warriors of the League or to test their weapons. 

An important part of the league were the various divisions. The League consisted of four main primary divisions. The Military division of Luther family, Division of Internal and External affairs managed by multiple pre-world businessmen. Research and Development Division under the management of scholars and scientists gathered before the Reboot, Exploration division managed by the League of Mercenaries. Apart from these four divisions were secondary divisions responsible for the League’s other important tasks like construction of structures, engineers and many others.

As the JLTV’s headed towards the base, Kevin, James and Jason seated inside were conversing with the representative sent by Lady Nicole, the butler.

Uncle James who also used to work as a butler especially had a lot of common topics to talk about regarding service and etiquette. 

The butler had served the Luther family since before the Reboot and recognized Kevin at a single glance.

The sins had left for the League on the CH-47 Chinook which could only be utilized till the external airport, which was another level 9 city under the League.

The various branches of the League around the world communicated with the base in a weekly manner through their physical communication network which they had set up as they were building the base. It had to be understood that the League consisted of many smart minds, which heavily spoke for establishment of the communication line as soon as contact with the other branches was cut. The dominance of the League in regards to wealth and technology was not underrated and could not be underestimated. At first the Holy Church had tried to suppress the League but was instead dealt with a heavy blow when the League of Traders formed an alliance with the League of Mercenaries.


  1. I’m no native speaker, but the phrase “board of director’s” sounds kinda odd to me, i think you are using it in the wrong way…

    In my opinion If you’re using it to indicate that someone is a member of the board it should be different.
    First, because board of director’s means all the heads and does not refer to a single individual.
    Second, if that person is not the chief of the others, i mean, the director of all the other directors (board director) is also wrong.

    I.e: This was the transportation prepared by Lady Nicole of the League of Traders. As a Board of Director, her name carried a heavy authority and status in the league.

    By the explanations made after I understand that she is actually the board director and not just a member of said board. Thus, it should be something like this:

    “This was the transportation prepared by Lady Nicole of the League of Traders. As the Board Director, her name carried a heavy authority and status in the league.”

    Other thing about the same phrase is that you are being redundant. For example:

    “This led to the formation of a Board of Directors. Every Board of Director was a representative of a member organization and was responsible for a division in the league. Every Board of Director carried the same authority and status.”

    You used 3 times that ‘board of director’s” thingy and several times the word “member” in the same paragraph.

    You need to be careful and use synonyms. The story is good but the way it’s written can increase/decrease the quality 🙂

    Thanks for the chapters!
    And I hope the feedback helps you.

    P.S:that’s just my opinion and “opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one”. Dirty Harry.

  2. Thank you for the feedback will the keep it mind.

    Also the term ‘Board of Directors’ is the same as the one in major companies and industries. Each and every Board Member has certain status and authority. Every Board member is responsible for a certain department and holds total control over it. The League is jointly run by such Board of Directors, it is much like a Council.

    As for the heavy weight Lady Nicole has, the major reason is that she is respected by everyone.

    I hope this clears your doubt. Feel free to join the discord channel or comment any other such doubts.

    Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this detailed feedback.

    Keep reading. I hope you enjoy

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