Chapter 59: Calm

Author: Arya

League of Traders, HQ.

Palm Islands.

Inside the guest house.

“Do not worry, we come in peace. In fact we might need the League’s help, specifically the Luther family’s help. The agenda for the meet is simple. A world wide alliance and the formation of a new world government.”

Jason took a sip of water after this sentence.

There was a total silence in the room.


After a few seconds, with a low chuckle Lady Nicole stared at Jason. A mocking expression on her face and coldness in her eyes.

With an absolute tone she spoke.

“Even though I am grateful for the Jackson’s for helping us, aren’t you crossing the line? A new government you say. Even if I believe for one time that whatever you say would become true, how do you expect the League to accomplish it. The state of the world is now more chaotic than it was ever before, it might take more than a decade to just stabilize the overall situation and that is just stabilizing. Forget about forming a government, forming even a nation would be impossible.”

Jason did not stop her from completing her words. He had a smile on his face which bothered Lady Nicole even more. It was as if she was being mocked by him.

“Hahahaha. I understand your concerns, it’s not that we expect to form a new government right away, it might be impossible. So for that we plan to decrease the process from about a decade you mentioned to less than a year. As for the specifics I am not at liberty to share with you right now. Believe in us just like you did before.”

Jason spoke, his voice full of determination and belief. He could imagine the doubt and feeling Lady Nicole was going through, after all the plan seemed impossible right from the start. But then again impossible could turn possible in this Rebooted world’s era, where power ruled above all.

“Let us discuss this issue later, first we would require some info about the present situation of the League before the meeting. It would help us prepare for any unexpected situation.” 

Jason spoke, after all he had to diffuse the tension in the room. It would be bad for further cooperation if it continued.

Lady Nicole closed her eyes, contemplating what she had heard.

She found it an impossible conception no matter how hard she tried to think. 

After a few minutes of absolute silence, she opened her eyes. 

She had chosen to believe the Jackson’s once again. 


Taking a deep sigh she continued.

“I do not know how you would achieve your goal, but let me warn you, the interest of the League should not be disturbed.”

Seeing Jason nod his head she further spoke.

“The League was jointly established with the Luther family as the core and other major families who owned several industries and businesses from the pre-world. The situation of the League seemed fine after the Reboot and everyone was focused on jointly progressing in this new world, but soon the major families were divided into two factions. It had come to notice that there were families with high bloodline potential which evolved after the Reboot just like the Luther families.”

“The families with the bloodline potential did try to usurp the Luther families dominance but were stopped in the track when they discovered that the Luther family had more powerful strength. So the families started to target authority. The League is jointly governed by ten Directors which form a governing Board, if the Luther family is excluded. The Board of Directors representing the two major families who had awakened, seemed to have some sort of enmity between them, as the representative from those families tried to rope in the remaining Directors. Right now, there is a standoff between those two factions, with one having gained the support of four and the other three respectively, while the remaining Director is supposedly neutral. That is the overall situation of the League right now.”

Drinking water to quench her dried throat, Lady Nicole looked at Jason.

Listening to the situation from Lady Nicole, a frown could be seen on his face.

Tapping his fingers on the armrest he spoke.

“Please compile a detailed information on the Board of Directors and the two families with bloodline potential. It would help us a lot.”

“I have already had all the information readied, my secretary will deliver the information to you.”

Saying so he nodded towards the butler, who swiftly took out a memory chip from his upper pocket and handed it to Jason.

“The meeting will be held soon and my secretary will guide you to the venue. Although the Luther family holds major power in the League, we cannot interfere in the management right unless it harms the League, so I would not be able to attend the meeting. You are left on your own.” 

Lady Nicole said and stood up, she moved towards Kevin and spoke in a warm tone.

“Dear, before the meeting please spare me some time. There is a lot I need to talk to you with.” 

Kevin expected such an outcome. Even he wanted to have a hearty conversation with his family, especially his dad. After all, he lived an independent lifestyle before the Reboot and hardly had time to spend with his parents.

Seeing him nod, Lady Nicole turned around and left the room. 

Kevin watched his mom’s back and felt something seemed off about her, but did not focus a lot, after all a lot had happened since the Reboot.

His attention soon shifted towards the memory chip in Jason’s hand.

Jason inserted the memory chip in his device and opened the file in it. 

Detailed information about each and every Director and their respective family as well as the Department they managed was mentioned in the intel.

He swiftly transferred the data to James and Kevin and instructed them to at least learn the basic information so as to not have any unexpected situation.

By the time he finished reading all the information it was already night time.

Gazing through the window of the room, he could see the stars twinkling in the sky and the shining moon, raining down bright light.

The situation seemed more grim than Jason had thought.

He was hoping for the meeting to conclude peacefully, but that didn’t mean he was afraid of them.


Meanwhile on the Island of Sin.

After Percy, Kevin, Jason and James had left, Lucifer utilized every ounce of resource into creating an overall stable defense system on the island.

Considering how much importance this island would be facing in the future, the defense systems had to be top-notch and impenetrable. 

In the B-5 level of the base, Lucifer was researching the various runes and its usage to implement them in this defense system, improving it to another level.

Previously Lucifer had tried to create an overall defense system on the island, but it turned out to be a failure. The reason was simple. The island was more dangerous than any other place.

The HQ was located on the southern side of the island towards the end. Although the previous prototype defense system was not fully stable and efficient, it did help the sins in collecting ample information about the island’s biodiversity. 

The new defense system was based on the principle of ‘Offense being the best Defense’. A one of a kind defense system.

Lucifer was working day and night to make it happen. Despite being told to work on only the defense system, he also thought of collecting intel about the Rebooted world and the major powers. 

For that he required the help of Diane and Sophie.

Leaving the room Lucifer called for Diane who was busy training in the conference room.

Inside the conference room, Lucifer questioned Diane.

“You were responsible for Oracle, correct?”

A sudden question about her organization from the pre-world surprised Diane, yet she spoke melancholy, after thinking about the sisters in the organization.

“Yes, but after the captain persuaded us. I along with Sophie chose to retire Oracle to the other senior members there. Why do you ask?”

Thinking for a bit, Lucifer replied.

“Did you warn them about something like an apocalypse?”

“Umm, I did leave an encrypted message to be delivered to them. But I have no idea if it was delivered successfully or not. Still, why do you ask?” Diane cross questioned.

“If I suppose, your message was safely delivered. Is it possible that Oracle is still working as an intel organization after the Reboot? I want you to find out. Use every means possible and give me a quantitative result if possible. Our next step would depend on that. Can you achieve it?” Lucifer said.

Diane was shocked by Lucifer’s words. It had never come to her mind that Oracle might be functioning after the Reboot. Thinking in such a way, there might be a possibility for such a situation to occur. After all with all the resources Oracle had, it was possible for them to build a stable system somewhere.

“Although the possibility is less, I can try to contact them, but I would need a communication channel to broadcast the message.” She said, her mind right now was flooding with all the memories she had of Oracle and the sisters there.

“If all goes well, we should be able to access the League of Traders internal communication network for efficiency.” Lucifer said with a blank look in his eyes.

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