Chapter 65: Kill

Author: Arya

On the other hand, Amir was going through a lot of different emotions.

First was surprise then anger, disdain, fear, and again surprise once the bloodline power activated, followed by anger which stemmed from his humiliation.

These turns of emotions made him exhausted. 

But even then, the anger hadn’t subsided yet. His mind seemed to be still ringing with the words Jason said before. Anger took over his mind and he totally forgot the fear. 

With eyes full of rage he pointed his finger towards Jason and said.

“You!! How dare you threaten me!”

While he said this, the manifestation of the wings stretched, spanning for about 2 meters.

The wings were the manifestation of the Angelic bloodline present in his body. 

Amir knew his bloodline was not that pure and he wasn’t that powerful, but he did not even imagine that the man in front of him would be able to resist his power. 

His confidence stemmed from the fact that he had tested over the other supers from the League and no one could dominate his powers. This was like a racial suppression. The Angelic bloodline had changed his constitution on a genetic level.

It was this belief and suppression that made the Malak family arrogant.

The degree of purity of the Angelic bloodline could be traced by observing the wings behind one’s back.

The more powerful one’s would have more wings and the more pure one’s bloodline, the more clearer their wings. 

Meanwhile the Directors had already cleared the area in front of Jason and Amir and were waiting for a show to begin. They knew about the powers of Amir, which could only be suppressed by another bloodline power. All they wanted to observe was how this representative from the Jackson family would counter him. After all the Jackson group was equally powerful before the Reboot and they wanted to know how much power it held after the Reboot.

Jason remained calm and seated. In fact one could even see a hint of surprise on his face. It felt as if a child had found a new toy. 

Maintaining the same smile he spoke.

“Ahh so this is the famous power of the Angelic bloodline, seems powerful. Old man, quite a lucky family you have got there.”

This time there was an additional hint of teasing and humour mixed in his tone, which indicated he was looking down on the so-called Angelic bloodline.

Listening to this Amir could not stop himself from attacking.


The end of the manifested wings moved forward towards Jason with a heavy momentum, seemingly trying to shred him to pieces. One could observe the feathers shaped like a pointed spear tip emerging on the tip, which indicated that Amir had at least achieved some degree of purity with his bloodline.

Along with the attack’s momentum, the light shining on the wings turned so bright just like a manifestation of a miniature sun.

The Directors who were standing a bit further away hastily closed their eyes with fear of turning blind.

RIght then the door to the conference room was blasted apart and the person who was briefing the Directors before entered.


Even he was astonished by the degree of damage sustained by the internal structure of the room. 

Just when he was about to join the fight, Amir said.

“It should be your honor to die by the hands of the God’s messenger, you lowly mortal.”

It seemed Amir had become too indulged in his powers.

Things seem bad.

Even though everything seemed fine with Amir, the Luther family person knew why things would soon turn bad.

Along with the power of the Angelic bloodline, which for some reason heavily leaned towards the Light side rather than the holy side and thus due to this there was a risk of corruption.

Too much corruption to this light might damage the rationality of the person and Amir was displaying signs of such corruption.

This was a major drawback for all bloodline powers. They required a great willpower in order to be used or else the power of bloodline might backfire on that person.


A maniacal laughter echoed in the conference room.

All of a sudden when everything silent.

The blinding light along with the attack vanished.

The scene of the dismembered parts and the floor littered with blood which everyone expected wasn’t visible. 

Instead what was visible made them more terrified.

Jason was still seated on his seat and the wing blades of Amir were stopped in his hand. 

Although there was an injury on his hand from which the bones could be seen and blood dripped, that was all. The wing blades could not slash his bones and proceed further.

Amir laugh had also paused.

“IMPOSSIBLE…Impossible. How can a lowly mortal stop the wings bestowed by the holy grace of the God. NOO! It can’t happen.”

He felt it hard to believe. Along with his roar, the power of his light increased and a threatening aura emanated from him. Even Jason who had received a serious injury clicked his tongue, while his eyes turned serious.

Just when everyone thought that they would see a fight, the Luther family person took action.


With a low shout he held his hand out with a metallic rod, about 15cm in length.

With a drumming boom, he vanished. 

His speed astonished even Jason who hastily turned his head to observe him. This time the seriousness in his eyes had intensified to a greater degree.

The Luther family person was the commander in charge of the security of this base and was the strongest person present in the HQ.

The commander stood in front of Amir and moved his hand holding the metallic rod, horizontally.

This move seemed easy, but only someone like Jason who had trained with a sword could see the perplexity and power behind the move.

But what puzzled Jason was the identity of the metallic rod in his hand. It did not seem like a blade or sword but this seemingly not dangerous rod had bisected the person in front of him in two.

Amir’s upper body soon lost all the support and slid downwards. 


A fountain of blood gushed from his body which flowed on the ground. The commander seemed un-bothered about this and turned around and left.

The Directors who stood at a distant hastily made way for the commander who left without even glancing at them.

Meanwhile Mr Richard tried to ease the situation as he spoke.

“Let us postpone the meeting for now Mr Jason, the League will provide an explanation to the Jackson group. Please tend to your injuries.”

Jason nodded and hurriedly utilized his power to control the blood in his body to avoid excessive blood loss.

Meanwhile the commander hurriedly returned to his room and took a seat on the bed. He summoned a person and informed everything that had just happened.

“Commander, I will report this to the Lady as soon as possible. Please take rest.”

Commander nodded and soon fell on the bed unconscious. 

A person dressed in military medic uniform with the insignia of the Luther family entered the room.

After a brief check. He said.

“It seems the effect of overdrafting his power. He should be fine with some rest.”

Saying so he injected the commander with a pale blue liquid and left.

The commander had utilized his powers to the extreme and was thus exhausted.


Meanwhile things were beginning to turn different for the Luther family. 

As Kevin was deep asleep, resting in Lady Nicole’s room, a meeting was being held in the living room of the Luther mansion. 

This living room was a bit different. It had a vintage vibe to it. The room was layered in carpet made of fur, there were sofas made of leather placed in the center. There were candles alighted and emanating a warm fragrant scent in the room.

Inside the living room in the center there were three sofas, with two six seater-ones being placed in front of one other and two single seat ones in the back facing towards them. The overall arrangement formed a ‘U’ shape, with the opening towards the door of the room.

This was the room where major matters of the Luther family were discussed and right now the room was filled with elders and people who were responsible for making decisions.

Lady Nicole was seated on the left side of the two single seated sofas, while the one to her right was left empty. 

The agenda of today’s meeting was a bit bizarre, although it did concern the development of the Luther family and its strength, its nature was totally opposite as one would expect.

“Lady Nicole, recently the warriors of our family experienced a very bizarre increase in their strength. The intensity this time surpasses that of when the family head had awakened his bloodline. Please let us know the reason behind it.”

Said one of the persons seated close to Lady Nicole. This person was neither too old nor too young, he used to manage the industries of the Luther family overseas prior to Reboot and it was only due to his loyalty could he obtain early awakening of the bloodline along with other benefits.


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