Chapter 68: To war.

Author: Arya

This had dealt a huge blow to the Luther family and later the Malak family had also awakened their bloodline powers. During the initial investigation Lady Nicole had found out that the Malak family member had an epiphany regarding his bloodline powers and thus they used this opportunity in order to usurp or at least stop the growing momentum of the Luther family, which ultimately led to the demise of the head of the Luther family.

Kevin’s grandfather, Riley Luther informed Kevin about the demise of his father and all the conspiracy of the Malak family. 

After he finished he looked at Kevin and was surprised to find no change in his expression.

Instead his aura had solidified somehow, with an unprecedented level of calmness which could be seen on his face.

Kevin had long before closed his eyes. He imagined his father fighting those horrifying monsters along with his friends and members of the family. 

He imagined his father’s broad back which propped the whole of the League and pulled it out from Devil’s abyss. 

A man who had always kept his promises, who fought bravely in the frontlines. A man who held a weapon in his hand and destroyed tropes of beasts bathing in their blood and gaining strength.

Kevin had barely met his father a few times before the Reboot and the image that he had developed was of a harsh and strict person who valued his face more than others happiness.

After hearing all these, the image which he had built up was destroyed.


Kevin opened his eyes and gazed at his grandfather.

Riley felt as if he was being pressured by a mountain of load. He felt his knees bending. Just as he was about to kneel the pressure vanished, but the look in those black deep eyes did not change at all.

This was the pressure which stemmed solely from the bloodline. This indicated that Kevin’s bloodline had reached a new height.

Clearing his throat he spoke what was the most necessary of all.

“Following the awakening ceremony, you have successfully inherited the power of the King and are the next head of the Luther family. Everyone else has already acknowledged you as the Head of the family. It was Lady Nicole’s suggestion that we must at the least demand an explanation about the incident and suppress the families of those responsible.”

Kevin quietly listened to what Riley was saying and then said in a deep voice.

“I see. What about the delegation from the Jackson Group? When will the meeting begin?”

Riley was yet again taken back but still replied.

“The meeting is over, but the overall response doesn’t seem too good. The representative from the Malak family had tried to kill Mr. Jason but was instead killed by the commander in-charge of the base’s security.”


The terrifying pressure appeared once again and this time Riley was forced to kneel on the ground. 

“Ah sorry, I lost my cool for a moment.” Kevin spoke in apology.

Riley stood up with a helpless expression.

“Grandpa, please inform the elders that I have something important to do and will return once I have completed it. Meanwhile please arrange my travel to the guest house.”

Kevin stood up and said.

Riley did not feel anything, instead he subconsciously agreed to it and hurriedly excused himself to arrange things.

Only after he left Kevin’s presence, he realized that he was unknowingly affected by the suppression from Kevin’s King ranked bloodline.

After a few minutes a Humvee was ready to transport Kevin. This time, he found an additional person in the backseat of the Humvee.

His mom. He did not ask or say anything to her as he understood how much his mother had suffered.

The Humvee roaring its engines moved towards the Guest house where Jason and James were staying along with Kevin, his mom Lady Nicole and the butler who was driving.

Meanwhile Jason had already reached the guest house. After the meeting, an officer from the Luther family escorted Jason to the guest house, as the meeting was postponed until the current matter was dealt with.

All along the way Jason found it quite difficult for their mission to complete. He was racking his brain for any idea which could successfully deal with the situation. He had also consulted James but he was totally unbothered, as he answered that if tactics did not work they could always use force. It was how he had always dealt things during his time as the representative of the Jackson group.

Jason could only facepalm himself for asking James’ opinion. After he had awakened the power of pride his demeanor was also changing. He seemed to carry an additional sense of dignity while his aura radiated great sense of superiority.

As Jason was thinking about these matters, he noticed that the door had opened, Kevin along with Lady Nicole and the butler had entered the room.

“Oh, you are back. So, how was it?” Jason asked without any interest. He did not care about the family matters of Kevin. Although he did find something odd with Kevin.

“I have awakened my bloodline power.” Kevin said.

Listening to this, Jason was astonished. As he did not think that Kevin would still be able to awaken his bloodline after being through the upgradation process in the base.

“Tell me more about it.” He asked.

Nodding his head Kevin answered.

“The power is the result of the mutation between the Universal grade weapons with the Holy power origin as their source. The structure of hierarchy is just like a King and his royal guards with me being the King. As long as I command it I can grant a portion of their power to any person, the degree of power being absorbed depends on the compatibility and the will power of the receiver.”

“This–” Lady Nicole and the butler who were standing behind Kevin were astonished, as the previous King could only bestow power to the people with the same blood.

Kevin raised his hand, indicating for them to remain silent, as Jason spoke.

“The nature of the Universal weapons?” 

Neither Lady Nicole nor the butler knew what Kevin and Jason were talking about, but observing their attitude it seemed they knew more about it.

“The nature of the weapons seems to be on our side. I did ask them about the previous war and they replied positively. They did help their previous partner fight against them. Although in comparison to that strange cube which the captain has, they seem a bit too dull.”

Kevin said, shrugging his hands in frustration.

Lady Nicole and the butler were left standing there like fools and bumpkins from a village who had just entered a new city.

Kevin did not mind it as he continued.

“How about you? I heard what happened, have you decided how to proceed.”

Jason sighed in frustration as he spoke.

“The only option I guess is we have to utilize force. Although we will accomplish this mission, you know that we lack manpower the most. It is only because of Aria and the lunatic Lucifer we can barely manage the logistics of the base, along with our limited expenditure. We need someone who could monitor their progress over here and that someone must be strong enough to threaten their existence. Uncle James, suggested we wipe out all the stronger members from our obstacles and leave only necessary personnel, but that would instead increase the infighting and would be harmful for the long run.”

Kevin seemed to be lost in thought and only opened his mouth after a few seconds.

“Don’t worry about the manpower. I guarantee that the Luther family would be responsible for that.” 

The butler beside Lady Nicole reached his hands to Kevin’s shoulder warning him from making such a promise, but his hands were caught by Lady Nicole, who shook her head indicating to not interfere with their decisions.

Jason was unbothered by Lady Nicole and butler’s action as he gazed in Kevin’s eyes. He could sense a firm determination and a whirlpool of rage deeply hidden in his eyes. 

A hidden red light flashed past his eyes.

He did not question his decision, instead asked for a confirmation.

“Will that be okay?”

Kevin nodded his head in approval and thus a plan had been formed.

“Alright then. I will leave the Luther family in your hands. Handle the unsolved matters and then lets head towards the base of these idiots. It’s high time we use our strength, or else my bones would start rusting and I would be left behind.”

Jason said. He could sense the invisible heaviness which Kevin’s blood carried in his veins. This heaviness stemmed from the increase in density and pureness of the energy present in the blood which meant Kevin had undergone a major increase in strength.

Kevin did not confirm he turned around and said.

“Then let’s begin, it’s time to handle the loose ends too.”

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