Chapter 69: Retaliate.

Author: Arya

Planet Earth.

Middle East, after the Reboot.

A huge mountainous region lay in the region like an ancient dragon in hibernation. This mountainous region was known as the Taurus region in the pre-world era. 

It was in this region a grand city was built. It was officially known as a level 10 city, but was under the jurisdiction of the Malak family from the League of Traders. 

The Malak family at the beginning phases of the Reboot used to live on Palm Islands, but as the League took in large numbers of refugees in order to satiate its hunger for more manpower, the islands did not seem enough to enjoy the luxury they had before.

Coincidentally the exploration team had found a settlement living in the Taurus mountain region. There was hardly any threat from mutated beasts here and the people weren’t even affected by the virus. When the family came to know about such a location, they immediately diverted a certain portion of their power and resources from the League, including but not limited to newly developed technology and manpower towards the construction of this huge and grand behemoth in the middle of nowhere. 

They used the pretext of creating a relay point for future exploration in the resource prone region. 

Bit by bit they transferred all their necessary personnel and family from Palm Islands to that city. When the rest of the Directors came to know of such a brazen move, they seemingly pretended to criticize the family, but in reality they too used some if not similar tactics to relocate their family bases to different, sovereign and safe locations throughout the middle east.

But the rest of the families could not build a base as capable as the Malak family, after all they were the first one’s.

In the central part of the city where the Malak family resided, stood a giant middle eastern style mansion. 

On the top of the mansion, they had created an Altar of Gods, in order to communicate with the so-called Gods. 

The Altar was surrounded by four tall pillars engraved with depictions of beings with wings. These four altars represented the four respective Archangels, Gabriel, holding a spear in one hand and a book in another, Michael, holding a sword in one hand and a shield in another, Raphael, holding a trumpher and Azrael. Among the four pillars, only the fourth pillar depicting Azrael had been engraved with a being which looked more like a Grim Reaper from legends, all dressed in black and holding a huge sickle in his hands.

Altar of Gods was the place where the council of Angels was usually held. The council of Angels in the Malak family represented all the angels, led by the four Archangels. 

Now on this altar were gathered three men and a woman. The woman was the first generation awakener of the Angel of Death, Azrael. She was dressed in black and seemed totally unbothered about anything, seated casually with a huge scythe.

The awakener of the Angel of Revelation, Gabriel, was dressed in a yellowish attire. He seemed to be old enough to be a grandfather which could be inferred from his face full of wrinkles and silver hair. In his hand was an old book with leather covers. He had closed his eyes, seated on his chair.

The awakener of Angel of Mercy, Michael, was a person in his 30s. He was dressed in a casual shirt and pants. He stood before his seat, with his hands in his pants and whistling. Even if he seemed joyous, one could not find an inch of smile on his face. His face seemed as if frozen in time when it was neutral. 

The awakener of Angel of Music, Raphael, was a young man in his 20s. He was dressed formally in a suit and kept a case beside him which held his favourite music instrument, a violin. 

His whole body for some reason seemed to be radiating a holy aura. 

These four people were the ones who had awakened the first generation of Archangel bloodline and commanded the entire Malak family. Among the four, the holder of Gabriel, Khuraymah Malak, was the leader. Khushtar Malak, the holder of Raphael, was son of Khuraymah and Noor Malak was the holder of Michael. For some reason, the holder of Azrael, changed her name to Azrael and even refrained from taking on the name of Malak family, proclaiming she only served ‘Mawt’ meaning Death. 

If this was spoken by someone else from the family, it would be considered as a great sin, but for some reasons no one said anything to her.

After everyone had gathered, Khushtar Malak, said.

“By the Grace of the Almighty, the representative of the Malak family in the League had been murdered by the Luther family commander. This is considered as an act of rebellion, the Luther’s are trying to annex the League. We have gathered here to discuss the stand of the family.”

Even after he finished no one responded, Azrael still seemed un-bothered and Noor started humming a song with the same cold face.

He had expected this response, thus Khushtar gazed towards his father, Khuraymah for response. 

As if he had sensed his son’s gaze, Khuraymah opened his eyes and spoke a single sentence.

“The family summons the head of the Luther family, demanding an explanation in person regarding the incident.”

After saying this, he headed towards the door.

The rest too left after him.

And in this way, the Malak family released a message to the League stating their demand of explanation in person. In fact they went as far as even threatening to exit the League.


Inside the living room in the Luther family, everyone had gathered and this time there were three additional people here.

Kevin, who sat in the seat of the head beside Lady Nicole, Jason and James who were standing beside him.

There were two major issues being discussed right now, the co-operation with the Jackson group, which everyone had agreed. After all their current status could be somehow credited to the Jackson group. The other, the message from the Malak family.

“Ridiculous, what do they think of themselves! How dare they raise such an unreasonable request!” Brad spoke in an incensed tone.

“Calm down, Brad. We must think rationally, by asking a personal explanation from the head, the old man from the Malak family is probing us.” Riley retorted to Brad’s rage.

“Exactly. It’s either one of the two or maybe it might be both. The Malak family is trying to probe the current situation of the Luther family. If we refrain from their demand and try to make peace, it will display that the Luther family is afraid and if we comply with their demand, it will display our cowardness.” Jason, beside Kevin spoke.

“So what do we suggest we do?” Asked Kevin to Jason. Kevin totally trusted Jason with his decision. After all he was the vice-captain for a reason. 

At first the family members were rude towards James and Jason. They even warned them to not interfere with the matters of the League, but later, Kevin boldly resolved the situation by saying the Luther family was a member of the Jackson group. 

The rest of the family members wanted to reject the notion, but the aura of bloodline suppression left them with no choice but to lower their head. 

Jason too was not bothered by the decision of the Luther family, as ultimately every decision would be taken by Kevin himself. It could be said that Luther family was Kevin and Kevin was Luther family.

Listening to the question by Kevin, Jason pondered for a bit and then spoke.

“Umm, if it were some other person I would suggest trying to mend the relation, but since the Luther family are a member of the Jackson group, I would suggest an alternative method.”

“An alternative?” Lady Nicole asked.

“Yes. Being a member of the Jackson group, it is the duty of the group to protect its members. And the matters of the Jackson group will be handed by the group themselves. Outsiders are not allowed to interfere.” Jason said calmly.

“You mean–” Riley looked at Jason and said in a surprised tone.

“The Jackson group shall give the Malak family an explanation personally.” Jason said.

The room was plunged into silence for a brief moment. 

The members from the Luther family looked astonished, but Jason did not care. It seemed the matter he had just spoken was as easy as moving his hands.

And they were right too. The current Jackson group consisted only of sins and their power was too great in this war prone era.

“I think we should not take action impulsively.” Lady Nicole tried to soothe the tension in the room. Even for her this method seemed a bit too impulsive.

“It is alright mother. The Jackson group will provide the Malak family with an explanation, but it would depend on the strength of the Malak family, whether they are capable of listening to that explanation. After all, even the Holy Church has to pay the price of disturbing the Jackson group.”

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