Chapter 55: Awakening

Author: Arya

The human figure raised his head and stood up.

The newly emerged being now walked towards the edge of the mountain, gazing at the distant sky, it spoke.

[It’s been too long for me to remember. The Realm has changed. The Era of peace and prosperity is long lost.]

The voice was filled with a desolate and nostalgic sadness.

[Master, it wasn’t your fault. The Elders were the one who made the decision.]

It seemed that there was a hidden secret behind the being and the human figure.

[Even though it wasn’t my fault, but as the Guardians of the Realm it was our duty to protect the peace and prosperity of the mortal race. The changes in the Realm, I can feel it.]

The being spoke.

[Were you able to defeat it master?] The human figure asked.

[No. The abomination was too dense. Those stupids did something they weren’t supposed to do. The price for what they did wasn’t small. Even now I suppose they are recuperating from their losses, or else the Realm would have long descended into chaos with the mortal race being turned into slaves.]

The being spoke.

[What was it? For even Master to not be able to defeat it.] The human figure asked.

[Since, you ask I shall satisfy your curiosity. The abomination was created using the souls of the Supremes. They even left their differences aside and worked on its creation.]


The being answered.

[But wouldn’t the origin notice if they planned on creating something of that caliber?] The human figure asked.

[If it was done using their powers then yes, the origin would have noticed. But these stupids somehow managed to trick the origin. By the time the origin warned us, it was too late. It was a trap they had planned long ago.  Fortunately we were able to reinforce the Sphere of Origin with the power of Virtues. But alas, the abomination was too powerful, even the combined effort from the Origin and the Power of Sins could not destroy the consciousness it had created.]

The human figure was silently listening. The topics they spoke of were related to the secrets of the Universe and its working. Something which could not be known to just any one.

[Enough about the past. I don’t have much time left. I can feel the Power of Sins once again in this world.] The being spoke.

[Yes master. According to the protocol we implanted the native species with the memory inheritors from the royalty. Those pawns noticed this and have been trying to reverse the process.] The human figure spoke.

[Hmm. I can sense it. Although the bloodline is still dormant after being activated again .It won’t be for long. So far only two of the Sins have managed to partially activate their origin power. The rest are not yet capable. I have left my Will mark on the Void Box. The Bearer of Wrath shall be the master of the Void Box. This is the edge of the Realm. Those stupids have already waged war once with the natives. If the natives were allowed to develop, it would have been nice. But we don’t have much time.] The being spoke.

[But master, will the bearer be able to accomplish it?] The human figure asked.

[He must succeed, or else everything will be for naught. He is the last hope of the mortal race.] 

Saying so the being walked back to the black gate and disappeared, everything returned back to silence as it was before.

Meanwhile Percy found himself in an unknown location. 

All that could be felt was total darkness. 

At first Percy was waiting for something, but nothing happened. Even the perception of time couldn’t be felt. All that was left was eternal darkness. 

It was hard to calm oneself in such a situation.

In ancient mythological age, Light and Dark were two opposite sides of one coin. Light cannot illuminate without Darkness, whereas Darkness cannot exist in the presence of Light. In contrast to this, there was a well known belief, Darkness once descended stays eternal without any Light. Darkness has the power to swallow everything in its path, even time wasn’t spared. 

Humanity believed that a newborn baby was pure and its heart was an entity representing Light. But in reality, a human was and will always be born with a heart of pure Darkness. Darkness does not represent impurity nor does Light represent purity. A person’s heart is the one that decides its purity.

The test Percy had to face was simple. He either had to accept the Darkness’s embrace or replace it with Light’s illumination. It was the test of the heart. 

It was the most difficult task. 

After a human gains intellect and observes the world around it, the heart starts to get impure. It gets mixed with different thoughts and desires, thus tainting the pure Darkness with impurity. The Power of Sins represented the Darkness’s side of the coin and Percy was bearer of Wrath. Wrath was one of the most powerful of the Sins. 

Little by little, nervousness took root in his heart. He was afraid. He felt fear of the Darkness. He could no longer feel his hands and legs. He even forgot whether he was standing or sitting. 

This was the real nature of Darkness. Suffocating and Eternal with a property to embrace everything. 


Outside the Doors of Wisdom, the bald man stood with his walking cane. 

His gaze penetrated the layers of barriers as he observed the dialogue between the Human figure and the being.


[Why is the Envoy here?]

A voice mixed in male and female tone, filled with harshness, arrived in this space.



A horrifying black crack moved towards the bald man at a slow pace, as soon as the voice arrived.


The bald man was totally unbothered by it and struck the walking cane gently on the ground.

The black crack disappeared and the being became visible.

“It seems you still haven’t let go of your grudge.” The bald man spoke, not even bothered to glance at the being.

[It was because of you my subordinates were killed unjustly, whereas you are still fine. You should have died along with that abomination.] The being spoke.

“It couldn’t kill me, or so to say. It didn’t dare to kill me. It knew that if it tried to kill me, I would have taken it with myself.” The bald man spoke.

[So, you should have just sacrificed yourself for the Realm! Wasn’t it your duty?] The being asked in a furious tone.

Along with its furiousness the air in the surroundings started to vibrate.

The bald man suddenly turned his gaze towards the being. 

Everything stopped. 

“It seems you have been consumed by your grudge. Tell me who am I?” The bald man asked.

[What nonsense are you sprouting! Do I even need to answer that?] The being spoke sarcastically.

“So you haven’t forgotten that. So, now tell me, once I am killed what would happen to the Realm? Have you thought about the balance which was maintained by the Royalty. Did you really think, that those stupid races would watch quietly after all the Royals were massacared.”

The bald man cross questioned.


After a little bout of silence, the bald man spoke again.

“As Royalty, the task of maintaining the balance in the Realm was our duty. Yes, I agree we were burdened by that duty and thus planned to create an alternative for it, which brought forth the calamity. But it is still our duty. The balance of the Realm is hanging on my life. I cannot risk myself for the greater cause. The mortal race cannot be the bearer of mine and the royalties sins.” 

[So, why are you here then? Don’t tell me you followed the escape pod to the edge of the Realm just for fun.] The being said, even if what the bald man said seemed harsh, it was the truth. 

The being could not retort to it. Yet the grudge that it carried was too deep. 

It was because of the Royalty’s decision, his subordinates had to sacrifice themselves. He watched as every one of its subordinates struggled and their souls were absorbed by the abomination. The degree of pain and torment while a person’s soul was being absorbed was too high.

“After I escaped from the Sphere of Origin, I roamed the Realm in search of a candidate suitable to replace me. The candidate would then be the pivot of a new balance and the defender of the Realm. That would be the time, when I would sacrifice my life in the fight with the abomination. I followed the trace of Origin Source of the Sins to this place and have been observing them since long before. It was just after the previous war. Come to think of it. Those stupids have been trying to convert the mortal race. It was their pawns who intruded before.” The bald man spoke for a certain time as if recalling a matter.

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