Chapter 54: Awakening

Author: Arya


Gently Inhaling and Exhaling, Percy repeatedly controlled his energy flow, in and out. 

After many repetitions, a strand of extremely chaotic cosmic energy entered his body along with his own.

It was a critical moment, which would decide whether Percy would advance further or not. He increased his concentration to the maximum and tried his best to control the rampant strand of energy. As he tried to guide the strand of energy in his energy channels, sweat started forming on his forehead and his body started emitting low cracking sounds.

Anywhere the chaotic energy strand travelled, it would leave injuries and destruction. Percy’s body was being turned into a total mess and this was only because of just a single strand of this chaotic energy.

In fact, Percy was being too greedy and had neglected caution. This was the price he had to pay for his ignorance.

Although his assumption was correct, he could have utilized this method in a place where the Cosmic energy was much more stable and controlled. Just like the place in the base, closest to the generator or the converter engine. The generator and the converter engine were the machines that generated power and produced materials for the base. Unlike other conventional machines they ran on Cosmic energy. Even Percy didn’t know how they were produced, it was all developed solely by Aria’s computing and automated production based on the designs from the Void Box. In fact Lucifer was trying his best to infer the designs and construction of these machines. He concluded that the machines were built using Runic language and Universal Laws which he termed as Universal Algorithms. He also mentioned that once it was successful in reverse engineering the product, with the Knowledge obtained he could pull the Human race directly to a Type I civilization.

The current condition of Percy was too bad, he was rolling on the ground. Thankfully everything happened outside the aircraft or else it might have created problems for the aircraft’s systems.

When it seemed that Percy would not be able to hold anymore, a strange thing occurred.


A ray of golden light emerged from the position of Percy’s heart. This golden light covered Percy’s body, the chaotic strand of energy suddenly turned a little mild as if being frightened by something.

Percy who was barely hanging onto the last vestige of his consciousness noticed this and hurriedly activated his regenerative powers. The damage done by the energy strand started to heal slowly, the chaotic strand of energy was turning into pure Cosmic energy. Its wildness was being tamed by a certain force unknown to Percy, but he didn’t care. He concentrated his focus on healing his injuries and breaking through using this chance.

Meanwhile, the golden light outside Percy’s body was gathering in front of Percy and transforming into a mysterious pattern emanating darkness which sucked in all light around it. The pattern turned into a tattoo of a beast head with five horns on the forehead depicting a crown. The bottom part of the tattoo was a sword handle with rings on it, the left and right of the beast head were two large bony wings along with horns on them. 

As the tattoo was formed it seemed to resonate with the Void Box inside Percy. 


The Void Box manifested itself and a strand of pure purple energy beam landed on the tattoo. The tattoo vibrated minutely.


With a heavenly chant, a silhouette of a massive beast was soon formed in the sky. The beast was totally black and seemed like a ruler of darkness. Although it was just a silhouette, it greatly resembled the tattoo in front of Percy. The section of the beast’s eyes opened and a golden light emerged from them. The light landed on Percy and he lost consciousness. The beast’s eyes then gazed towards the direction of Mysterious Village and its head seemed to nod.


After that an Ancient Roar reverberated in the whole world. This roar which could only be heard by the mythical grade beasts, frightened them to the point where they hid into their territories not daring to move even a single step. Along with it the beast’s silhouette vanished from the skies and everything turned normal.


Inside the mysterious Village, the bald man stood next to the Doors of Wisdom. His gaze seemed to penetrate the layers of barriers in the space and land on the beast in the sky above Percy. 


Seeing the beast nod towards him, the bald man nodded and sighed afterwards.

Alas, the Bearer of Wrath has awoken its Guardian. I hope he can pass the test of Wrath.

A look of longing could be seen in his eyes.


Percy who had lost his consciousness, opened his eyes. The rampant energy within his body had subsided and his injuries were healed but the view in front of him was different.

He was standing on the top of a mountain and on the edge he could see a human figure.

[Welcome, Bearer of Wrath.]

A voice filled with ancient vistitude reverberated in his ears.

Percy stared deeply at the human figure in the distance. The figure was standing with its back facing towards Percy. The figure was dressed in total black, representing the epitome of darkness. As the voice was heard, the figure turned around.


A heavy pressure slammed hard on Percy’s body from above. At the unexpected pressure, Percy staggered a bit, just as he was about to kneel he bit his lips and using the stimulus of pain barely managed to not kneel.

Percy’s mind was in total chaos. His thoughts were disordered. He was struggling. The pressure was too hard to bear by his body alone. Gritting his teeth, he tried to utilize the energy in his body, but was flabbergasted when he found nothing. 

[In the Realm of the Sin, you are a mortal. You must face the trials of Sin as a mortal in order to conquer your Sin. So tell me mortal, what is your Sin?]

The ancient voice was heard again.

Just as Percy was about to collapse from the pressure, the human figure raised his hand and spoke.


The pressure which Percy faced vanished along with the heaviness, but the aura of majesty around the figure was the same.


Percy took a deep breath and gathered his chaotic thoughts.

The human figure seemed to be waiting for Percy to gather his thoughts as he spoke.

[As the Guardian, I cannot interfere with the rules of the test. I know, you, the one who bears the Sin, must have a lot of questions, but now isn’t the right time. Remember you require qualification to receive those answers. Your test is simple. You must figure out the Sin which you bear and conquer it. In order to do that, I as the Guardian can provide you with a hint. Would you like to know that?]

The figure spoke, yet Percy was unable to see the face of the figure and only a shade of darkness was visible along with its golden eyes.

Thinking for a while Percy spoke.

“I would like to know the hint.”

Even though Percy had a lot of queries right now, the figure or so to speak the Guardian in front of him had already mentioned that he must be qualified to be answered to those questions. Percy seemed to be thinking about the Doors of Wisdom and the mysterious Village he had experienced before. 

It seems Earth holds a lot of mysteries. Is it possible that it is related to the vision I had seen in the Library? All seemed to be connected to the Void Box?

The human figure nodded and spoke.

[Being a mortal does not mean you are weak. Every mortal is judged by their Sin and rewarded by their Virtue. Even the Divine beings, who called themselves Supreme and thought themselves as above all feared the mortals for their Sins, loathed them for their Virtues. The Universe is the mother of all beings and holder of Supreme power. A mortal is the favoured child of the Universe. A mortal carries immense power and potential to rule above all and destroy everything in its path, if so it willed.]

[Remember this. As far as how much you can comprehend it’s up to you.]

[Now you must face the trial.]

Saying so the human figure waved his hand. Percy vanished.

The human figure kneeled suddenly after Percy vanished.


The air in front of the human figure vibrated and a crack was formed.

The crack soon enlarged enough into a door. Behind the doors were endless stars and nebulas floating in the black darkness of space.

A living being entered the top of the mountain from the black galactic door.

The being was shrouded in total darkness, nothing could be seen. It wasn’t even possible to figure out whether the person was a human or not.


A hoarse voice which was a mix of both male and female filled with harshness, softly spoke.

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