Chapter 72: Union

Author: Arya

Jason wasn’t even bothered with this level of fighting. Instead he was still nonchalant about the talks.


Kevin facepalmed and turned his head towards Lina.


“Miss Lina, let bygones be bygones, I won’t further pursue this issue, instead I believe the Union must pay for their misconduct.” 


Saying so, he alighted from his seat and slided a letter to Lina.


“These are all the conditions that you must agree to. You can have a look, and make sure to give your answer within 24 hours.” 


Turning his back, Kevin left.


“Jeez, what a bother.” 


Jason stood up, stretching his arms. Before he could leave the room, he turned a bit and said in a warning tone.


“If I were you, I would agree to those conditions no matter what they are, after all we the Jackson’s believe that debts of blood must be repaid by blood.”




The door closed with the bang. It was only now that Lina was able to focus on the letter in front  of her.


She clumsily opened and read. The more she read, the more her face turned pale.


The conditions mentioned inside the letter made her heart turn sour.




This is robbery!


The conditions were simple yet hard to do.


The Luther family was claiming 50 percent stake in the Research and Development division of the Union. In the future every decision would have to be passed by the Luther family approval. 


Actually in reality, this was not a bad deal, every member family of the League of Traders had developed their private R&D and the one on the League basically consisted of the members who were not part of the families, instead hired by the League in face of the Reboot. Majority of the secrets were still within the hands of these families, but still the equipment and apparatus present in the League were truly advanced and difficult to procure and produce in these times. 


The Directors had all come up with an open-secret joint agreement for the utilization of these labs. Each and every family could utilize the labs on the condition that they must share their research and findings. 


If the Luther family claimed 50 percent stake, then this would no longer be possible.


It basically meant the Luther family owning the R&D division. After all they already controlled the military power of the League. Such a difficult decision was not what she could decide on her own, she had to inform the Union and wait for their decision. 


Taking a deep breath she stood up and hastily left Atlantis towards the airfield of the League. 


On the airfield a Bell V-280 Valor was already roaring its engines and ready to take off at a moment’s notice.


Boarding the Valor she left, heading towards the family’s base with the letter in hand.


It must be known that the Royal families owned vast military resources. These resources were further modified to serve the current League and family. 


After the Reboot, the League seemed to be working in unison only because these families were holed up in order to protect themselves from the threat of mutated beasts and humanity. Only the Luther’s and the Grosvenor’s were the one on the frontline.These families only provided them with the resources which included fleets of military vehicles and transport, along with weapons and ammunition.


Approximately 100 Kms south-east of the Palm Islands was a military training camp.


This training camp was heavily fortified with SAM’s and Cruise missile launchers. There were thick concrete walls surrounding the base. Soldiers were training on the field. 


This training camp was the base of the Union. 


Unlike its nemesis the Malak family, the Union was not so selfish. In fact after it had occupied the camp, the members of the Union, utilized their power to clear out the surrounding area and took in refugees. Although they did not provide them shelter for free, every refugee went through training and were to fight the beings which threatened their camp.


Using their connections, the Union had built proper facilities for production of ammunition and maintenance of their equipment.


The power structure of the Union was based on strength, the more powerful one was, the higher the status they would have.


The Union was led by their commander and seven generals under his command, who in return governed the rest of the members of the Union. In the Union there was no one who could not fight, the Union had only one rule. In order to survive the members must contribute. There was no place for freeloaders and schemers in the Union.


It was a nice sunny day, the troops were moving around training, the vehicles carried some soldiers to the frontlines, the trucks and other transport vehicles were moving in and out of the base under constant surveillance. Some carried resources salvaged from the surrounding lands, some carried resources to be delivered to the frontlines.


Because of the constant threat from the surrounding beasts and abominations, the Union was in a constant state of war. In fact the leaders of the Union did not engage unless absolutely necessary, they let the troops handle the threats. This was a form of training. The elites were even deployed to the cities to clear areas and salvage for resources with their priority being medical and industrial resources. 


A roar of engine was heard as a Bell V-280 Valor moved towards the base.




The radar detected it and the rocket launchers locked on the target. The command center was soon sent a communication request on the Union’s internal frequency.


“Bell to Base, carrying a priority package from the League, over.” The voice of Lina could be heard from the receivers. 


“It is Lieut. Lina, lower the defenses and guide them.” The commanding officer of the command center spoke to the controllers.


Pressing the transmission button he continued.


“Base to Bell, please proceed to pad 1 for landing.”


The rotors of the copter adjusted themselves as they moved towards pad 1 and landed with a thud.


The doors of the copter opened as Lina stepped out of it. She wore a military jacket with three stars, indicating her status as a Lieutenant general. 


A man wearing a similar military uniform with three stars approached Lina as she alighted from the copter.

The man was astonished as he said.


“Lina what a present surprise, how come you are here?” 


Lina looked worried and it was showing on her face.


“Adam, where are the generals?” She asked in a serious tone.


Listening to her, Adam knew the matter was serious. He immediately linked the issue to the Malak family.


“This! The generals are about to meet with the commander regarding their daily report. What happened?” 


“No time to explain, let’s hurry to the central barracks.” Lina hurried. The more she dwindled the more time was moving.


“Alright.” Adam answered.


Lina along with Adam boarded a military Jeep as they hurried towards the central barracks. 


Along the way neither did Adam ask anything nor Lina spoke. But due to the seriousness emanating from Lina, the atmosphere in the Jeep was sombre.




With the tires screeching, the Jeep came to halt before the central barracks. The central barracks was the place guarded by the private army of the Generals, who all had the status of a Major general. 


Lina and Adam approached the Major general guarding the door and saluted.


“At ease”, the major general spoke. “What brings you here Lieut. Lina and Lieut. Adam?” The Major general replied.


“Major, we need to meet the Generals, Lieut. Lina is carrying a message to be delivered to the commander. It was personally handed to her by the current Luther family head.” Adam cleared the tension.


Although they did not talk about the content, Lina had informed Adam about the letter’s origin and the person who would receive it.


“This! Must it be now?” The Major seemed troubled, after all now was the time for daily report.


“It must be delivered urgently.” Lina spoke, in a hurried tone.




With another screech, a dark green colored Jeep stopped in the front.


A muscular man dressed in loose clothes, donning a long jacket and a military cap, along with four stars on his shoulders alighted from the Jeep.


There seemed to be an altogether different vibe being emanating from this person. Just the presence of this person had ignited the fighting spirit of those present here.


“GENERAL!” Lina along with Adam and even the Major General saluted when they saw the man.


This man was one of the seven generals under the commander. The General of War.


Each and every general had a corresponding war name, which depicted their power. The General of War was the strongest among the Generals in terms of War tactics and guiding an army.  


“At ease. Now explain to me what the fuss is all about? And how come you, Lieut. Lina is here?” The General of War asked.



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