Chapter 77: The Founding of the Union

Author: Arya



Drops of red blood dripped on the ground, freezing the ground wherever they fell. 

There existed now a deep wound on the fist of General of Moon, on the other hand the arm used by the General of Sun was hanging from his shoulder, limp and lifeless.

The battle had come to an end. 


Jason let out a breath, this high speed action took a toll on his body and mind, leaving him totally drained.

“Stand down….” 

A voice reverberated in the room.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards the source of the voice. It was the commander who had recovered from the backlash of the attack.

The General of Luck, Mariam, stood beside the commander. Her eyes exuded a faint golden glow, which somehow was helping the commander heal.

Straining himself once more, the commander spoke.

“Take your seat.”

By this time, the sins were united.

“Let me take a look, I might be able to heal your wound to some extent.” Jason spoke.

The generals and the commander looked at Jason, the Generals of Sun and Moon had anger in their eyes, while the General of Luck seemed a bit fearful.


The commander sighed and nodded.


Both the generals tried to rebel towards this decision but were silenced as the commander raised his hand.

Thus it was decided. The generals could only frown.

Kevin spoke at this time.

“It’s not like we came here to fight you people. You were the one who attacked us, why are you frowning. After all it was just self-defence.” 

Awkward silence.

It was true that the commander and the generals bullied you guys, but still why does it feel like we are the one’s getting bullied?

The General of Luck thought in her mind.

Jason did not bother the generals, if he could beat them once, he could then very well beat them twice, although it would take a toll on his body but that was the price he could pay.

He placed his hand on Commander’s chest near the heart and tried to sense the changes in his body.

His bloodline ability activated, he could feel each and every blood vessel in the commander’s body, with just a little bit of effort he could kill the commander here.

But suddenly he sensed an anomaly in his blood. 

A person’s blood circulation system was like a high speed transportation network in the body which transported energy and other nutrients to the cells. 

But right now there seemed to be an energy which was rapidly devouring his blood cells. This energy was the real reason behind the commander’s injury.

Jason utilized his power to control the blood cells and make them try to fight the energy, but just as the fight began, he sensed something.

This energy was not a result from any external influence. It seemed to belong to this body.

Opening his eyes, he looked at the commander. He could sense from the depth in the commander’s eyes that he was aware about the real nature of the injury.

Jason spoke.

“The injury seems a bit serious. I will require more time to deal with it and this doesn’t seem to be the place where I can deal with it.”

He looked towards the General of Luck, Mariam, beside the commander.

Mariam tried to figure out the real intention behind Jason’s gaze but could not detect any malicious intent.

She nodded.

Soon the commander was shifted to the medical tent, which was guarded by the major generals and the generals themselves. No one was allowed to step a foot inside the tent, even James and Kevin were kept under tight watch under heavy surveillance, in case they tried to attempt something funny.

Inside the medical tent, Jason and the commander were the only one present.

“Now tell me, why did you pretend to be injured.” Jason asked in a serious tone.


The commander who was pretending to sleep opened his eyes. His gaze depicted sadness, grief and loneliness.

“May I know who you are?” He asked.

“Call me Jason. As for my identity you are not qualified to know.” Jason replied in a haughty manner.

“Alright. You must know that I belonged to one of the Royal Families, but I guess you don’t know what had transpired. Help me sit.” The commander replied.

Jason helped him sit.

The commander began his story.

“It was not long after the four of the seven families awakened their bloodlines. The first generation of awakeners were the fanatics who blindly believed in the Almighty and thought the Apocalypse was ‘Qiyamat’ the Almighty had bestowed to Humanity. These fanatics were mostly old men, but their preachings soon influenced the younger generation. After one night, four people awakened their bloodline. These four people all were of different age and gender but one thing was common in them, they believed in Almighty and declared the Reboot as Almighty’s wish. Soon after their awakening, the members of the four of the seven Royal families started aligning themselves to these four persons. The remaining three families were neutral. After all everyone knew that people with strange powers were being born one after another. The Luther family was one such fine example. The four people who first awakened their bloodlines soon proclaimed themselves as the Archangels and announced that only those who believed in his Almighty were worthy of the Almighty’s grace and thus the three neutral families were forced to choose a side.”

Saying so, he turned silent.

Jason did not speak and let him be. He could sense the Commander’s voice was turning a bit sour and cloudy.

“Just when the three families were about to side with them, I awakened my power. I was one of the members of the three neutral families. My awakening created a new wave of questions. I awakened with the knowledge and power of the Leader of Archangels Azazil. No one knew this at first, but only I. After me, various other people started awakening the powers of Jinn. The very first were the Seven Jinn Kings, and soon this awakening created a new wave. The three neutral families were no longer afraid of the four royal families. In fact we were even a bit stronger than them. But alas, our thoughts were a bit too naive. The four Archangels summoned me in the name of an alliance. I thought it would be a nice chance to utilize my power as the leader of Archangels so I accepted. When I reached the location of meet, all that greeted me was the Archangel of Death, Azrael. She immediately started fighting me. I could barely use my powers at that time, thus had to give my all to fight her. One fine warrior she is! She defeated me fair and square without much sweat. I was devastated but still did not understand what was happening. It was at this time, I was filled with regret, I started questioning my powers and their strength. Soon the three other Archangel’s returned and what they talked about broke me.”

The story continued.

After the Archangels returned, Azrael refused to fight the commander and left. The commander heard the three Archangels talking that they had killed the Seven Jinn Kings and thus cleared the evil on their path. 

The commander turned furious as he heard this. Memories of those Seven people started flowing in his mind and something inside him changed. His power suddenly turned more savage and evil in nature.

He utilized his powers to carve a path of return. His back was drenched with blood and sweat. The three Archangels at first did not try to stop him, but when they noticed the nature of his powers they tried to kill him, proclaiming him to be a traitor.

After a bloody battle he returned to his home. All he could find was rubble and destruction, smokes and flames soaring high in the sky.

An intense bout of rage bubbled inside him. He somehow was able to kill the people who were still trying to kill people.

He gathered the remaining saviours and fled the city on the mountains. Travelling long and far they reached the current training camp where they were now. 

After the death of the Seven Jinn Kings, their powers were not lost, in fact these powers found new successors and thus the current Seven Generals were formed. They along with the commander waged wars around these lands, gathering survivors. The commander was the strongest followed by the Seven Generals, similarly the survivors started to awaken their powers one by one. The Generals noticed the one who awakened their powers had one thing in common, awakening in the face of the death. 

Thus their military structure was formed and wars were used to train new soldiers and awaken the bloodline. But as the commander fought more and more, he noticed a strange trait about his powers.

The powers the commander had awakened was the power of temptation and superior fighting sense along with bodily enhancement, this enabled his body attributes to double or even triple.

The power of temptation would heighten the negative emotions inside a being, which worked wonders on mutated beasts and the abnormal humans.  

But alas!


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