Chapter 64: Threat!

Author: Arya

The conference room was plunged into silence. The officer could very well notice the displeasure on the Directors faces but he couldn’t help. The Luther family were the guardians of the League and could not easily take part in such decisions. Not especially when the Luther family itself was in a state of unrest.

He gently sighed and left the room.

As soon as he left, the clear division of the Board of Directors could be felt very well. 

The man seated in the middle on the right side opposite to Lina spoke in a mighty voice full of disdain.

“Miss Lina, almost all of the resource is being allocated to the research division for development of advanced weaponry and technology. Now, how come there is a random organization which has advanced to such a scale. Perhaps, your so called scientists have been working half heartedly? Please provide the Board with a just explanation.”

The name of this man was Amir Malak, the representative of the Malak family. A family formed from four of the pre-world Royalties who had awakened yet another mythical bloodline which they claim to be of the messengers of God. The bloodline of Angels.

Right now, Amir was pressuring the Union by using the issue of the Sins attack to the Holy Church. 

At a glance one would notice that there were more supporters for Amir in contrast to Lina. Amir had been trying to suppress the Union after that one incident. He was not ordered to do so but the Malak family Elders wanted to snatch more resources and benefits, which could be seen from their disregard towards the Luther family. After all, Wealth maketh Heart. 

In regards to these Lina was only able to garner the support of three other Directors who were close to the Union right from the pre-world era.

The one remaining Director was Richard Grosvenor. One of the founding members of the League along with the Luther family. 

The Grosvenor family were the very first ones to put their faith and resources in the League and thus enabling it to reach this height. After the establishment of the League, the Grosvenor’s were directly handed with the authority over the Internal logistics and External affairs of the League. 

The various branches of the League were directly controlled by this family. The Luther family along with the Grosvenor were core founders of the League of Traders. One with its might and other with its business acumen complimented each other respectively. 

That was the main reason why the Grosvenor family was the neutral party in the face of such internal strife. 

After hearing the accusation from Amir, Lina spoke with a calm and normal tone.

“Mr Amir, what the research and development department does isn’t the business of your division. Besides please do not forget the major loss we suffered due to the mishap caused by your division.”

Amir’s face twitched for a second but he did not speak further.


A knock sounded followed by Alex entering the room.

He proceeded to salute the Directors and awaited for further instructions. Very soon he was given a report along with the instructions.


Back to the present situation.

Being guided by Alex, Jason reached for the door of the conference room.

He opened the door without even knocking.

As soon as he entered he was greeted by the Directors, who at the moment were gazing at him.

Some eyes contained malice, some confusion and one even contained surprise mixed with it.

The room was plunged into silence.


Before anyone could speak, Richard lightly coughed and proceeded to speak.

“Mr Jason, it has been a long time.”

All eyes turned towards Richard in an instant.

Even Jason was astonished that someone could recognize him after the Reboot.

He gently nodded towards Richard and took his seat.

Jason’s seat was located at the bottommost part of the conference table. It was placed in a location from where the Directors could look down on him.

Meanwhile Lina sensed an unusual happiness from Richard and thus spoke decisively.

“Mr Richard, would you care to introduce our guest. It seems you have been acquainted with him before.”

Even though Richard sensed the compulsion in Lina’s tone, he did not bother.

“Ah yes, where are my manners! Mr Jason here has been a benefactor of the Grosvenor group before the Reboot. As for the details I believe it isn’t beneficial to us.”

After giving a brief interview for Jason, smilingly Richard asked Jason.

“Mr Jason, feel free to state your reason and aim in approaching the League. As long as I am here, I guarantee you would receive fair treatment.”

Once again the Directors were flabbergasted. After all the weight behind Richard’s promise was too immense, even for them.

Even though Richard was just a single person, the Grosvenor group could not be accepted as just a single power. Richard’s Grosvenor group was responsible for the Internal and the External Affairs, just by counting the number of branches of the League scattered throughout the different higher level cities it must be seen the amount of power he held. The power and status of the Grosvenor group was closely related to the Luther family as they were the ones who provided resources and connections when the League was just established, they could even be considered as the partial founders of the League.

As for why Richard had decided to side with Jason was because he knew apart from being a terrifying assassin, Jason was also closely related to the mysterious Jackson group. Even though this was a total new era where power and strength dominated the lands, the Jackson group was never to be underestimated, it was personally his gut feeling.

Jason was unbothered by all this. Richard’s stance had helped him a lot and made the matter less complicated. So he decided to nail the hammer when everyone was trying to figure out his identity.

“Hello Directors. I visit the League of Traders as a representative of the Jackson group. I hope everyone here must have learned of the Jackson’s.”

After completing his sentence he paused for a brief time and looked at the expressions of the Directors and just as expected he saw some degree of surprise on their faces.

Without bothering to hide anything he continued.

“As for the reason behind this visit, is the formation of an alliance with the League. You see due to recent cleanup, we lack a bit of manpower.”

Jason did not bother trying to explain further and instead stopped.


Someone had slammed a slap on the table of the conference room and that someone was Amir. At first when he was surprised by the name of the Jackson group and even considered forming an alliance as not a bad thing, but when he heard the actual reason being the lack of manpower his surprise immediately turned into anger.

“How dare you! Even though you represent the Jackson group, this is a new era. The power and authority of the Jackson group is not what it was before. You speak of an alliance with such an attitude, are you trying to undermine the League?.”

The rage and dismissal tone along with blatant mockery was plainly visible in Amir’s speech. The rest of the Director’s apart from Richard did not refute nor spoke anything, silently agreeing with Amir.


Jason took a deep sigh with his face downwards and his eyes turned pitch black and cold.

Everyone in the room immediately felt a chill on their bodies. 

Silently, Jason lifted his face and gazed at Amir with those abyss like eyes and a smile on his face, while he slowly spoke.

“Why make this hard, Mr Director. There are lots of ways of dying must you insist on dying by my hands.”

Although what Jason said sounded a bit childish and funny, the smile and the chill induced on everyone’s body right now made it hard to categorize it in such a way.

Meanwhile Amir who bore the brunt of Jason’s gaze was sweating bullets. As soon he met Jason’s gaze his heart skipped a beat. He immediately felt a level of threat exceeding his capability. It must be understood that Amir was the representative of the family who had awakened their bloodline, his powers differed and were much stronger than the average super.

But everything was in vain. As soon as Amir’s mind detected the fatal threat, it subconsciously activated his bloodline which manifested.


Along with a bang the table scattered into dust and from behind Amir manifested the image of two bright wings. 

-HA- -HA-

As soon as the wings manifested the pressure on Amir’s body was immediately reduced, but still he felt as if he had just saved himself from death. It was the most difficult moment Amir had faced in his life after his powers were awakened.

On the other hand, when Amir manifested his powers which stemmed from the bloodline, Jason frowned for a moment. He did not show but he had suffered a backlash from his technique. His entire body felt heavy and weak, but he overcame the sense of exhaustion through sheer will. 

The situation seems a bit problematic for now. I do not want to use it, but it seems I must establish my might if I want everything to proceed smoothly.

Jason had decided to utilize a bit of force, even if it meant him suffering injuries.

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