Chapter 62: Meeting the Board.

Author: Arya

-Drip- -Drip-

Tears dripped from Lady Nicole’s face, falling on the ground. Due to the pressure she was unable to control her body from kneeling down and thus she failed to notice that the faint shadow of the beast had an additional pair of eyes emanating a scarlet light as the Sword in the stone: Caliburnus, vanished from the Altar. All that was left on the altar was the stone.

Shortly afterwards the pressure vanished along with the faint shadow of the beast. Noticing this, Lady Nicole hurriedly moved towards Kevin and moved him to her room. She also noticed the vanished sword now but didn’t bother as the same thing had happened previously when her husband completed his awakening, signifying his status as the King of the Pendragon bloodline.

Unlike other bloodline powers the Pendragon bloodline could not sustain without a King. As only the King had the ability to bestow the arts and seeds of power to the other family members even if they had awakened their bloodline. And the method for this was Knighting the members, only after they were Knighted could they utilize the power of their bloodline in accordance with the arts.  

Kevin’s body was full of stink and was covered with oily sticky substance. She instructed her butler to have him cleaned and alert the doctors to perform a check. The butler noticed a layer of smile on Lady Nicole’s face and understood that the matter had been concluded. Now with there being a King in the family, there was no danger to its stability.

After more than six hours had passed, Kevin opened his eyes. His head felt a bit heavy, moving his head a bit he noticed that he was on a bed dressed in a robe. He sat down all of a sudden and checked his body.


Everything seems fine, but then again what happened afterwards and how am I in this situation?

Confirming nothing wrong with his body he again lay down on the bed.

This time he closed his eyes for a few minutes and let out a deep breath. He had just found a lot of new information in his mind which took a bit of time for him to digest.

After sorting everything, Kevin seemed happy. The happiness stemmed from the reason that he had successfully awakened his bloodline and would be recognized by his father. 

The door to the room opened as the butler entered, seeing Kevin awake he hurriedly gestured to the guard outside to inform Lady Nicole. 

“Master, do you feel any discomfort?” The butler proceeded to ask.

Kevin declined and pushed his arms a bit in order to get up. Unknowingly the force from his body seemed a bit too much as he crashed, the bed issued a cracking sound but fortunately did break down.


The butler who watched this was surprised, but Kevin gestured to him saying it was alright.

It was only now that Kevin noticed that the energy in his body had decreased a lot, surprisingly it required a bit more of effort in order to utilize it. The muscles in his body had become a lot more strong and tensile. There was also an tattoo in the shape of ‘✪’ on his left hand.

It seems I need to practice a bit in order to gain control of my new strength.

By this time Lady Nicole entered the room. It seemed that she ran all the way here, as her forehead was full of sweat beads.

The butler took leave as Lady Nicole entered.

Taking a deep breath she spoke.

“How are you feeling, son?”

“I am fine, mother. Only my head feels a bit heavy.” Kevin answered.

“That’s good. That’s good.” Lady Nicole sighed in relief.

“Take a good rest, there are a lot of things that we need to talk about..” 

Kevin nodded and went back to sleeping. He failed to notice the sadness in her mother’s eyes and the guilt in her tone. After all he was never a person to notice such things.

When Kevin went to rest, weird things were happening in his body. His heart was constantly pumping out blood and there seemed to be a small golden silhouette of the same beast present in his shadow with scarlet eyes. The silhouette seemed much more clearer this time. 


Meanwhile, in the guesthouse Jason was preparing for the meeting. He had enquired the butler about Kevin’s situation. The butler informed him about there being no problem with the awakening, just that Kevin was required to rest and would need an extra day in order to sort out some family matters. 

Sensing the topic being sensitive he did not insist on it. Instead he put all his attention in the upcoming meeting.

Jason would be the only person attending the meeting from the side of sins. He had prepared various scenarios in his head and would proceed to use all his might in order to achieve his goal.

The next day, in the afternoon a Humvee arrived to pick up Jason for the meet. Jason was dressed in a formal attire with a white shirt black pants and shoes. He wore a simple jacket on top.

He calmly boarded the vehicle which rumbled its engines and proceeded towards the inner section where the Board of Directors were already gathered for the meet.

During his stay, he had noticed that he was being watched. It wasn’t his first time dealing with such things, it must be noted that in the pre-world period Jason had worked as a mercenary and a hitmen too, many times for the Jackson group, so these small efforts did not bother him. In fact this was the main reason that Percy had handed over this mission to him.

Situated on the edge of the Palm Islands was the crown jewel of the League, known as Atlantis in the pre-world era. This piece of architecture and engineering seemed like a gate to the vast and boundless ocean. Surrounded by trees it stood like a majestic beast gazing deep into the vast ocean suppressing anything that dared to stain its pride.

When the League had acquired Palm Island this majestic jewel served as the main base of operations for the League. Atlantis, after the Reboot, was heavily reinforced with a vast number of defensive systems. Its foundation was strengthened and the walls were reinforced with layers of concrete and metals. The walls of this beauty could even take a hit from missiles and remain unscathed. Even the attacks from the majority of the oceanic creatures could not destroy this majestic structure.

When Jason was brought towards the building, he was amazed by its majesty and splendor which far surpassed the pre-world era. Before the Reboot, Jason had visited Atlantis for business purposes quite a few times still he was surprised by how much it had changed and it’s heavy and steady aura as a mountain. It seemed like an ancient turtle sleeping in its shell. One could only see the grey color of concrete and steel plates welded together, like an extremely strong forged armor.


The tires of the Humvee screeched to a halt, as the driver spoke.

“We have reached the destination. There would be someone else to guide you to the location.”

Jason nodded and alighted the vehicle. He was left alone outside the gates of Atlantis. The basic structure was still the same and the entrance too hadn’t changed, apart from the guards. These guards were members of the different families which represented the League. 

There were people going in and out from the building but no one paid any attention to him. After 15 minutes, Jason’s face turned ugly. He knew that this was the Board’s intention, even before the meeting had begun they were trying to supress him by their status. But Jason only frowned for a bit, it wasn’t his first time suffering this type of trouble and he didn’t mind. 

The only difference was that he was left hanging outside the gates.

Time passed by and Jason’s eyes were turning more colder by the time. The calmness on his face could be only described as horrifying and pressuring. His eyes turned into an abyss filled with endless darkness and the temperature around him started to plummet a little. A faint shadow of a sleeping beast with its jaw wide open started to appear in his shadow. His body had unknowingly started to emanate a heavy suppression in its surrounding. In the depths of his eyes one could even see a deep dark scarlet shade.

After another 15 minutes, a tall man with a muscular body giving off an aura of strength dressed in military clothes along with another man dressed in formal attire with a slim body could be seen moving towards them. Jason took a look at them and took a deep breath.

The pressure and aura he emitted was soon collected with his breath, just like a compressed can, ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. But his face still depicted the same emotions, cold and calm.

The man dressed in formal attire moved towards Jason and extended his hand in greeting.

“Hello, you must be Mr. Jason. Welcome to the League. Myself Alex and this is Carl. Sorry to be late, as you must know the League has a lot of matters that need to be completed.”

Although it sounded like an apology but it was another way of him speaking that the League had more important stuff to handle than meeting Jason.

Jason did not nod or even shook his hand. Instead he spoke in a cold and calm tone.

“Lead the way.”

Alex frowned a bit and Carl’s expression turned sour. 

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