Chapter 6: Goat Sin of Lust.


Author: Arya

Meanwhile on the Island, as Aria reported Percy about the response, received by Diane and Sophie. Percy was surprised, as the history of the Oracle sisters revealed them as a person with a free will.

“It’s good that they agreed. It saves me the time to search for another candidate. Aria, prepare the pods for the Sins and please connect to Uncle James.” Percy commanded. He had a smile on his face.

The communication link was established as soon as he commanded. James was seated on the pilot seat inside the same Osprey, his target an island situated in the Arctic Ocean named Wrangel.
Wrangel was a top-secret prison built by the United Federation to imprison high level criminals and masterminds. The prison housed many of such infamous personalities, if unleashed could create chaos in the world.

“Uncle James, the info of the target has been sent to your intercom. Aria will guide you to the location. You are to bring the target back to the base. You are authorized to use weapons if necessary, but keep it as low key as possible.”

“Alright, young master,” responded James.

James began to read the information; the name of the target was Lucifer. He was one of the best minds on this planet. Unlike other one who were full of white hair, pride and ego, he was a man with thin stature and still in his youth. He was currently given refuge by the Russian government officially on the island, but instead he was held hostage and forced to conduct research experiments by the world leaders and contribute towards the moon mission. Although he was not treated badly, but still house arrest was never a good thing, that too inside a prison.

[Target in sight] [Communication link established]

The onboard computer responded.

“Let’s roll then.” James had a wide smile on his face.

Inside the prison control room, a man wearing an officer uniform with four stars on his shoulder was seated with some stacks of papers in front of him. He was the general and the commanding officer of the top-secret prison.

A knock was heard and a soldier saluted the general.

“Sir, an urgent matter to report.”

“Go ahead, soldier.” The general responded

“Sir, an aircraft has been detected by the radar and is approaching the facility. Your presence has been requested by the person on board the aircraft. A priority one package of delivery from HQ. They require the code sir.” The officer reported.

“Hmm. A package, why wasn’t I informed before? Did the HQ send any report?” The general asked.

“No sir.”

“Lead the way, soldier.” Replied the General.

The general and the soldier entered the base of operations in the mansion. The soldier saluted the general. After the formalities, the radio operator handed a communication device to the general. The operator established a communication link.

“This is Jackson2. Priority one package on board from HQ, over. Requesting acceptance access and landing Authorization, over.” A voice was heard from the speaker.

Listening to the radio transmission the general was shocked. As a general he was privy to the secret of the Jackson group and its connection to the HQ.

The general signaled the communicator and transmitted a series of Morse code through the link secretly.

“This is Jackson2, access confirmed. Requesting permission to land, over.”

“Jackson2, you are authorized to land, over.”

“Roger that, Jackson2 out.”

Inside the Osprey, James straightened his suit and picked up a suitcase which consisted of release papers and transfer order of some sort.

The facility was big enough for the Osprey to land. After landing James met with the general and handed him the transfer documents of the subject Lucifer. Although the document was forged the general did not doubt it as it contained all the necessary formalities and orders. Inside the general’s cabin, James and the general were having a chat when a soldier with the target appeared.
Lucifer was a man with a calm face, black eyes with spectacles and black hair. The man gave a feeling of someone who seemed always calculative and practical. He heavily radiated with an aura of a scholar. Lucifer looked at James with a thoughtful expression. The general calmly watched the scene and commanded.

“Lucifer, this is Mr. James. He is here to escort you to the new facility, orders from HQ. ” Saying this he turned towards James.

“Mr. James, I hand over the package to you.”

The general shook hands with James and then soon boarded the Osprey with Lucifer.
Lucifer was calmly seated on the aircraft while James sat on the pilot seat, although the aircraft was piloted by Aria. He observed his surroundings, when suddenly a blue screen lit up in front of him.

At first, he was surprised, but his mentality kicked in and he calmed down and started analyzing the situation. What a frightening man…!

“Hello Lucifer, I suppose you know who Mr. James is. I will be open to you, I am Percy Jackson the Founder and leader of the Jackson group. Let me brief you, the United Federation has broken all ties with the Jackson’s unofficially. As a person who has worked with the Federation before you must be aware of the main mission on the moon.” The man in the projection was Percy.
After he heard about the moon mission, his face twitched. The moon mission was a secret of the highest level, no one was aware of it. Although he did work with the Federation, he wasn’t privy to the mission secrets. The projection continued.

“Well, let me tell you the details of why and where you are being taken. You are being taken to the base of operations of the Jackson’s and will be working for me and the team I am assembling.
The reason, well for now let’s just say it is for your own life.” Percy explained to him the reason somewhat and his purpose. Since he worked with the Federation before he was privy to some knowledge which he gained by illegal means.

The more he heard, the more his face changed. After listening to the info, he took a deep breath and said, “I can imply by your words that your organization or let me rephrase it, you specifically have decided to not trust the United Federation. Well those fools have always been greedy. As far I know the mission to the moon was deeper than what it looked to me. I won’t work for you unless you tell me your reason.”

“Frankly speaking, I can give you a reason right now but it would be better to just debrief you once you reach the base. As a smart person you must have already guessed something. So alright then, see you at the base.”

The transmission ended and the Osprey roared its engines towards the base.


Inside the palace, Percy was drinking his tea with a sheet on his hand with few names and their info written. He was reading the information on Lucifer.

Lucifer, an extremely talented individual with a highly intelligent mind. One of the smartest people on earth, but his smartness and intelligence led to his doom. His arrogance knows no bounds. But his hungry nature for knowledge lets him forget all the pain and suffering as long as his hunger is satisfied. Has a taste for beauties, lust runs deep in his blood. Has been helping the Federation with many important experiments. Been a part of the moon mission but only for the purpose of design, unaware of the real motive behind the mission.

“And we have our third member on board. Two more to go. Hopefully Jason isn’t too busy.” He cancelled a name on the sheet and took another sip of the tea.
He connected his intercom to James and spoke.

“Uncle James, please return. I need you to set up a few things for our guest. As I will be moving out to pick up Jason.” Percy spoke.

“Yes, Young Master, Mr. Jason would be happy to see you. I am on route to the palace. I hope to see Mr. Jason too. After that day, you both have been separated for long- “

As James was about to speak, he was cut off by Percy.

“Enough, Uncle James, let the past be present in the past. It would only sully my emotions. And right now, I do not need that.” Percy spoke with a stern tone.

As James was moving to the palace, the world was rapidly shifting. There was constant internal strife between nations and chaos was enshrouding the world. It won’t be long before the world falls into darkness, yet the people were unaware of the truth. They still continued to live their life as usual. The Universe was vast, it contained more darkness than the light itself. Even the stars have to fight the darkness, let alone the puny Human race. Still a conspiracy was being brewed by the Federation.



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