Chapter 73: Union’s decision

Author: Arya

The military ranking in the Union had to be strictly followed, unless allowed a lower rank officer was not to speak. 

The General of War was clearly staring at the Major General, and thus he reported everything.

After listening to the Major, the General of War turned his head towards Lieut. Lina and asked.

“Based on the degree of priority ranging from lowest to highest, how much would you rate the information you have to deliver?”  The General spoke in a straightforward manner.

“Reporting to the General, the information in my hand would have to be rated above highest.” Lina said in a stern tone.

“I see.” The General nodded as he spoke. 

“Let them enter. This General allows you to present the information at the meeting. If it turns out to be a wastage of time, you shall be demoted to officer.” The General added.

“Yes General.” Lina replied.

“As for you, get back to your post.” The General spoke gazing towards Adam.

“Yes sir.” Adam saluted and left along with the Jeep.

The General’s orders were absolute. 

It was a well known fact, that the four Royal families shunned the rest of the three Royal families after they learned of the fact that their members had awakened the bloodline of Azazil and the Seven Kings.

It was their commander and the seven generals who had utilized their strength to single handedly carve a place for these families in the world or else they might have been forced to live on the League’s Island forever.

Thus, they were considered heroes by the members of Union. 

Lina followed the General quietly as they moved towards the gathering location.

Unlike the other fancy rooms, the Union was more focused on war, thus there was nothing in the room, apart from seven chairs and a single chair placed on a higher pedestal.

The General of War sat on his seat, as he waited calmly. Lina stood near the General without making any noise. 

Although she did not speak, her back was still drenched with sweat.

The General of War in front of him was a person who waged wars frequently, thus the battle hardened aura still created a pressure on her, who had hardly fought any wars. 

The only reason she was able to achieve the position of a Lieutenant was due to her family connections and personal strength. 

She had awakened the bloodline of Jinn and thus was thrice powerful as a normal human. She had also awakened the power to control the ‘Air’ around her due to her spirit being a wolf, thus making her a master assassin and sniper. In fact she had ventured deep into the enemy line alone and was able to save the elite troop being besieged by a group of mutant dogs, which helped her solidify the position of the Lieutenant in the Union.

As time went by her thoughts drifted to the mysterious Jason and the new head of the Luther family, Kevinn. She subconsciously tried to compare them with the General in front of her.

Before she could reach any conclusions. Sounds of footsteps reverberated in the corridor as the door opened.

One by one, after an interval of minutes ranging from 5-10, people entered the room.

First was a handsome man, wearing an officer’s uniform with four stars. The General of Sun: Khalid, who wielded the power of Heat.

Next came, a man with silver hair on his head, wearing a military attire with four stars pinned on his chest. The General of Moon: Arham, who wielded the power of Cold.

After him, a lady wearing a formal attire donning a military jacket with four stars, with black short hair entered the room. The General of Luck: Mariam, who seemed to have power to look into the future.

In all there were four of the seven generals gathered here, including the General of War: Ali.

None of the four Generals spoke to one another as they waited.

After a few minutes, the door was once again opened.

It was at this time, all the generals stood up.

A man in his forties, black hair, broad shoulders and sword shaped eyebrows entered the room. The man’s eyes filled with temptation and power which would drown anyone who would look into them.

Lina turned her head down as the man entered the room. He took the lead seat, only then did everyone seated themselves.

This man was the commander of the Union, the one who held a power stronger than the four Archangels of the Malak family, the awakener of the bloodline of Azazil, the Leader of all the Archangels who held the title of Angel of War in myths.

“Begin.” The commander said.

“Yes commander.” The General of War, Ali, said as he began the report.

“The situation of the frontline seems to be the same. Our elites are being trained, yet the loss to our forces seems too many. Although the resources we salvage are slowly increasing our manpower seems to be dwindling. According to the previous decision, the General of Cyclone, Anabia has been deployed to the FOB.” 

The commander nodded, gesturing to the general to continue.

“On the other hand, we just received intel from the head general Hoorain, the situation in the mines seemed to be a bit troublesome. She has asked for reinforcements.”

After this Ali stopped as he took his seat.

“Alright, Khalid, you go support Hoorain and make sure to eliminate the threat, we must have that mine or else we won’t be able to process resources.” The commander spoke gazing towards Khalid, the General of Sun.

Khalid nodded.

The commander’s eyes then turned towards Lina, who for some unknown reason shuddered with fright.

It was at this moment Ali spoke again.

“This is Lieut. Lina, she claims she has a message to be delivered to the commander, handed down personally by the Luther family head.” 

In fact what Lina did not know was, the Union was already distancing itself from the League little by little. The main reason towards this was the corruption and the politics which was truly hated by the Generals and the Commander.

After Ali spoke, Lina handed a letter to him, who in turn handed it to the commander. 

The commander took a look at the contents of the letter and turned her gaze towards Lina once again.

“Explain to me in detail all the events that had transpired till now.” 

Lina did not even try to hide anything, as she hurriedly and clearly explained each and every action that had happened in the League, right from the beginning, the pressure exerted by the Malak family representative, the meeting with Jackson and then with Keivn and how the Luther family had found out about the death of the previous head.

The commander calmly listened to this, after she was finished he said.

“Very well, relay my message, the Union will agree with the conditions, but after the head of the Luther family pays a visit to the Union.”  


Lina was flabbergasted by this sudden condition, but could not do anything. All she could do was relay the message to the Luther family.

After discussing a few minor matters and about a few new talents, the meeting was done and every General left. No one spoke anything extra.

Lina too boarded the Bell V-280 Valor and left for the League.

The decision of the commander was not a surprise to the Generals as they already knew that the Union was trying to be independent from the League, the only value the current League had towards the Union was its labs for research, which for the current moment they could not build.

Meanwhile, James had boarded the Osprey and had arrived at the Island.

The engines cooled down as James alighted the Osprey, Lucifer was standing there ready to greet him.

“What happened, why is that only you have returned Uncle James?” Lucifer asked curiously.

“It’s like this—-” 

James explained to him the entire situation and also asked him for the equipment that Jason had asked for.

After he finished, Lucifer spoke only after a few minutes.

“Alright, Uncle James, but please make sure to not destroy much of the power structure of the League, as they are to be our important partner. As for the equipment, I will have them loaded. Also remember to use extreme measures only when necessary. I will let the newer transport carry you directly towards the base. It has advanced weaponry, including new energy canons and a low-powered EM drive. Just remember it is your last resource.”

Lucifer explained as he hurriedly moved inside the base with James following behind him.

Inside the base, they reached the first level and what greeted him was the newest member of the aerial transport system developed by Lucifer. This Aerial transport system was still based on an Osprey, but instead of traditional rotors and new engines, it utilized a newer propulsion system based on the Electromagnetic propulsion drive. The wingspan of the Osprey was reduced to five meters from the traditional eleven meters.

This new Aerial vehicle was a beast.


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