Chapter 74: Heading towards the Union.

Author: Arya

Beast, that was what Lucifer called it.

This new electromagnetic propulsion drive made sure that the aircraft could sustain a constant thrust as long it had a working power source. The aircraft was powered by a newer generation engine which used compressed energy in the form of crystals as the fuel. These crystals were produced by compressing high density cosmic energy. 

-Tat- -tat- -tat-

With a mechanical rattle the hanger doors opened.


Producing a downward thrust the Beast took to the air. 

Hope they will bring it back in a single piece.

Lucifer chuckled as he thought, disappearing inside the base.

Inside the cockpit of the Beast, James could truly feel the terror of the Beast and its power from the roars it was emitting. 

Breezing through the clouds with a speed which kept on increasing, the Beast directly proceeded towards the Palm Islands rather than the airfield.

Very soon it was already moving at subsonic speed.

It was now that James remembered Lucifer’s words. The Beast could easily overpower any aircraft in terms of speed and stability. In fact it could also over power any human technology in terms of military might, but there were always exceptions.

These exceptions were the mutated beasts.

The hull of the Beast was pressurized and thus did not suffer much.

As the Beast neared Palm Island, the radar systems detected it and based on the energy radiation it was designated as a mutated beast.

The anti-air defence systems were engaged, missile launchers and cannons aimed towards the direction the Beat was approaching.

Meanwhile inside the Beast.

[Warning. Radar lock detected. Preparing counter measures.]

The Beasts guidance system was still new, it was not possible for a person to fly this Beast without a prior training of at least a week. 

Thus, Lucifer had to input the coordinates of the location manually. The Beast would move in a straight path, from the stratosphere. The computers installed on-board would perform the calculations which would determine the speed and output of the engines. Overall the amount of calculations required were immense.

Another important aspect of the Beast was the new weaponry. The installed cannon was a prototype made by combining runic technology and conventional technology. Its firepower was a lot stronger than before, as the recoil, wear and tear has been decreased to the limit. 


With another swishing sound, the front part of the aircraft revealed a cannon aiming its black metallic turrets towards the threat.

Inside the Beast, James panicked as he heard the weapons systems go online. He did not doubt the ability of the cannon, which would destroy the defenses of the entire Palm Island.

Ohh dear! What should I do! 

His forehead was drenched in sweat. He hurriedly recalled that Lucifer had integrated voice control in such aircrafts.

Hopefully, it should work.

“Computer, shut down the weapon systems and attempt radio contact on all frequencies in the vicinity.” 

Saying so he crossed his fingers.

After what seemed like an eternity for James, a mechanical voice soothed his inner turmoil.

[Command Acknowledged.]

[Weapon system Offline.]

[Initiating broadcast. Please dictate the message.]

“League of Traders, this is Jackson group priority package for the head of the Luther family, please lower your defenses. I repeat lower your defenses.”

[Transmission successful.]

After a few seconds.

[Receiving transmission from an unknown frequency.]

The mechanical voice replied in her monotone voice.

“Register the frequency under the name of ‘League of Traders’ and establish a secured communication channel.”

[Command accepted.]

A brief radio noise sounded, which was preceded by the transmission from the League.

“Transmission received, unknown aircraft please state your designation.” An unknown voice asked for the designation.

“Designation: Beast.” James replied.

“Copy that, Beast, you are advised to land in the open area designated in the outer section. The message has been conveyed to the head of the Luther family.” The unknown voice replied in confirmation.

The Palm Island anti-air defence systems which were ready to unleash destruction at a moment’s notice cooled down.

There were many soldiers and people who were watching the situation. Troops were lined as soon as the warnings rang in the base.

They all started to return to their original position as the warnings faded.

It was at that time.


Producing a swooshing sound the Beast passed by the area and headed towards the designated landing area.

By the time the people could notice, it was already at its destination.

Inside the Beast, James had a pale face.

The sudden deceleration of the aircraft made him want to puke. If it wasn’t for his solid physique he might have suffered from internal damage.

In the outer section, there was an open area large enough for few copters to land.

Jason, Kevin along with Lady Nicole and the butler were waiting for James.

After the communication request by James, they were immediately informed, who in turn gave permission for them to land.

The Beast decelerated swiftly and landed as its landing gear unfolded with a bang.

It’s cargo doors opened as James alighted from behind.

From outside, the Beast looked like an Osprey with sleek and modified designs.

Even so, Lady Nicole and the Butler were surprised by the speed and also its designs.

“Uncle James, what is this, you brought a new one again. Hopefully it won’t be as troublesome as before.” Jason said with a troubled expression.

In return James could only shrug his shoulders with helplessness.

“Anyways, I didn’t expect you to be back this soon.” Jason said with a teasing voice.

James’ face turned pale, remembering the horrifying speed and the tussle he felt in the aircraft.

He hurriedly excused himself as he puked out gastric juices from his stomach.

“Who would have thought I would be able to see this day now!” Jason seemed to enjoy this situation of James.

“Hey, Kevin! For how long are you going to stay there like a fool?” Jason asked Kevin who seemed to be too engrossed in the designs of the engine and its working, mumbling undecipherable stuff.

“Coming.” Saying so he reluctantly moved towards the location of Jason.

“Let’s leave the stuff here and discuss the plan.” Jason said.

Nodding they both left the location moving towards the Humvees parked.

James after a few minutes followed them.

All this time, Lady Nicole and the butler were cast aside. 

“Mom, let’s head back!” Kevin shouted from the Humvee.

They could only move back towards the Humvee.

Inside the guest house, Jason, Keivn, James along with Lady Nicole and the butler.

Lina had not yet returned with her message.

“We shall wait until the deadline. Once we receive response from the Union, we can plan accordingly.” Lady Nicole spoke suddenly.

Kevin and Jason nodded, while James still looked pale and exhausted.


Atlantis, in the same private room, Kevin and Jason were waiting for Lina.

Just before an hour of the deadline, Lina entered the room, huffing and puffing for breath and air.

-Ha- -Ha- -Ha-

“Please…..wait…..a…..minute!” She could hardly speak. It could be seen how much she had to struggle.

After gulping a glass of water, she spoke.

“The Union has agreed to your request, it’s just that the commander has requested to visit the Union and state his request personally, Sir Kevin.” 

Kevin was puzzled and he looked towards Jason for help.

Jason too was contemplating Lina’s words.

After a brief silence.

“Alright we shall visit the Union on our way.” Jason replied.

Lina was puzzled by this decision. She didn’t believe that Kevin and Jason would be foolish enough to think this was just a regular meet and greet. The Union was definitely trying to pressure the Luther family, but she did not voice her opinion.

“Alright what are we waiting for, let’s depart, right now.” Kevin spoke in enthusiasm.

“This fool!.” Jason mumbled.

He knew that Kevin was more interested in piloting the vehicle rather than the actual mission.

He ignored him, gazing towards Lina he spoke.

“We might need you as the guide, if we are to visit the Union.”

Lina subconsciously nodded.

“Then that’s settled.” Kevin spoke. 

His enthusiasm was visible on his face. 

He did not even speak as he hurriedly exited the room.

After this decision, everyone had once again gathered near the Beast.

With a bang, the cargo doors opened.

James carried boxes of cargo outside in the open.

This time along with Lady Nicole and the butler there was an additional person with them, Lina.

She was too busy gazing at the designs of the aircraft that she did not notice the cargo boxes.

“Sweet, I missed them a lot. At last we can expect some action. It has been too long since we last had a delightful fight.” Kevin spoke as he opened the boxes.

What greeted them were disassembled combat suits. These were the same combat suits, that the sins would wear on their missions. It wasn’t new for them, but for the observers, this combat suit looked too fictional.


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