Chapter 75: Arriving at the Union.

Author: Arya

The combat suits consisted of three sections. First was the inner section which was the part responsible for the circuits and was made with carbon fiber. This part was responsible for connecting every part of the suit with the power source. The next part was the power source which was a standalone mini-generator along with a Linear Descent Booster which was mounted on the shoulders. The backpack was connected to the shoulders with magnetic straps which went all the way towards the lower part of the body. These mini-reactors were powered by new generation batteries used in cannons and other electromagnetic materials. The last part consisted of a set of equipment which differed from person to person. They were shoulder mounted railgun, cannons, shields, breastplate, HUD, communication equipment and other auxiliary parts which could be installed.





The boxes opened one by one. Jason, James and Kevin started equipping their suit.

After donning the backpack, they placed the parts one by one which fit onto the suit with a click.

Last but not the least, the sins donned the HUD visor. Next came the weaponry and auxiliary parts.

Since James was good at defending and meeting his opponents head on, he used a shield. He mounted his shielding device on his shoulder latch. 

Jason always preferred to finish his enemies in a single attack thus he mounted a mini-cannon on his shoulder. With a hiss the mini-cannon fit the latch like a puzzle. He tried controlling the cannon and it seemed to work fine. 

Kevin was more into the engines and when he came to know that the suits had their very own version of min-reactors, he persuaded Lucifer and modified them, enabling his Linear Descent Booster to be used as a ‘jetpack’. Although the issue of power consumption was still serious, thus it could be only used as a life-saving mechanism. Thus Kevin was the one who would be fighting his enemies head on.


Although these were just older versions of suits, with increased power and energy due to the newer generation batteries, they sure did pack a punch. Also, every sin had their own powers and melee weapons, which were made of high quality metals. Jason used a combat knife long enough to be called a saber, made of titanium and cosmic energy doped metals. Kevin’s weapons were his set of shurikens made of the same materials, coating them heavily with metal elements which increased the sharpness. James was best at hand to hand combat, thus he had his own gauntlets made of the same materials which he had already equipped. 

Weird it was how Humanity had developed to a point where they think science as truth, but they forget that science is just study of truth. Just like how even now they could not fathom the source of their powers and this cosmic energy or all the elements which the supers could control using their will and even enable them to change form. Maybe they would try to delve more and find out more about it during an era of peace, but this was useless now. Right now Humanity had to utilize each and every means they had to empower themselves and grow more powerful. The will to survive enabled Humanity to search for means of survival using each and every method.

Lady Nicole, the butler and Lina who had come back to her senses when the sins started equipping themselves with their suits, watched in silence.

Finally, the sins were complete with their energy rifles and pistols latched on their backs and thighs.


With a droning sound, the mini-reactors generated power.

“Alright, all set. Since we are still using the prior versions we must make sure of the power consumption. It won’t be a problem as we can charge the batteries in the Beast, but it would spell trouble if you were away. Let’s go.” Jason spoke.

The sins were facing each other as they were equipping, thus the rest could not observe their faces.

The sins boarded the Beast, followed by Lina whom James had to call twice going as far as even shaking her, only then was she able to reply.

Inside the Beast.

Kevin immediately scrambled towards the pilot seat. 


One could hear his exclamations as he went through the systems one by one.

Jason and James did not bother him.

“So tell us where the Union is situated.” Jason asked Lina.

“I do not know the exact coordinates of the base, if you have a map I can point it on the map. It isn’t far from our current location.” Lina said.

“Kevin, find us a map.” James said to Kevin.

“Alright.” Kevin answered.

Based on their conversation, Lina assumed that Kevin carried a map on him.

“Bring her here, vice-cap.” Kevin answered after a brief silence.

Lina was escorted to the cockpit.

The cockpit of the Beast, looked like a scene from a star-trek starship. Every interface was touch based. There were hardly any buttons or such stuff. Lots of information was moving heavily on the screens. She was blinded by such a scene.

“There you go.” She heard Kevin’s voice.

The Beast was as big as an Osprey, so the cockpit was not that big.

There was a screen which displayed the map of the world. 

The map zoomed in and pointed to their current location. 

“Where are we headed?” Kevin asked.

Today for Lina was a day full of surprises. She felt like she was watching a sci-fi movie.

She hurriedly pointed at the location of the base on the map.

[Destination set.]

[Commencing travel.]

The mechanical voice of the Beast’s computer sounded.

Kevin returned to his pilot seat hurriedly.

James turned pale as soon as the voice was heard, he instantly strapped himself in the co-pilot seat and started looking for something to hold.

The Beast started its engines silently and took into air. As soon as it reached a suitable height. 

With a low sonic boom, it flew towards its destination, the Union.

James and Lina were struck with a great impact with such a sudden acceleration.

Their heads felt dizzy. It was only now that Jason understood why James looked pale. 

Lina on the other hand was on the verge of blackout, due to the pressure. Even though the inside was pressurized, Lina found it hard to bear such a force. 

“KEVIN, LOWER THE SPEED!” Jason shouted as he hurriedly ran towards Lina in order to support her.

After a brief moment the speed of the Beast was lowered to a level which Lina could handle, though she still felt a bit down and pale.


The Union’s base training camp.

Inside the command center.

The various officers were busy with in their work, when suddenly–

“Major, radar has picked up a bogey moving towards us.” 

An officer reported to the Major general in command.

“Is it a beast or an aircraft?” The major replied.

“No idea, we haven’t seen anything like this. It seems too small to be a beast.” Replied another officer.

“Broadcast a warning for them.” The major ordered.

After establishing communication and confirming the aircraft identity and goal, the officer reported to the major.

On the airstrip, the Beast landed on the ground. 

Lina along with Jason, James and Kevin alighted.

The troops training on the ground were staring at the sins with a gaze which depicted curiosity.

A Jeep arrived at their location as soon as they landed. 

It was Adam once again.

“Lieut. Lina, the major has ordered the guests to wait in the central command center.”

Lina nodded as she looked at the sins.

Acknowledging, they boarded the Jeep. 

It must be known that the sins were wearing a black suit, which looked like a prop from a sci-fi movie.

They received strange gazes wherever they went.

Inside the central command center, the commander and the generals were already gathered, they had received the report. It was just the time for their regular meet.

The sins entered the meeting room, one by one. 

Lina too followed them.

The atmosphere in the room turned heavy.

The HUDs of the suits only covered their heads and the eyes, thus no one could observe their eyes.


With a swishing sound, the HUD of Kevin’s combat suit slided back.

The commander gazed at Kevin, and tried to uncover the emotions from his eyes, but alas he failed to find anything. All he could observe was black pupils which were emanating a hard to describe coldness.

For a moment no one spoke. 

Jason poked Kevin with his hand, which turned into a signal after which Kevin spoke.

“It seemed the commander had been wanting to meet me.” 

The commander did not seem to be bothered. 

His mouth curved upwards revealing a grin on his face.


“Look out!” Jason who was beside him shouted.

But it seemed to be too late.

As soon as Jason shouted, the generals in the room jumped from their seats and released their energies simultaneously.



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