Chapter 61: Universal Weapons

Author: Arya

As the fear started to spread towards his heart, a dark brownish golden aura flickered in his heart and a faint shadow of a giant beast stretched from below his foot. Kevin noticed that the pressure had suddenly vanished and everything was normal, even the tensed muscles started to relax smoothly on his body.

Lady Nicole who stood beside the sword in the altar, frowned as she noticed the faint shadow and the heavy desolate aura emanating from it. But that frown soon turned into surprise. 

As a member of the Luther family she too had successfully awakened her Pendragon bloodline, but she was not suited with combat and thus focused more on management. Even though the purity of her bloodline was only second to the late head of the Luther family. 

Just when the faint shadow and the aura had surfaced, she felt her powers from her bloodline being suppressed to the very minimum. It was as though they had never even existed in the first place. But this surprise was very pleasant to her, right now the situation of the family was a little bit troublesome, thus the more powerful Kevin was, the more pleased she was.

Kevin did not focus on these things, he hurriedly approached the sword stabbed in the altar.

Lady Nicole nodded her head and continued without any pause.

“The sword in front of you, is the legendary Sword in the Stone. Right after the few months of Reboot, your father was the very first person to awaken the Pendragon bloodline. After he was successful, the altar manifested in this very place where he awakened the bloodline. The Legendary Sword in the Stone, Caliburnus, manifested itself in the altar, which enabled the other family members to awaken their bloodline with ease. Now place a drop of your blood on the hilt of the sword and let it awaken the bloodline within you.”

Kevin listened to Lady Nicole with a solemn expression. His admiration for his father had now reached the peak. Being trained with the sins on the island, Kevin had more Knowledge about how difficult it was to awaken the powers and utilize them successfully. 

He used his power and conjured metal elements from the surrounding forming a small needle which shone in purple hue. He gently pricked his thumb and withdrew a drop of blood and it dropped on the hilt. 

Lady Nicole when saw how easily he had conjured that metallic needle was again lost in astonishment and joy. It seemed to her that sending him to the Jackson’s was indeed the best decision. A drop of tear soon started to form in the corner of her eyes, which she hurriedly rubbed off before Kevin could notice.

It would have been so nice, if his father could watch his son now. Please bless our child wherever you are.

Slowly whispering in her heart she again focused on the altar.

The existence of such mysterious power was a totally new concept for Humanity. A total new domain had opened up to the Human Race which contradicted many of their scientific theories, especially the Bloodline powers. The reason behind their working was still a mystery. Only a person with the said bloodline was able to figure out how the powers worked and the Pendragon bloodline was a strong one. 

As the drop of blood touched the hilt, it was soon absorbed and nothing else happened.

Kevin was surprised but this surprise soon turned into disappointment of not being recognized by his father. 

In all these emotions, Kevin failed to notice that his body was slowly tilting backwards.


With a bam sound, Kevin collapsed on the ground. 


A hysterical roar left from Lady Nicole’s mouth as she ran towards Kevin with full force.


But alas she collided with an invisible barrier as she neared him. Massaging her head she backed down and noticed that the faint shadow of the beast on the ground was still there. She could only turn back down with disappointment. 

Meanwhile Kevin found himself in an unknown space, surrounded by six distinct globes emanating a warmth and holy hue and one in front of him. Instinctively he placed his hands forward, trying to catch these holy glowing globes, when all of a sudden–


One in front of him started glowing brightly and started hovering in front of him. The glow subsided and there was a new sword floating in front of him. The hilt of the sword was made of a material which seemed like wood yet wasn’t wood. There were a fair share of rust marks on the blade, one could also find that the blade was chipped at various sections and could hardly be used in any battle. Overall the sword seemed much like an antique, but a professional would be able to infer that the material with which the sword was made was remarkable and also it bore resemblance to the same ‘sword in the stone’ at the altar, but unfortunately there was hardly such a master on Earth.

Kevin moved forward and held the sword by the hilt facing upward and the blade downward. A name instantly surged into his consciousness with a heavy and desolate feeling.


Kevin unknowingly called out the name in his heart. 


As soon as the name was called, the sword slipped down from his hands and was absorbed into the black floor, disappearing along with a ripple and dripping sound. The ripple soon was transmitted in a circular manner and reached the six remaining globes of light.

Suddenly, there was silence. 

After a few unknown seconds of absolute silence, a point of light emanating the same holy hue emerged from beneath his legs. The light divided into six parts and approached the remaining globes of light in a linear path, from there the light moved towards each other globes in a clockwise manner.

If someone looked at it from above they would notice that a pattern of a star in a circle had slowly been formed with each vertex being the globes of light. These seemingly intersecting lines contained an ancient power.

As the pattern was forming, Kevin had unknowingly closed his eyes as he was receiving a heavy influx of information.

A heavy voice resounded in his consciousness.

Greetings mortal. 


As stated  ‘i  the ancient covenant ‘twixt the royalty and the ancient ancestor, thou hast been bestowed with the right to utilize the ancient armaments to confound the enemies of the Realm.  


Each armament bears great power which would augment the moe enemies of the Realm thou  confound. 


The foe of the Realm shall be marked by the Realm. As for the number of armaments thou materialize shall depend on thy heart and thy will. 


Thou shall subdue the armaments will to gain access to its power. 


May holiness prevail  ‘i  the realm and evil be banished.

Along with this message a series of names along with their description appeared in his mind.


Thou shall call thy Excalibur. Thy is the symbol of Light and shall destroy all the enemies with a single swing. 


Thy hath no name, but thy shall remain encaved. Thy shall help thou from the harm from another blade.


Thy shalt stay by thy side.


Thy shall be thy buckler and protect thou from damage.


Thou are not worthy of using thy’s power.

This information felt a little too much for Kevin to decipher. The language used was of a much ancient dialect although it seemed like english but it differed greatly in essence.

But roughly it could be described as the other six globes of light were different weapons each holding infinite power. The amount of power utilized depended solely on the user, as for how it was decided Kevin was a little confused about it.

Last but not the least-


Kevin opened his eyes as a ripple of power surged through his body.

A certain warmth started to spread from his heart towards every other part of his body. It was akin to a warm embrace. 

It was at this time that the energy inside his body clashed with this unknown source of warmth and it assimilated with it, producing an even greater amount of energy. 

If one could observe the energy inside Kevin’s body, one would notice that the purple energy now contained faint golden particles within them. 

While the process was so comforting that Kevin practically fell into deep sleep. 

Meanwhile on the altar a different scene was being played.

When Kevin had activated the pattern with the globes of light, the altar started to tremble.

Lady Nicole, who stood at a distance from Kevin, felt an unknown suppression which emanated from her bloodline power, indirectly forcing her to kneel.

This, it’s the same pressure I felt from my husband, in fact this one seems more powerful and pure. Does this imply Kevin’s bloodline is more pure? 

This time she couldn’t hold up her tears which streamed down her face.

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