Chapter 63: Meeting the Board II

Author: Arya

Even though the tone sounded calm and composed, an experienced person could very well feel the undisguised disdain and mockery for the cheap tricks that had been played by the two fellas.

Alex pushed his spectacle with the index finger of his right hand trying his best to hide his anger which was oozing from his eyes. But Carl was not the same, being a brute his sour expression soon turned into a furious one as she shouted.

“Listen you b***ard, the League isn’t any random place, an ant like you can enter! If it wasn’t for the Luther family’s consideration, the League wouldn’t even turn to look at you bastards, who do not understand the immensity of Heaven!”

Even though it seemed like a simple taunt with a finger pointed towards Jason to others who were observing from the sidelines, in fact Carl had utilized some technique which used the ground to resonate with the surrounding, creating a sort of pressure zone, centered around him targeting Jason.

Jason felt a little pressure, as if the earth below his feet wanted to suck him inside but it was just a tiny amount as compared to the one’s he had felt on the island.

Still, Jason knew that he could not afford to display weakness and also being called a ‘b***ard’ it was never his style to leave someone who had called him a b***ard alive.

A tint of scarlet hue emerged in his eyes as he gazed at Carl.

Carl, who was feeling a bit smug and smiling in a foolish manner, stared at those eyes.


An intense pain started to surge in his heart. The blood flowing in his veins felt pressured to such an extent that his heart had to exert a much greater amount of force. This was the sign of myocardial infarction, in order words a heart attack. 


Carl clutched his chest and collapsed on the ground, spasming for air and breath. Soon his pupils rolled up and his body took his last breath. And in such a manner an officer from the League had died by the hands of Jason. 

Alex furrowed his brows in contemplation but did not interfere at all. He knew this time, they had kicked an iron plate. 

In fact Alex and Carl belonged to the faction of the Archangel bloodline in the league and were aware of the fact that Lady Nicole had used her authority in order to convene a meeting for some organization. Despite the details, they felt disdain and mockery for the other party. As they thought that the other party wanted to latch onto the League’s thigh using sympathy from the Luther family. After all it was an open secret that the Luther family valued relations and favours.

After they had been assigned on the task to guide a representative from the organization, they were immediately angered. 

The League of Traders were a behemoth in the now post-apocalyptic Reboot period and the organization had just sent their representative, this was an insult. Even the Board felt humiliated. Thus, Alex and Carl were secretly ordered to suppress the representative and let him know his place in the League. 

But every scheme was immediately destroyed by the immense strength shown by this representative. 

Just now when Jason’s eyes had turned a bit scarlet, even Alex who did not bear the brunt of such a gaze felt suppressed, no matter how much he tried he could not summon his strength.

Jason who had calmly finished off Carl now moved his gaze towards Alex. 

Alex felt a chill creep up his back and beads of sweat started rolling on his forehead, yet he maintained a calm expression and gestured towards Jason with a polite tone.

“This way.”

Jason moved his gaze and only then did Alex let out the breath he was holding in.

In fact, the ability that Jason had utilized was blood manipulation. It might sound simple, but the amount of complexity it held far surpassed any other ability. Not only did it require a detailed knowledge of the human body’s anatomy but also heightened senses. 

Jason had developed this technique in order to create a pressure. In his practice with the technique in the Mysterious Manual, he found out that the blood of humans would contain a certain amount of energy. Thus after various trial and error he had managed to trace a bit of this energy near the heart, using his ability to manipulate blood he could force the blood to coagulate near the heart, thus leading to the heaviness of the body and heart. 

Any experienced person could immediately disperse his ability if they do not gaze at his eyes, as the ability utilized his sense of vision to scan the energy flow in the blood in order to manipulate it.

The ability was equally dangerous to Jason, repeated use of this ability would render him blind.

But Carl was not a person with brains but more with brawl. It was also because of this that he lost his life and Alex didn’t.

Even though things had turned a bit troublesome for the negotiations, Jason did not give it much of a thought. He too had to maintain his dignity in front of the League or else they would take them lightly.

Jason and Alex boarded an elevator which directed them towards the top floor. Alex alighted the elevator and guided Jason to the conference room, where the Board of Directors had already arrived and were waiting for Jason.

Arriving in front of the door, Alex stopped, sidestepping he spoke.

“Please sir.”

Jason nodded towards him and held the door handles.

He calmly pushed open the doors and entered.


Meanwhile when Jason was in the guest house, a few hours before the meet.

Fleets of military vehicles were moving towards the Atlantis, indicating people with high status and authority had arrived.

These fleets contained two JLTVs, one each in the front and back, four Humvees in the middle. 


The fleet halted in front of the Atlantis and ten people both mixed with men and women dressed in formal attire alighted from the Humvees. One could clearly discern that the people were divided into two parts with one leading and four following behind. 

These were the Board of Directors of the League. They had arrived prior to the start of the meeting in order to discuss a certain important issue. 

The League was filled with men and women dressed in military attire engrossed in their work, and guards equipped with state-of-the-art weapons were patrolling the area. 

As these people noticed the members alight from the Humvees, they hurriedly saluted them with a respectful expression.

The Board of Directors nodded towards them one by one and entered the elevators.

Inside the conference room, the Directors were clearly seated according to their seats.

An officer wearing formal military attire entered the room and saluted the Directors while beginning the report.

Various topics related to the development of the League, procurement of resources and status of military deployment were discussed. As more and more reports came pouring, a new heated topic was raised.

“According to the intelligence received from the HQ of the Holy Church, the Church did not lose much of their fighting force. Also they had recently deployed a huge amount of resources which consisted of many advanced weaponry and also a squad of their elite supers along with the two Archbishop towards a remote base in the Asian Continent. Although we have mobilized our men, we could hardly find the reason behind their deployment.”

A woman with pale skin tone and sunken eyes seated on the left side of the desk spoke with a low tone. Although it seemed low, each and every member could hear it very well. This spoke of this woman’s strength, she was utilizing a special method of speaking, which made the sound waves travel in a straight line towards the desired target and only enable them to hear what she said.

“I suggest we must maintain vigilance over them. The recent attack on their HQ by the mysterious organization still tells us that there are enemies who have equal if not advanced weaponry and power than us. Even though we maintain a superiority in terms of strength as long the Luther family guards us, we do not know what these shrewd old fellows are plotting behind our back. After all everyone is well acquainted with their real nature.”

No one denied this fact and thus this mattered was settled. It could also be seen that there was a hint of respect in her eyes as she spoke about the Luther family. This woman was Lina, the representative of the Union, which consisted of families shunned by the four Royal families .

The officer once again spoke at this point.

“ Last but not the least, the main reason why the meeting was held because Lady Nicole had utilized her right and had requested the Board to meet with the representative of a certain organization. It was Lady Nicole’s personal wish that a certain conduct and respect be maintained as the Luther family owed the organization a huge favour.”

The Atlantis being the base of operation of the League was guarded by the Luther family’s personal troops. The officer was one of them and thus could also represent the Luther family in this meet.


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