Chapter 71: Confrontation

Author: Arya

Richard reluctantly agreed, his reluctance did not stem from the fact that he would lose in terms of benefits but in terms of status. Being an opportunist, he had always tried to maximize the family’s benefits. These benefits were mostly in the form of resources or wealth. However, he believed in Jackson group’s integrity and thus did not worry about resources, only status. As more status would enable him to initiate more contact with the mysterious upper echelon of the group and he could try to solidify his partner position, but sadly it wasn’t possible now.

“Alright.” Seeing Jason agree, he was relieved.

After talking about some minor issues, Jason asked him to find out whatever he could about the two families, majority of the intel had to include their overall strength. Richard left hastily after he was given his task. Being a subordinate group under Jackson’s, he had no choice but to listen to their orders.

After he left, the sins started discussing their actual plan of action. James would be returning to the Island, in order to procure their equipment and also reporting the actual situation to Lucifer.

Kevin and James busied themselves with discussing the future development of the League.

This discussion went for a long time, before they decided it was better for the Luther family to take control over the operations of the League. Kevin too agreed, although the current disturbance could be kept in check but there was no guarantee in the future.

“It’s decided then. Uncle James, please pack your things, we will be needing help. If possible try to bring an aerial support aircraft. Kevin make sure to arrange the necessary transportation.” Jason instructed Kevin.

Kevin nodded.

Once James was done packing, everyone headed towards the HQ of the League, Atlantis in order to meet Lina, the representative of the Union, which comprised the other three families.


The Humvee stopped before the gates of Atlantis. The identity of Kevin being the new Luther family head was already conveyed to the League, surprisingly the process was fast. Unlike before, there were no problems as the sins were guided by a Luther family member towards a different conference room. This one was a bit smaller in space and was used for private meetings.

Lina was already seated in the room. She was personally summoned by Lady Nicole, who held a high position in the Luther family after the death of the previous head. Then she was informed that the current head of the Luther family had asked to meet her, as for the contents, she only knew that he wanted to convey a message to the Union.

Unlike the Malak family, the Union was a loose entity formed by the remaining three Royal families. The Union did not want infighting to occur, but due to the bloodlines they were destined to fight, as one of the bloodlines they had awakened was related to Azazil, the Leader of Archangels and also a fallen angel. As for the rest they had respectively awakened the powers of Jin led by the Seven Jinn Kings.

As Lina was seated, the door opened as Kevin followed by Jason entered. Kevin made arrangements for James to leave for the Island and thus he had already left.

Lina frowned, she knew the man behind Kevin and recognized him as the representative of the Jackson group. Although she had not seen Kevin in the Luther family, but being able to inherit the position of the head, he must be a direct descendant from the main line.

Since he had just inherited the position of the head, she was not wary of Kevin’s strength but was more fearful of Jason, as prior he had demonstrated his immense strength by taking a blow from Amir.

Kevin and Jason took a seat in front of her, across the table.

Before they could begin, Lina spoke gazing at Kevin.

“You must be Sir Kevin, the new head of the Luther family. Although you might know me, let me formally introduce myself. I am Lina, a representative of the Union in the League, pleased to meet you.”

She took her hand out as she stood up, in order to shake hands with Kevin.

Kevin on the other hand was simply unbothered about her introduction and he didn’t even shake her hands.

The situation in the room had turned a bit awkward.

Lina who was left hanging had to reluctantly sit down again, filled with embarrassment. 

It was at this time, Kevin spoke in a flat tone. 

“Miss Lina, I am sure you must have heard about the nature of the death of my father, Sir Arthur Luther.” 

The frown on Lina’s face did not falter. She silently looked towards Jason to confirm his stance and found him drowsing with his hand folded on his chair.

Kevin noted her action, but did not mind.

After a brief silence, she spoke.

“Sir Kevin I am truly sorry for your loss. Sir Arthur and the rest sacrificed themselves for a major cause. The nature of their deaths was truly tragic. If not for their sacrifice the League would have lost important research materials.” 

Kevin’s expression was the same as he spoke again. 

“So it means, the Union was not involved directly or indirectly with suppressing the news about the level of threat the site held.” 

It was at this time Lina faltered. Her brows arched and she turned nervous. 

This incident had happened when the seven families had not awakened their respective bloodlines and were still connected to each other.

Although the families from the side of the Union were not responsible for the suppression of the news, they had ultimately decided to remain neutral. This act could be termed as indirect participation.

The families had suppressed this news, but somehow the Luther family had found out about it. 

Her back was drenched in sweat and a sudden chill swept in her mind.

She hurriedly tried to mask her reaction, but alas it was all too late.  All she could do right now was try to soothe the situation. There was no use in hiding it now.

“This… Sir Kevin you cannot say it like that. Although the Union knew about the degree of threat, the Luther family too did not ask for our opinion. Instead Sir Arthur led his force and made the decision on his own. The Union did not intentionally hide the information.”

She tried to create a lame excuse, but hearing such an absurd reason, Kevin was enraged.

Lina did not know that such an excuse had enraged Kevin, she was stealing glances at Jason. She was only wary of Jason and did not believe Kevin would be able to pose a threat to her.

Lina was a member of the Union, who was awakened. She had a rather higher level of awakening, as a jinn she was stronger than an average human and since her jinn spirit was that of the wolf, she believed she could at least be able to escape if not defeat the current Kevin should a fight were to occur. Thus her attention was only on Jason.

Although Kevin did not mind this at first, but now he could not tolerate it.

He roused his powers.


The room turned cold. This cold was different from the normal one, instead it felt more like touching a cold metal.

Kevin’s aura started to surge. He swiftly utilized the surrounding metal elements and scrapped the cheek of Lina.

A faint red line could be seen on her cheek, from which a drop of blood rolled down.

By the time Lina could react, everything was over.

“You better keep your attention on me.” 

Kevin’s cold voice reverberated in her ear.

It was only now, she could react. 

She immediately rushed backwards from her seat, destroying it in the process and took a fighting stance with a knife in her hand.

Her entire body was filled with goosebumps. At that brief moment she could literally feel death approaching closer.

Her gaze towards Kevin turned serious and it seemed she was ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Looking at this scene, Kevin lightly chuckled and stretched a finger, turning it into a curling motion.


The knife left her hand and rapidly flew towards Kevin, who gently placed it on the table.

Jason, who was drowsing the entire time, gently opened his eyes and said.

“You better answer all his questions Miss Lina. Kevin her not only is the head of the Luther family but also a Jackson group member whose position is just lower than mine.”

“This………” Lina was once again shocked.

“Sheesh. Vice-captain, what did you do for her to be so scared of you?” Kevin asked Jason jokingly after all he very well knew, among the sins, only James could beat Jason in a fair fight but after he utilized his ability not even James could handle him.

Jason shrugged his hands in the air, indicating he was wrongly being accused.

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