Chapter 53: The Keepers of Ancient Knowledge.

Author: Arya

Knowledge has and will always be the source of Ultimate power. The path of prosperity lies in gaining Knowledge and sharing beliefs.

Even in the Age of Myth, where numerous powerhouses roamed the world, wars were frequent and when Humanity fought for survival, Knowledge was considered precious. Knowledge was also the source of the war that brought Humanity on the brink of extinction, that destroyed that prosperous era for the future Human descendants.

Although the long lost Ancient age was forgotten by the Human race, the Knowledge it had, the prosperity it once held was not totally forgotten.

The Humans of the Mythical age knew the importance of Knowledge. The wise sages of those times took it their duty to preserve the remaining vestiges of their culture and pass it down during their final moments.

The sages, for the purpose of preservation and enlightenment for the future generation had created an institution. The Temple of Knowledge. This institution was responsible for developing new talents and ensuring that the Human Race was always moving in the right direction. The creation of this institute was very favorable for the survival of Humanity.

The institute birthed many legendary figures who fought for the survival of the Human race, but it was also because of this that the institute became the target of the invaders and was destroyed. Its branches which took root in different regions were sought out and destroyed by the invaders. Such was that war. The founding sages of the institute performed their utmost to preserve their heritage and inheritance but ultimately they met their doom.

While it seemed as such to the invaders, but the institute had literally too many branches scattered and destroying them all was not possible. The first to be destroyed were those which produced brilliant fighters and strategists. After the war there was a single branch which was forgotten as it hadn’t even produced a single student, much less brilliant one’s. This long forgotten branch was what created the mysterious organization which Percy and the Holy Church were desperately searching for. 

A mere branch of the legendary Temple of Knowledge, an institute which gave birth to legendary prodigies who in return saved the Human race. It had to be known that every branch of the Temple was provided with scriptures and knowledge on many different subjects, including yet not limited to science, literature, history, culture. Later on many different divisions were introduced due to the threat of invaders. These divisions held Knowledge which far surpassed the current age.

In the current Rebooted world, this represented a fat piece of meat or to be precise a door towards the domination of the new age.

The current situation of the long lost institution branch was different from its past.

At its peak it consisted of hundreds of sages who were proficient in many different subjects, but now after so many ages, the sages were not able to train that many experts to pass on their knowledge.

Now, the monastery was left with not more than 70 so-called sages. These were the last people who were left to uphold the duties handed by their predecessors. 

Inside the shrine, the 70 sages were gathered and discussing their current scenario.

“Now that the world has evolved to the Age of Old, the troops of the detestable Federation are moving towards us, are we going to ignore all that?” Spoke one of the warmonks.

“We must follow the rules set by the ancestors. We are not supposed to harm others. All we can do is defend. And frankly speaking even if we do nothing, they won’t be able to break our defense. At the most we might lose some energy. There is no harm in that.” Another monk wearing a traditional kasaya replied.

The monks in the Temple were divided into various divisions based on the subjects they were proficient in.

After a discussion it was decided that the monastery would increase the defense and keep on monitoring the actions of the federation troops.

“Do not worry about the Federation. Let me inform you of good news. I have found an exceptional talent on my journey outside. According to the rules, I have guided him towards the Temple, he might reach here anytime soon. It seems finally after many years we might be able to train a formidable genius.” Spoke a monk. This monk was the same one who met Percy at the fortress city as the Temple master.

“Ah really, then we might as well start the preparations.” Spoke another monk. 

A look of excitement could be seen on all the monk’s faces.

In the Temple, only the Temple master was allowed to contact the outside world. This was a rule drafted by their predecessors to lessen the damage being done to the Temple by the invaders. This was a major factor that preserved the Temple to its current state.

In the pre-world period, the sages had trained many geniuses proficient in different ways. Mainly it was the Temple master who roamed the world and gave pointers to different people who he thought were proficient enough. Although he left them with clues for the way towards the Temple, those geniuses often ignored it or forgot about it. The Temple master also sought the help of the pre-world Federation and Ivy league Universities for recruiting talented students but the Federation and the other Universities had straight away rejected their proposal. 

It was obvious. Think of it as this way, if a monk asked you to become his disciple would you accept? The answer will always be no.

After the Reboot, the Ancient Knowledge was once again proved to be useful, which was tested by many supers. Thus the now turned Holy Church had decided to obtain that Knowledge using all means and power.

Meanwhile Percy was still busy trying to find the location of the monastery.

“Keep scanning the terrain. Let me know if we have any result.”

[Command acknowledged.]

The aircraft landed in a safe zone in the region, as needless consumption of fuel was unnecessary.

Percy on the other hand was fully focused on his training. He operated the technique in the mysterious manual and tried to break through the third stage. 

The first three stages of the mysterious manual were Sense, Control and Absorb respectively.

As the name suggests, the first stage Sense was related to the sensing the numerous types of energy and connecting to the most fundamental source of it i.e. Cosmic energy.

The second stage was Control, it meant controlling the Cosmic energy present in the body. Utilizing it as a source of fuel.

The third stage was when the technique would start to show its potential.

It enabled the user to absorb the Cosmic energy present in the atmosphere to replenish the energy lost in the body. The energy would only be absorbed if the body is not saturated with cosmic energy. 

Basically it would enable the sins to replenish their energy much quicker, rather than depending on the natural recovery of the body.

Percy right now was at the peak of the second stage. In order to breakthrough Percy had to control the surrounding cosmic energy and guide it inside the body and control it inside.

It must be understood that the cosmic energy outside the body was truly very wild and rampant so controlling it was very difficult. There was a shorter way to it, which was releasing the Cosmic energy in the body and trying to absorb it back inside. Repeatedly performing the same action would enable the user to guide a little bit of wild Cosmic energy from outside. This process was arduous but helpful for breakthrough. 

It must be known that in order to practice the technique mentioned in the mysterious manual a human was required to have a much stronger will and mental capabilities. It would enable them to control the energy much efficiently.

Percy’s body was emanating purple hue, it was a sign that he was releasing the energy present in his body. 

After that incident in the mysterious valley, Percy had felt his control over the Cosmic energy increasing to a certain extent. He also felt his senses increasing. 

Thus he was trying to utilize this momentum to breakthrough the third stage.

Stabilizing his breathing, following the technique in the manual he was trying his hard.

At first Percy had released the energy in a very small amount, creating a thin layer on his body. 

While this was happening, he failed to notice the dormant hydra genes that his body had absorbed were merging with his body. The Hydra that Percy fought was still a child and hadn’t developed it’s abilities. A Hydra was supposed to be a divine creature, each one of its nine heads possessing an innate ability. A fully mature Hydra was even more powerful than an adult dragon and on the same level as an Ancient Dragon. Regenerative capabilities were one of the fundamental abilities of the Hydra essential for its development phase. Legends spoke of the Hydra having an ability to manipulate all known elements and it was the guardian of the door of the Underworld. Now due to the Cosmic energy interference the genes of the Hydra were merging with the Human genes at an astonishing fast pace but Percy had no idea about it.

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