Chapter 58: The Flame of Wrath

Author: Arya

This nature of the energy was different from the pure Cosmic energy Percy had been absorbing. It had an extra attribute to be precise. The attribute of darkness. This wasn’t the typical elemental darkness but rather one that stemmed from the source itself. In other words it was the essence power of the Sin also known as the Origin of Sin.

Unknown to Percy, the unknown attribute took root in his heart as the pure Cosmic energy circulated in his energy channels. The darkness attribute turned into a small flame inside his heart. 

After a few circulations Percy noticed the flame in his heart. Even though it was his first time experiencing such a bizarre attribute, he unknowingly felt a sense of kinship towards the flame. 

A diagram which had appeared before took the form of a tattoo and imprinted itself on his right shoulder.

Percy didn’t stop utilizing the technique from the mysterious manual. Each and every cell in his body underwent immense changes. His metabolism increased, his physique developed. His senses were enhanced, even the genes of the Hydra were fusing faster than before, but it would require much time before they could manifest themselves. His regenerative powers also increased, along with the rate of cell division. 

His control over his bloodline enhancement increased, giving him control over many other bodily functions which were under autonomous control by the subconscious mind.

In short, Percy had officially crossed the hurdle and was successful in crossing the second stage of the ten stages. 

Percy had entered the level of C-class supers on a galactic level. 

According to the stages mentioned in the mysterious manual, the sins had come up with the levels corresponding to it. 

The highest was S+, which referred to the tenth stage and the lowest being D-class.


Percy exhaled as he felt the power in his body. He clenched his hands into fists and felt the blood circulating in his body. His energy channels were full of pure Cosmic energy ready to be utilized and the hidden dark flame was flickering deep in his heart. 

Before he could test his new powers, the scene before him changed.

The eternal darkness was now replaced with the same cliff.  The human figure appeared once again. Even with his newly enhanced abilities Percy found the pressure exerted by the figure unbearable, as if the human figure would suppress his soul into the eternal abyss of despair with just the pressure.

Percy barely recognized this feeling as the same he had felt at first when he faced the eternal darkness.

[Hmm. Commendable. The flame of wrath has taken root in your source, as expected. Even though the intensity is barely enough to qualify, yet it is a great feat if compared with the previous successor. Feed your flame with your Sin for it to grow stronger as for the effects you should discover it for yourself. For this feat, I shall grant you the reward of asking a single question, but remember only a single one.] 

The human figure spoke.

Umm, what should I ask?

Shall I ask about what he meant by the power of sin or the flame of wrath or why I was selected and for what? 

Also what were those images? Is he related to the mysterious old man and the Doors of Wisdom in some way?

There is a lot to ask, but I cannot just use it on any random question. 

What is it that I need to know the most now?

Think Percy, think.

After contemplating for a few minutes a thought appeared in his mind and he asked his question.

“You said before, mortals were even feared by the so-called Divine beings, right? Then if the human race are considered as mortals, how do I increase my strength or in general the strength of the whole human race as a whole?”

Percy pondered a lot before deciding to stick with this question.

The threat of the Deva race was looming all over humanity. He had to get stronger dragging the entire human race to face off against a vastly superior galactic civilization, therefore he needed to know the key to gaining strength at a rapid pace.


The human figure laughed a bit and answered.

[Very well. It seems the Origin did select you for a reason. As to answer your question, I will explain to you the source of mortal power and potential.  Each mortal is born with a unique soul which in turn gives birth of a unique heart. If you notice closely, you will find that every mortal’s heart resonates with the Universe at a unique dimensional frequency. This resonation gives rise to powerful strength and bloodline to a mortal. The more stronger the resonation the more powerful you are and the more the Universal Laws favour you. The techniques which you use in essence increase your heart’s resonation with the Universal Laws thus granting you finer control over the power along with great strength.] 

[There are multiple techniques which you can use. As for the different techniques, the Ancient Institute, responsible for training the future mortals, was responsible for storing it as far as I remember. There might still be a trace left in the present world, it would enable your human race to grow stronger.]

The human figure turned silent for a while.

Percy was still digesting the information he just received. Although there were many things he didn’t understand, he understood one thing. The mysterious organization he was searching for might be the one related to it. 

Meanwhile the human figure once again spoke.

[Remember a mortal has infinite potential for growth as long as the Universe is intact. The source of power for a mortal is their heart. The stronger the heart, the stronger the mortal. As for the in depth meaning you should figure it on your own. Now keep getting stronger. I hope to see you again in the future and inform you of the heavy responsibility you hold as the holder of Sin.]


The human figure flicked his fingers and everything returned to normal.

The land, the cliff, the abnormal pressure, everything vanished and Percy was again on the grassland, near the parked Osprey.

If not for the increase in the strength and the flickering dark flame in his heart, he would have believed everything as a lie.


As soon as the flame of wrath was birthed in Percy’s heart, the bald man and the being outside the Doors of Wisdom noticed.

“Even though the flame is weak, it has potential. The Origin has found a good successor.” The bald man nodded as he spoke.

[It wasn’t the Origin who selected him.] The being spoke.

“Impossible! Without the permission of the Origin, the power of sin would not manifest within a mortal heart. If it wasn’t Origin itself then…….” The bald man retorted to the being’s previous sentence.

[Yes, even I am astonished. It was the Void Cube who bestowed the Origin to the mortal and it was this mortal who utilized the Void Cube to bestow the power of Sins into the hearts of the one’s he had selected. Although he is unaware of this fact. Even I am not aware of how he did this.] The being spoke. The mixture of male and female along with the surprise in the voice made it sound more eerie.

“Hmm, the Void Cube was bestowed to the Royal Council by the Realm Laws in exchange for the Oath of maintaining balance in the Realm and holding the Realm boundary. Even the Royalty could not discover all the hidden secrets of the Void Cube and could only use it as a last line of defense. If only we could utilize it to its full potential, we would have not lost. But then again if it’s the Void Cube then it might be possible.” The bald man murmured and answered.

[You are saying….?] The being asked with a surprise.

“Yes! If it is the person selected by the Void Cube itself, then there might be a possibility for them to unleash it to its full potential.” 

As the bald man said this, a glimmer of hope could be seen in his eyes. 

“It seems I can successfully pass on my duties to him and he might even achieve that.” 

The being quietly watched the bald man. 

[I do not care about all this. All I need is for him to eradicate the threat.] The being spoke in an annoyed manner.

“Yes, it was our negligence. We were too confident. If it is him, he might be able to create a new and powerful Mortal Alliance than us.” 

The hope in the bald old man’s eyes were turning stronger and his body was quivering slightly.

[He is still too weak for that.] The being spoke.

Like a deflated balloon all the excitement on the bald man’s face vanished and his expression turned sour. 

-Tap- -Tap-

He tapped his cane twice on the ground in frustration.

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