Chapter 70: An Ally

Author: Arya

Listening to this statement confused all the members present.


After a brief silence, Riley’s eyes shone with anticipation and a similar look could be seen on the senior members.


“Alright, we shall follow the family head’s decision.” Riley said in a stern voice.


As the oldest member had spoken there was no one who would disagree. Not stopping for even a moment Riley continued.


“However, we must be careful. There isn’t only the Malak family, there’s also the coalition of the other three royal families.”


“About this, I will meet with the representative from that side. I have my plans, after all even if they aren’t directly responsible for the chaos in the League, they would have to pay for being indirectly responsible.” Kevin spoke in a stern tone.


Although Riley and others were troubled by the plan, still they had no choice. With the power of the King, Kevin could bestow as well retract their powers.


Every Universal weapon was linked from their source to the will of the Universe. They could directly borrow power from the Universe’s source. 


Kevin as the contractor of those weapons was also able to borrow their strength and power in different ways. The weapons almost contained an infinite amount of energy, they could bestow seeds of such powers to people whom they deem worthy. 


Before the existence of the contract with the Royalty, the weapons would roam in the Universe in their spiritual form in order to find a right candidate for the bestowal. Ever since the contract, they handed this responsibility to their contractor. 


Thus their contractor, the King, was able to bestow seeds of power to whomever he deemed worthy. The only condition they had was that the holder of the seed shouldn’t be an evil person. 


After the meeting with the members of the Luther family, the sins moved back to their guest house along with Kevin.


-Knock- -knock-


Just as they were about to discuss certain issues a knocking voice was heard.


The door opened and Richard wearing a coat over his formal suit entered the room.


Everyone was surprised.

“Sorry to barge in without any message. I would like to discuss something with you, if you don’t mind.” He spoke without minding any of their reaction.


It was at this time, James who was totally out of the picture till now spoke.


“Mr Grosvenor, nice to see you here. What a coincidence!” 


James stood up, shaking hands with Richard.


“Ahh, here you are Mr. James. I thought so, I might find you here. Hahaha.” Richard said laughingly.


It was now time for Jason and Kevin to be surprised.


“Yes, of course. I see you have managed to save yourself once again.” James spoke in a courteous manner. He was displaying all of his skills practiced in the long run of working as a representative for the Jackson group.


“You must be joking Mr. James. It has always been the Jackson group who helped us during tough times. If not for your timely reminder, how could the Grosvenor family still be up and standing.” Richard said.


Kevin and James could roughly figure out some details from their conversation.


“You flatter the Jackson group, Mr. Richard. After all we were partners before and as you must know very well the Jackon’s never mistreat their partners.” James spoke.


It was at this time, Jason intervened.


“Excuse me, Mr Richard, to what do we owe you this visit.” His tone was flat, without any emotion, plain and neutral.


“Hmm, Mr. James, if you would–” 


Before Richard finished his sentence, James cut him off.


“Sorry, but Mr. Richard you see, Mr, Jason is the vice-president of the Jackson group. If you have anything you wish to discuss regarding work, please talk to him. As for the matters related to the past, we can have a chat sometime else.” 


Hearing this, Richard’s gaze swiftly switched between Jason and James. 


Although he was troubled by this fact, there was nothing he could do now.




Taking a deep sigh, he turned towards Jason and said.


“Alright, Mr. Jason, I will cut straight to the point.”


Saying so, Richard took a seat on the sofa in the room.


After everyone was seated, Richard cleared his throat and spoke.


“I would like to cooperate with the Jackson group.”


Kevin who was seated beside Jason, frowned for a moment and spoke.

“Mr. Richard, the decision of forming an alliance with the Jackson’s has been put on hold for now.”


Richard was not bothered by this and smiled towards Kevin.


James, smiled listening to this sentence.


It seems this old man hasn’t changed even now.


James was aware of this old man’s habits and traits, thus he could infer the hidden meaning behind the sentence he had just spoken.


Richard moved his gaze towards Jason and waited.


After a brief silence of two seconds, Jason spoke.


“What can you provide the Jackson group? You must know, the times have changed. This is a new era. The Jackson group is not how it was before. If you think you would be treated as an equal, I assure you it won’t be possible.” 


A sharp glint passed deep in Richard’s eyes.


He looked towards James for some help, but all he got in return was a smile.


It seems, the intel was true.


“Rest assured, Mr. Jason, I believe you wouldn’t be disappointed. We can offer a lot of things.”


Saying so he removed a tablet from his inner pocket of the coat. Fiddling with it for a few moments he handed it to Jason.

Jason meticulously went through the data present on the screen. 


It took a few minutes before he could finish reading everything. After that he handed this tablet to Kevin.


Richard did not mind. After all apart from the Luther family, Jason and James no one knew about his identity as the head of the Luther family.


If Richard knew about his identity, he would not have shown the information.


After Kevin went through the information, he handed it to James.


“Mr. Richard, what is the meaning of this? Does the League know about this?” Kevin asked in a threatening tone. 


“And this might me?” Richard asked, he was puzzled by the open hostility being displayed by Kevin.


“He is Kevin Luther, the current head of the Luther family.” James eased the tension in the air. After all, Kevin was already trying to suppress his emotions.

“WHAT!!!” Richard stood up from his seat. His expression was of immense surprise and shock.


A few minutes went by as James explained the current circumstance roughly to Richard.


“It seems you have a lot to explain, Mr. Richard. The Luther family would like to know about your hidden resources.” Kevin said.


His tone indicated that he would not accept any excuse. All he wanted was the truth.




Richard sighed once again. At first he indeed decided to bring up a few excuses, but then chose to speak the truth. It wasn’t that there was anything to hide. 


“Sir Kevin, you must know the Grosvenors were the first group to join the League of Traders.”


Kevin nodded as Richard continued.


“As the first member, we were given equal if not more status than the Luther family. It was the previous head of the Luther family who agreed to this arrangement. As for the resources, we did not utilize League’s resources for free. They were exchanged with the contributions made by the Grosvenor family.” 

Although there were many loopholes in this story, Kevin accepted it. After all he had come to know from Riley that the Grosvenors did try to warn the Luther family about the hidden threat during the sacrificial mission.


Seeing Kevin silent, Richard was relieved.


“Alright Kevin, this matter is settled here.” Jason spoke at the same time.


Kevin nodded.


Jason once again spoke.


“We are indeed in dire need of such help. But the Grosvenors could only be a subordinate force of the Jackson, you will not have equal status and must not question the decisions of the League.”


“Although, this might be a bit difficult, this old man will still agree.” Richard said.


And so the Grosvenors had joined the sins once again. In the future the Grosvenors would gain more power and status in the Universe and would rejoice on today’s decision.


The Tablet contained information about what the Grosvenors could provide the Jackson. It seemed that the Grosvenor family had built up their own force in the outer world. Apart from the cities where they had a branch of the League of Traders, the Grosvenors had hidden themselves in other major cities and tribes too. They had created a vast intelligence and trading network in the current world. Instead of relying on technology they utilized more primal methods of communication like pigeons and personal delivery of intel. Although there were many restrictions and incidents, the Grosvenors were still able to create a solid network. 


And Kevin, James and Jason knew, although there were various goods and technology to be traded, the major trade would be from the intel. The Sins were in dire need of Intel.

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