Chapter 66: The Plot.

Author: Arya

Lady Nicole maintained a calm face in face of this question.

Of course she knew the reason behind the increase in the strength, it was closely related to the selection of a new family head. 

In order to understand this, one must first question how is a bloodline power passed on?

The answer was obvious, through genes, from one offspring to another of the same blood.

But then again there must be an origin for this powerful bloodline. This was where the secret lied. The holy powers from the weapons summoned by the legendary King Arthur Pendragon had influenced his bloodline creating a mutation which stemmed from the source i.e the weapons itself. 

As long as the weapons and their powers existed, a physique carrying his genes and blood could utilize the energy. Later on with time, the various users and members of these powers and Pendragon bloodline had created various combat arts which were centered around this power. These arts included martial arts, sword-fighting, close-combat and many more. 

The only major drawback of this bloodline was there had to be a person with the same bloodline who would act as the mediator between the origin and the family members. Thus, this became a bloodline dependent on the King, who was also the head of the family by default.

And right now the Luther family had found a new inheritor for the position of the King, whose degree of connection and purity was of the highest level which enabled a newfound increase in the powers of each and every member.

“Do not worry about that. Just remember our Luther family has a new head now.”

Lady Nicole calmly spoke, but this one sentence dropped a bomb on everyone else’s head. 

Without waiting for anyone’s thoughts to wander about, Lady Nicole cleared.

“My child has returned back and has inherited the new position of the head of the Luther family.”

This sentence cleared all the doubts and thoughts which were just about to prop in some minds.

A look of joy and expression of relief could be instantly felt on the faces of everyone present including Lady Nicole. 

An older man seated holding a cane in his hand spoke.

“We should take this chance and consolidate the family’s power. Recently I heard those two families have been causing a lot of problems in the administration of the League.

This old man was the grandfather of Kevin, Riley Luther, and also father of the previous family head, Arthur Luther.

The rest of the members nodded at this proposal. 

“Yes, we should immediately take action.”

Another one of the family members spoke. He was a well built man, but some strands of silver could be seen mixed with the present black hairs. He was the brother of previous head, Brad Luther and uncle of Kevin Luther.

Feeling the flow of the discussion turning into a positive way, Lady Nicole nailed her innermost desire right away.

“Everyone, please calm down. This time I called everyone in order to make a major decision which would decide the fate of the Luther family.”

Lady Nicole sounded very determined and serious as she spoke.

The room turned silent and everyone waited for Lady Nicole to speak. Everyone in this room trusted Lady Nicole very much, after all it could be seen by how she had handled the League and the family matters well even after her husband’s death.

Taking a deep breath she continued.

“I believe everyone here still remembers how the previous family head lost his life.” 

Saying so she paused to observe everyone’s reaction.

A look of utter frustration mixed with regret and rage were clearly visible on the majority of their faces, as rest turned their head down in shame.

“I do not blame anyone here, after all it was my husband’s decision to sacrifice himself for the greater cause, but still I was deeply disappointed by how no one helped him in his battle and let him leave alone. But thinking logically it would have led to the direct demise of the Luther family.

Also please keep in mind that the major fault was in the intelligence provided by the Exploration department.”

Once again a major explosion went off. If the previous one could be compared to a supernova then this one would be a Big bang. 


Summoning her secretary, the butler entered along with some folders in hand, which he handed to everyone present in the room.

“Please go through the files presented to you. This is the culmination of my report regarding the investigation of that incident.”

Time passed by.

The faces of those present started depicting intense rage and anger. Riley Luther held his cane tightly while his legs were shivering, indicating utter rage.

Brad, clenched his fists which held the folder.

Lady Nicole calmly watched this. This was the reaction which was expected from everyone here. Even she felt a different level of anger when she had discovered the truth behind the accident.

Yes, the accident which led to the sacrifice of the previous Luther family head, Arthur Luther.

It turns out that was not an accident but a very well orchestrated plot set by none other than one of the families present in the alliance with the League. The perpetrator was the Malak family, the one with the Angelic bloodline. 

As the family which held the absolute authority over the Exploration department, they had discovered the degree of threat and danger of the beasts invasion and instead of warning the family head about it, they chose to keep silence and did not mention it in their intel.

This negligence had led to the sacrifice of Arthur Luther and the high level combat oriented personal members of the Luther family.

After reading the information in the files, the aura of the people present changed.

It must be known that every member present here was responsible for a part of the armed force of the Luther family. They had their fair share of battles, all filled with intense slaughter and blood, some of the mutated beasts and some of the humans who had attacked the interests of the League.

“Now that everyone is aware of the reason behind the incident. I will suggest the action plan that we will be taking. Using the momentum that we have gained, uprooting the responsible alliance member would still be impossible and also not in the interest of the League, but we can sure cut their authority and demand an explanation.”

She stopped here, her expression, asking for other’s response.

It was at this time Riley spoke.

“Lady Nicole, have this information been disclosed to the head.”

The meaning behind this sentence signified that the position of the head had been acknowledged by Riley.

Seeing her shaking her head, Riley continued.

“Then it seems, we must wait for the decision from the family head. Only after the family head commands us, can we act.”

This time, Lady Nicole, who appeared calm at whatever was said to her, seemed flustered.

As an elder Riley could very well observe her hesitation.

“Do not worry, Lady, I will take it as my duty to hand over this information to the family head. After all it has been a while since I met him.”

A trace of softness could be seen in his eyes.

In the whole Luther family, before the Reboot, Kevin was spoiled too much by his grandfather who doted on him too much and it was because of his grandfather’s support that Kevin was able to pursue his dreams.


Lady Nicole hesitated for a moment, but ultimately gave up with a sigh. After all even for her this was a major topic which she still could not handle.


“Then it’s settled.” Said Riley banging his cane on the ground.

Meanwhile Kevin who had just woken up from his deep sleep was unaware of the major commotion his bloodline awakening had caused. 

Rubbing his eyes, he moved out of his bed.

Unknowingly his body had adapted to the newfound increase in his power.

Just as he was about to move out of the room.

The door knob turned and Riley entered the room with his cane supporting him.

He seemed surprised gazing at Kevin and Kevin too was surprised by this sudden intrusion.

It was a moment of awkward silence in the room which was broken by the hearty laughter of the old man, Riley.


“Come here, you little troublemaker. Let Grandpa assess how much you have changed in this past year.”

Kevin was embarrassed by this sudden intrusion which felt as if a thief had been caught stealing something, but then seeing his grandfather made him happy. It had really been a long time since he had last seen his grandpa.

“Grandpa!” He shouted in joy filled with surprise and lunged forward for a hug.

Hugging his grandfather Kevin felt a rush of warmth in his body. 

After all family was family and blood always runs thicker than water.


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