Chapter 60: Pendragon Bloodline

Author: Arya

After Jason went through all the data, he found out the situation was more chaotic than he thought.

Indeed, the internal structure of the League was in chaos. In simpler words, the League was like a big family, where various members fought against each other for reasons like superiority and status but in the face of an external threat stood united. 

According to the intel, the two families with bloodline potential basically had awakened to the powers belonging to one of the major mythological eras and beliefs. They were destined to be enemies even if there was no justified hatred between them. 

The two respective families contained the inheritance and bloodline from the well known fictional beings: Angels and their counterparts, Fallen Angels. 

In the beginning when the League was being established, the Luther’s attached great importance to resources rather than financial need. After all the value of resources would never dwindle meanwhile money was just a commodity used for exchange. The Luther family needed solid support in terms of natural resources, metals and various other stuff which was only possible if they partnered with major industries. The first thought was to form a partnership with the Jackson group, but the idea was soon disbanded due to various reasons. It was then the Luther family extended their hand towards the middle eastern countries and companies using their connections formed from the guild. At first the Luther’s wanted to contact the more prominent Rothschild family, after all the Rothschild’s had their hand dipped in all the industries. Mainly they wanted the cooperation from one of their mining industries named Rio Tinto, but reality hit them hard when they found out that the Rothschild already formed an alliance with the Federation. 

But it was during this time when they were looking for partners they were approached by the Grosvenor Group. Although the Grosvenor Group was a real estate focused group it proved a big help to the Luther’s. The Grosvenor Group provided the League with funds to procure resources, meanwhile the Luther’s approached the Royal families from the Emirates in hope of forming an alliance. At first they weren’t willing but agreed later when they learned of the Grosvenor Group’s partnership. This formed the major core foundation of the League. Afterwards the League absorbed various industries procuring materials and natural resources. Thus the formation of the League was settled. 

Everything was running smoothly, even after the Reboot, the League was working smoothly without any internal friction. The rules were strict and the core families followed them strictly. But everything changed when two of the core families awakened their bloodlines. 

There were seven Royal families out of which four awakened the four respective Archangel Bloodlines, the specification about their powers was not that known but they were a powerful group as mentioned in the intel. The remaining Royal families awakened the bloodline of the Fallen Angels. This ultimately led to the creation of their rivalry. 

This was all that was mentioned in the intelligence, as for the depth of their friction and whether or not they would cooperate, could only be decided after the meeting.

I hope there won’t be any problems and we would not be required to use force.

Jason thought as he gazed at the stars. His eyes emitted a ruthless glint. He had gone through his share of suffering and torment, thus was never a merciful person. He very well knew when to use force. The Sins were preparing for the future and the plan with the League was supposed to be the beginning along with Percy’s, it had to succeed and for that they were ready to use any means necessary. 

The next day around afternoon, the butler returned back to inform Jason and the others of the time of the meeting. It would be held around the same time tomorrow, also he hinted that things won’t be simple in the meeting. After delivering the message he left, but not alone. He asked for Kevin to accompany him, as Lady Nicole had been wanting to speak with him about some family issues.

Jason did not find it any issue and asked Kevin to have a hearty talk with his family, after all they did not know when there would be another such task.

Inside a Humvee, Kevin sat beside the driver, who was the butler himself, various thoughts were running in Kevin’s mind. He was somewhat excited and nervous about seeing his family.

It had been a long and arduous time since he last met his father. During the pre-world era, Kevin had decided to live separately from his family. The major reason for this was that his father, the head of the Luther family, wanted him to handle the family business rather than indulging in his passion for machines, especially different types of engines and their systems but Kevin insisted on his path thus divulging from the family and although he turned out to gain a little success, his father still refused to acknowledge his accomplishments.

But now, nothing mattered. After the Reboot all that mattered was personal strength. Money, status and power from the pre-world era were nothing but scraps. Thinking about what his father would have to say, now that he had accomplished real strength. 

He had heard from the reports and intelligence gathered by Lucifer that his father, the head of the Luther family boasted an immense power and authority in the family after his bloodline awakened. 

Very soon the Humvee entered the internal area of the League, steadily moving towards the center where the core of the League’s strength, the Luther family with the legendary Pendragon bloodline lived. 

Before the Reboot, Palm Island was a major tourist attraction with home to 5,000 waterfront apartments, 4,000 residential villas, 1,000 water homes and 60 luxury hotels as well as a number of marinas, health spas, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, sports facilities and dive sites.

After the takeover by the League, a huge redevelopment plan was launched which shaped the now standing HQ of the League. 

The central part was specially prepared with utmost planning as it was the core of the League. The Pendragon Mansion sat in the centre of the Palm Island as a King watching over its citizens and providing them with protection and security.

Although it was just like a regular mansion, three floors and a courtyard with flowers and a fountain in the center, made entirely of granite, reinforced with alloys from the materials made after the Reboot, it was the heart of Palm Island. 

The Humvee entered the gates and stopped near the entrance. The butler guided Kevin towards the destination. The insides of the mansion were furnished with just the right amount of furniture. Nothing excessive and expensive could be found. In fact one might even doubt if there was anything worthy in this mansion.

Soon they reached the location. 

Before Kevin was a wooden door. The butler gestured towards the room and spoke.

“This is as far as I can guide you, master Kevin. The lady has been awaiting your presence.”

The butler bowed and excused himself.

But Kevin did not notice that the butler had addressed him as ‘master’ which was addressed only to the family head.

Kevin’s thoughts were totally focused on the doors. Right now he could feel an intense longing from deep inside his heart. Something was calling him and that something was behind these wooden doors.

Hesitating for a moment and believing the calling as excitement and nervousness from meeting his father after a long time, Kevin pushed open the doors. 

Inside, there was nothing special. It was like a normal room, just an ancient dilapidated altar was placed in the middle with a sword stabbed in the middle. The altar emanated with a heavy and prestigious aura which made Kevin’s blood surge for an instant, but everything soon returned to normal.

Kevin’s eyes roamed the room and soon locked on the figure of a woman, who was Lady Nicole. She was dressed in her regular formal attire but instead of the cold face, a warmth was being radiated from her.

Noticing Kevin, she gestured for him to approach closer.

Kevin moved towards her. 

Before he could speak, her mother stopped him by raising a hand.

She spoke, this time a particular seriousness could be felt from her which made Kevin listen to her attentively.

“Before we begin, you must go through the awakening process of the Pendragon bloodline. It is only this way will the family recognize you.”

Kevin was surprised but after hearing the words ‘family’ and ‘recognize’ joy flooded in his heart. He immediately nodded like a kid.

Seeing him nod, her mother felt sad, yet stopped her emotions from surfacing on her face and continued.

“Now move towards the altar, approach the sword in the center.”

Kevin followed what her mother said, but just as he placed his foot on the altar. The energy in his body started to move erratically and an unknown chill along with unprecedented fear started to surge in his body.

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