Chapter 67: Matters of the past.

Author: Arya

It had been a long time and there was a lot to share between the grandfather and grandson pair. 

Kevin talked about how had been training with the Jackson group and how he had awakened his super powers related to the control of the metal element.

Of course he had to discard all the secret and important stuff like the existence of the island, the base and the advanced technology they had developed 

Riley was surprised and astonished by how much Kevin had to suffer, but in his heart he was also glad that the Jackson’s had provided his grandson with an opportunity which far surpassed in quality. He could also sense that Kevin was deliberately hiding some stuff but he did not ask, after all who did not have some secrets.

Suddenly Kevin brought up the topic–

“Grandpa, how is dad? I haven’t seen him in a long while, will he still not accept and acknowledge me?”

Hearing Kevin mention his son a trace of sadness and sorrow flashed past his eyes which Kevin did not discover.

“I am sure your dad must feel proud about your achievements and would happily acknowledge you now. But the only sad thing is that–”


Kevin too noticed something odd with his grandfather’s behaviour after that sigh.

“Only thing is that?? What are you saying grandpa? Is my achievement not enough? I know due to the Reboot and the awakening of his bloodline he must have increased the standard, but then again I did complete my awakening recently and mom even said that I have surpassed my dad with respect to the degree of purity and connection.”

Taking a deep breath, along with a serious and determined expression Riley gathered his courage as he opened his mouth.

“Listen carefully child, before I begin you must remember a heavy responsibility has fallen on your shoulder. You must not lose control of your emotions.”

Sensing the seriousness, Kevin subconsciously nodded his head.

Then Riley began to narrate what had happened.


It had just been a few months since the virus was released.

After what would be known as the Reboot was initiated, the League of Traders had just been established and their HQ which was located on Palm Islands had begun a major redevelopment. Majority of the civilians present in the League during this time could not overcome the crises and were consumed by their instincts. 

The League had just established and in order to curb this chaos which had also engulfed them as much as the world, they had to take drastic measures. 

The number of armed forces were minimal at this time and all they could depend on the ammunition reserves they had along with the people who could use them.

The major members of the alliance like the Royal families had all holed up in their safe houses and refused to fight this war.

At times like this the Grosvenor and the Luther families took the baton into their own hands. They used their own blood and fought this bitter war for survival.

It was also this drive to survive that ignited their potential and thus the first batch of supers were born. Due to the major fighting the first batch of supers had awakened to fundamental powers like Body Strengthening, Increased Reflexes, Speed and such. Although it does sound a bit dull, these enhanced powers helped them utilize their bodies in a better way. As the threat was being curbed little by little, so was their stock of ammunition. But the people from these families did not give up. Among the various people were courageous persons like Arthur Luther, the son of the current head of the Grosvenor family and many other direct descendants. These warriors paved a path made of blood and sweat, which would form the foundation of the League. Although Arthur wasn’t a super at this time, he proved his worth as a commander and tactician. He developed proper tactics to fight these instinctual abominations.

By the time the civilians were curbed and the chaos had subsided a bit, another disaster struck them. The attacks from the mutated beasts from the back which caught them totally unguarded. Unlike the previous threat the one from mutated beasts was much more dangerous. In order to curb a single beast an entire ten man squad of elites armed with heavy weaponry were needed.  

The casualties rates also started to increase. During this time these supers came into major spotlight as they could wield special cold weapons made from alloys of tough and light metals. Thus the age of research and pioneering began, humans researched desperately in order to survive, in order to create better and powerful weapons which would afflict heavy damages to these beasts. Defensive technology was also being researched at great pace in order to let the people have a safe night sleep.

The League of Traders had started their own research and development department. Using the accumulated resources they were able to create better weapons which they utilized and managed to win a very necessary resource. Time. The entry level prototype weapons did a greater degree of mutual damage on both the sides. The beasts were slowly but surely pushed back after around half a year of war for survival, but everyone knew this peace was just temporary.

During this peaceful time, many other supers were born from within the ranks of the Grosvenor and Luther families who were at the frontlines. The other members of the League of Traders slowly began to surface after the war. But unfortunately they could not establish any might as the two families of Grosvenor and Luther had gained immense powerful might, which led to them being handed over the positions of Exploration, Research and Development, Logistics, as such. The Grosvenor family at this time retrieved their attention on the internal matters and took it into their hands to handle the external matters. It was their idea to establish contact with the outside world and spread this newly developed technology in order to enable the Human Race to fight against these calamities. 

Also, when the Luther family had received the news from the Jackson group, the Luther’s shared it with the Grosvenor’s too. Even though they found it hard to believe, they couldn’t rule out the possibility since the source of this news was the mysterious Jackson group. 

Using their resources they had already infiltrated the United Federation and found out the plans of the cities. The United Federation had begun these plans with an excuse of charity for the underprivileged. Using the same excuse the Grosvenor’s had accepted their help, these made it possible for the current League of Traders to increase their influence throughout all the major higher levelled cities. In fact it could be said as long as there was a Federation built and controlled city, there was a Grosvenor family hideout there. Then the question of whether it belonged to the League or the family itself was unknown. After all a smart man does not put all his eggs in a single basket. The current Grosvenor family was a colossal comparable to the League of Traders themselves. The only thing that they didn’t take into account was the loss of communication after the Reboot.

On the other hand people with great potential started awakening with exceptional powers related to controlling aspects of different elements from the Luther family. 

It was all fine till then, the other members of the League could still tolerate this, but everything changed after a sudden day.

In this peaceful time, the head of the Luther family, Arthur Luther had awakened a different type of power which stemmed from his bloodline. This not only increased the strength of the existing forces but also made it possible for the Luther family to become more powerful.

This huge future prospect created a major sense of dread and threat in the hearts of the other members of the League. 

Then they found an amazing opportunity. The Malak family which controlled the Exploration department found out that their base on the edge of the Island was being attacked by a huge crowd of mutated aquatic beasts. Their number was too large and the members had already abandoned the land.

The higher ups used this chance, they had hidden the intel about the number and actual battle prowess of the attacking herd pushing the Luther family, which at that time had decided to handle all the military affairs of the League of the Traders.

The head of the family, Arthur Luther, took this matter more seriously as it was mentioned that the team there had found important resources from their recent exploration tour which could benefit the League and lessen the casualties from the fight in the future.

Thus Arthur Luther along with some of his friends, with whom he fought side by side, entered the abandoned part of the Island.

After they reached they found out the cruel nature of the battle but yet believed that the research  material was important. Armed with high grade entry level energy weapons they sacrificed their lives and were able to deliver the materials only to be later known as just a different kind of stone. 

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