Chapter 7: Bear Sin of Sloth.


Author: Arya

England, one of the oldest countries in the world. The country, rich in its history and religion housed one of the ten great families of the world – The Luther Family. They were the descendants of King Luther. Although the family was one of the ten greatest ones, its strength was not based on its assets or military might, but its power. The Luther family had its generations spread throughout the world. They created a sort of system, often seen in fantasies. One that has been the dream of all the fantasy readers in the world; The Guild System. The Luther family created a platform for the mercenaries to accept missions and graded them accordingly. This was a standard system which was accepted by the United Federation. The Guild System enabled mercenaries to band together and create their own guilds. The family had created several guilds with the same purpose. The Mercenary guild and Assassination guild being one of them. This way the family earned a huge wealth. Using this system, they could do almost anything, all they needed was to post a mission and its corresponding level. The respective teams would do it for certain profit. The grading system was the same. It started from F to S, with ‘+’ denoting additional capabilities.

Although the guild system was run by the Luther family, they were not its owner, just one of the founders. The guild system was implemented by the joint effort of the Luther family and the Jackson’s. This was a secret. The Luther family and Jackson’s were what we could term as business partners. The next person that Percy was looking for was from this family.
Kevin Luther- he was what we call a man born with a golden spoon. He had always been passionate about driving. His passion led him to learn driving every single moving thing. He could drive almost anything, it may be jet, Helicopter, Fighters. He even volunteered to drive a spacecraft. Apart from his playboy personality, he had a pretty good talent for being a mechanic. His passion for driving enabled him to study about any and all available motors and engines in detail. He was basically an expert in vehicles and transportation. He even had his own customization company. His company would customize any engine according to the customer’s demand.

One such day Kevin was seated in his office working on some design, when he received mail. The mail was sent by the Jackson group.

-Hello Kevin.

This the founder of the Jackson’s Group. Since, we have been in a secret partnership over many years you would probably know about me. Let me cut straight to the topic.
I believe you must know that my group has been heavily investing in research and development of many things. Energy being one of those things. You are very talented at what you do. Although, I would credit your passion. Since you are so passionate about motors and engines, I would like to offer you an opportunity. Before I reveal further information I would need confirmation of your identity.

The mail ended and a new one popped, but this time it was an encrypted message on the Luther families communication line. It was a personal communication line. To successfully access the message one must enter a set of decryption keys and must verify one’s genetic parameters.

Kevin thought for a bit and soon opted for decryption. As he confirmed his identity the message was displayed.

-Okay, moving ahead. My research team has stumbled upon a new source of energy which could be utilized for creating a safer and faster alternative for the current generation of vehicles and transport.

Considering your infatuation with motors and engines. I gladly present you the opportunity to work with the research team. You would be responsible for the development and testing of the new engines.

I would like a man who knows and loves a machine to do the work rather than a computer doing all the work. These old fossils at the department are only good at studying, not with implementing. Consider this as your family returning the favor they borrowed from me.
Reply within 48 hours to confirm.

P.s. Remember this message will self-destruct and to keep it completely confidential. Though you can mention some details to your family but keep the energy part a secret.

“Hmm. That is an interesting thing.” Kevin spoke as he read the information.

Kevin at first was confused, but since the offer was from Jackson’s he couldn’t refuse and well he wanted to work with that new energy source. He thought.

If what is stated is correct, then there might be hope to power my new designs. Though the amount of work needed would be troublesome, it will be nice.
One could see a new fire lit in his eyes. A new determination and hope.

He was excited and eager to start his work. He informed his family about the offer leaving some important details secret. He also told them he accepted the offer. Although the family was confused, they still accepted, as the Jackson’s have always been their business partners.

Meanwhile on the island Percy received the news of Kevin’s acceptance, well he wasn’t afraid of his refusal at the first place as he knew his passion would never let him refuse.


Inside the HQ of the United Federation at New York City, a very high-level meeting was being conducted and the main reason was, the loss of Lucifer. The man responsible for many experiments.

The general in command of the prison was seated in his seat. In front of him was a huge screen divided into twelve parts, there were people with their face shrouded in darkness on the screens.

“Say, general, according to what you reported Lucifer was taken by the Jackson representative.” A person asked.

“Yes sir, Mr. James was there personally to pick him up. He showed me all the papers and even used the codes required for the necessary transaction. Since Mr. James had higher authority than me, I couldn’t question him.” The general replied.

“Okay general you can leave now.” Another voice commanded.

“Thank you, sir.” The general replied.

After the general left. The screen turned off and the room was covered in silence again.

Inside a room in some place on earth. Twelve important people were seated for a conference. They were the council members who governed the United Federation.

“What do you all think?” An old man with a white beard asked.

To which a lady with short hair and wrinkled skin replied, “Well it’s pretty obvious that the Jackson’s are on to something. We should not discard Mr. James’s warning. I guess we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

“How dare the Jackson’s act so arrogant! I say we should terminate our partnership with them. Put a bounty on that organization.” An old man spoke.

“Relax, even if we want to, we cannot do such a thing. We do not know the strength and power of that organization. The power behind that force. And it isn’t the first time that we would be putting a bounty on their head. Remember old man, what happened before.” Another member replied.

“Yes, I agree. We should just ignore them. After all, whatever they have planned would be known sooner or later. Instead, we should start the contingency plan and evacuate accordingly. Let’s gather supplies and materials. If the results are as suggested by Mr. James, we might as well prepare for the worst case.” A man in his fifties said to which the majority agreed. Thus, the so-called contingency plan and evacuation began.

The Council was a group of people with the most authority in the United Federation, but their authority only extended to major issues. They usually refrained from participating in any country’s affairs and internal struggles. They were a group of old bones, who considered themselves aloof from the mundane world. There were twelve members in the group and there was a special person among the twelve who would always veto the unanimous decision of the other eleven. The lady was that twelfth person. Well, the contingency plan which the Council spoke of before was simple. As James had already briefed them with the outcome of the experiment they would be performing, the council was wary. So, they would build bases for refuge and evacuate all the important people ahead of the schedule, so as to prepare for the worst-case scenario. The important people were scientists, researchers and experts in various fields and some VIPs. Also, they would evacuate their families as well as families of the soldiers and majors, generals and commanders, basically everyone with a high post and some degree of use to them. They would gather resources and develop facilities for the supplies as well, sort of a stronghold in case of worst outcome.


As the Federation went ahead with their decision, Percy was moving towards another Journey. The Journey which would reveal the mystery behind this man. His struggle, his ambition and his story.



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