Chapter 56: A long lost past.

Author: Arya

Percy was still suffering from the Darkness. It was increasingly difficult for him to maintain his sanity. His inner emotions and feelings were trying to surface outside. 

Like every other Human, Percy too had memories filled with bitterness and harshness. 

What happens when you leave a human who has been suppressing those emotions all alone in a dark place?

The answer was obvious.

They start resurfacing. The person starts overthinking and gets too immersed in those moments. 

That was happening to Percy, he was slowly being overwhelmed by his emotions. 

Fear, the emotion which builds the foundation of our basic survival instinct kicked in at this time and started taking root in his heart.



A ray of Light descended from an unknown distant past.

A memory long forgotten and hidden deep in his depths of mind.

Percy found himself in his home, lying on his bed. This was the very place, where he spent his childhood, full of happiness, with his family.

Turning his head left and right, he lay on the bed and wondered if everything that he saw was a dream. Just as he was about to delve deeper, a voice awoke him.

“Percy dear, it’s time for dinner.” The voice of a female sounded full of love and affection.

As soon as he heard this, his mind went blank. 


He hurriedly got up and ran outside the room, towards the kitchen. 

And there he saw, a woman in her mid 40s arranging food on the table. 

As soon as he saw her, a thought emerged in his mind.


Seeing Percy out, the woman spoke.

“Today’s menu is your favourite. Aunty just delivered us some fresh fishes your Uncle caught —”

Before she could finish her sentence, Percy ran towards her and hugged her tightly and started sobbing.

-Sob- -Sob-


-Sob- -Sob-

The woman was surprised by the sudden hug, but still held him tightly and patted his back.

“There, there. Did you dream something bad? Hmm.” She gently spoke as she caressed his back.

He felt as if an unknown amount of time had passed since he felt his mother’s warm embrace. He hugged her tightly and refused to leave her.

After a few minutes his mother wiped his tears and spoke.

“It’s alright dear. Let’s have dinner. Your ma cooked your favourite fish soup. It will warm your body and heart. Okay? Your dad will be back soon too. Then you can tell us about your dream.”



Percy nodded his head vigorously and sat down on the dining chair.

Indeed, Percy was undoubtedly living in his own memory. 

The Eternal Darkness had forced Percy to summon his deepest desires. His amygdala located deep in the temporal lobes of the brain, in the state of absolute fear had manifested the warmest and most beautiful memory he had in his life in order to emerge from the shock it had received from being in the presence of the Eternal Darkness. It was a sort of reflex mainly stimulated by the subconscious part of the brain.

The manifestation was felt so real and vivid that Percy had failed to differentiate it from reality and presumed it as his reality.

He even failed to notice how somehow he was living again as a teenager.

A simple thing as a meal with your loved one’s, gave birth to warmth and happiness in your heart.

It had been a long time since Percy had a warm meal. 

Smelling the delicious aroma from the food, made him smile more. Watching his mother smiling and placing dishes on the table, made him happy.

But just as when one thinks everything seems nice, just as one believes they will be happy from now on, it shatters. Like a cracking window. Like a rotten house. Like a broken instrument.

And that was what happened–


A bullet tore through the wooden walls of the house.


The sound of the bullet moving through the air, woke up Percy from his dream. His heart which felt warm like sunlight, was plunged into the deepest and coldest abyss. 

Time turned slow.

Percy’s eyes narrowed into a small dot. His eyes immediately focused on the bullet travelling slowly towards its destination. He could observe the rotational movement of the bullet along with the patterns which tore the air as it moved towards its target.

It was the same nightmare which he dreamed of. To be exact, it was the same scenario he witnessed. 


He screamed with all his might, but his voice seemed to be stuck in his throat. He struggled, roared, tried his best to move, but his body won’t listen to him.

And just like that he watched in despair, the movement of the bullet.

He could feel the wind tearing by the bullet as it approached the vicinity of its target. 

He could somehow observe the shape of a bullet enlarging in those eyes filled with warmth.

But that didn’t matter, what came after, broke the already cracking window.


The bullet slowly touched its target head. It seemed even the target had felt her impending death.

Even when she was about to die. She looked at Percy and whispered smiling.


The bullet slowly entered her head and her eyes lost focus and turned black, slowly.

Her body lost all support and started falling down, slowly.

Percy watched everything happen.

His heart being broken, his blood turning cold, his eyes turning red. Everything happened slowly.


With the last thud, she fell on the ground, lifeless, her blood wet the ground, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. 

Even in the moment of death, the brave woman who fought against the world, who saved countless lives, never brought forth the emotion of anger. Even in her death she smiled peacefully. Even in her final moments she never felt fear and embraced the death closing on her.

This brave woman was Percy’s mother, known as an incarnation of Angel. She was a capable surgeon and doctor. With her skills she had saved countless numbers of lives. 

She worked for the United Federation until she met Percy’s father. It was his bravery and courage which captured her heart. Before meeting him she had always believed mercenaries as someone who killed for money. It was only after they performed a mission together was she able to recognize that the man in front of him wasn’t like the others and there was another deeper darker side to him.

It was Percy’s mom who used to tell him of all the battles she had fought alongside his father.

She used to tell him how everytime she watched his father display his fighting techniques, how he would always save the deprived from their fate. How he would never falter in the face of difficulties. 

Percy had asked her mother, why did she marry her father even though he couldn’t be with her or could die anytime.

Her mother had simply replied saying-

I married your father not because he was strong or was brave or fought for justice. I never would have married such a person. I married him only because he was feeble and weak. He was a coward, and useless. We have completed many missions together. Everytime after he completed his mission, I would watch him. He would simply sit alone in his room and cry. I even watched him scream and despair. Unlike what people said, he was all alone. Everyone saw the face of the person, the leader of the Bayliff family, a person with untold bravery and courage. But I saw what was beyond that seemingly brave and courageous person’s face. I saw his true heart. It was because of this reason I married him as he was a person who gave hope to people by risking his happiness.

Even until her last breath, even when he witnessed the death of his mother in front of his eyes. Percy never understood what his mother said.

After his mother fell, everything returned to normal. 

Gaining control over his body again, Percy ran towards her.

He held her in his arms and sobbed.

His eyes rained droplets of tears, like a broken dam.

He remembered in his dream, even when his mother died. Even when he watched her die, he didn’t cry. Infact, he was confused, he was blank, his thoughts were in chaos.

But in reality when it happened he cried.

Yes, even now Percy believed that what was happening was real and what he saw was a dream. After all, that feeling of being accepted by the Eternal Darkness and being consumed by his mind was still too horrifying. His brain still tried to dismiss this as a dream. Maybe this was what people who suffered from coma felt like. 

Tears fell as the moment of her death replayed again and again before his misty eyes.

Unknowingly a new emotion had started to take place in his now cold and sad heart. An emotion which he had been suppressing for long. An emotion which would make his blood boil.

Yet, it was just a glimmer for now. Just like a flickering lamp, which would soon run out of fuel. This emotion was flickering in his heart.

The emotion which would soon turn into the most horrifying and powerful of the Sins, a mortal could carry on their shoulder. An emotion which would bring despair to Divines and the Supreme who watched as the mortals fought and killed each other.

It was the sign of its return. 

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