Chapter 78: Attack

Author: Arya

The commander noticed that the power of temptation was a double edged sword, the more he used it, the more it ate at his body.

Since then he had hardly used his power for battles, still that didn’t make him weak. He still had the power of the enhanced body attributes, his experience from fighting in the wars. He used this and thus the current situation of the Union was formed. 

The Malak family, which were the alliance of the four Royal families, did not try to fight them, instead tried to suppress their growth. 

The Seven Jinn Kings fought battles one after others and increased their fighting experience along with their powers. The commander slowly faded away from battles and left everything to the Seven Generals who listened to every order by him. The commander had already lost a lot already, he hid this fact from the Generals.

The Union was developing rapidly, there were more powerful fighters and the Generals were becoming more powerful day by day. 

It was at this time, the commander had decided to separate from the League of Traders, after all he was disappointed by the fact that the League watched from the sidelines as everything happened with them.

He loathed such an organization. Thus what he had done during the meet with Kevin was only due to rage. 

Jason listened to everything the commander spoke. 

The damage to his body done by the power of temptation was too deep. His memories vanished little by little, his body aged rapidly. He knew very well he was dying little by little even if he didn’t use his powers. 

Jason frowned as he listened to the effects of the power on his body.

During his examination he had found that the commander’s body was indeed dying, but the injury was not the result of the backlash during his attack.

“But then how come you were injured?” He asked, puzzled.

“I do not know the real reason, but I only remember that an ancient roar reverberated in my mind and suddenly my powers grew timid and shrunk. It was not an injury, more of a shock. After the effects of the roar disappeared, my body began to rapidly deteriorate under the influence of my powers.” The commander spoke.

Weird, an ancient roar?  Why didn’t we hear such a thing? Where did it come from? Was it from Kevin’s power? I must ask him.

Jason thought and spoke.

“I can try to suppress your deterioration to some extent, but regretfully cannot heal you.”

“It’s alright. I must thank you for your help then.” The commander said as he lay on the bed, tired.

Jason soon began his work, he isolated the cells which were devouring the energy and other blood cells destroying them one by one. This task was exhausting, but nevertheless it only helped to slow down the commander’s death. 

The commander was also exhausted and went into sleep. 

Jason exited the tent and after informing the generals that their commander was fine now, he was led to the sins. 

Inside a room, Kevin and James were having a cup of tea and discussing their next plan of action.

Jason entered.

He looked at Kevin and immediately asked.

“Tell me about the time when the commander attacked.”

Kevin was surprised but still answered honestly.

When Kevin was attacked, he immediately lost all focus. Soon afterwards he heard a loud roar of anger from his heart and everything returned to normal.

Jason face palmed and asked again.

“And since when are you able to hear such roars?” 

“Umm, whenever I am injured or whenever I find myself in a difficult situation.” Kevin answered.

“And when were you supposed to tell us that, you IDIOT!” Jason turned green with anger.

James patted him on the shoulder and asked.

“What is the matter?” 

Jason took a deep breath and said.

“I don’t know what the real situation is, but somehow it is connected to this roar.” 

Looking at Kevin he spoke seriously.

“You must try to find out what exactly it is.” 

Kevin nodded.

Jason then continued.

“For now things are good for us, the commander has agreed to share all the information with us regarding the Malak family. It will arrive to us soon, then we shall depart.” 

After a few hours, Lina arrived with the necessary intel, along with her was an additional member, the General of Luck, Mariam.

The General of Luck did not beat around the bush, she directly arrived to point.

She looked at Jason and spoke, calculating with her fingers.

“I want you to heal the Commander, please.” 

While saying so one could observe her back was bowing, she was literally bowing her head.

“How did you know?” Jason asked her with a sharp gaze.

From the conversation with the commander, he knew that this was a secret only known to the commander and Jason.

The General of Luck did not try to hide and said honestly.

“As one of the Seven Jinn Kings, people think that my power is only related to Luck, but Luck has always been a mystery. Apart from it, I can divine a person’s Luck too upto some degree and from my calculations, Commander’s Luck would soon run out and as far as I know, it can only happen when someone dies.” 

Jason contemplated for sometime as he asked her.

“Why should I do that, what am I able to gain?” 

Biting her lips, she spoke.

“The Commander has single handedly brought the Union to this state. If not for him, then we would have died long ago. I do not know what is happening to him, but please help him. In return I will devote myself to you, I will do whatever you want me to do.” 

Jason sneered with this response.

“I do not require you.”

He beckoned to Lina to hand her the intel, which she did, Mariam did not stop her.


After a few hours, the Beast left the airfield of the Union, heading towards the Malak family base near the pre-world Taurus mountain range.

Inside the Beast.

Kevin, Jason and James were fully equipped.

The plan went like this, Kevin would be dropping on the Altar of Gods forcing the four leaders to come out.

After they arrive, Jason and James would be joining Kevin. 

“Alright, Kevin get ready to drop.” Jason said, patting his back. 

The Beast was already above the Altar of Gods.

Kevin was totally equipped with his combat suit.

The mini-generator started humming. Energy started moving towards the circuits and the combat suit lit up with vigor.


James stamped on the drop door button and Kevin dived towards the ground with a breakneck speed.

Free falling, Kevin enjoyed the feeling while keeping a close watch on the digital barometer readings.

Gaining optimal distance, the humming of the engines increased.

The Linear Descent Boosters started powering up, the land was closing in at a high speed.

Just as he was few feet above the landing location–


The boosters roared with all their might and rapidly slowed his descent., even then he failed to control himself midair and ended up crashing with one of the four pillars on the Altar. 

The pillar depicted Archangel Gabriel with a spear in one hand and a book in another.

It could not handle the impact and was destroyed into pieces.

Kevin’s figure could be seen lying on the Altar.

[Kevin, everything alright?] 

Jason’s voice could be heard on the radio.

“Ahh, damn, I ended up crashing in one of the pillars. Who the hell erected pillars here!” Kevin replied, he sounded frustrated.

[I see, that’s good then, you ended up attracting the attention. Now get yourself ready. We shall join you soon.] Jason replied.

Patting his legs, he stood up. 

Even though he had crashed, the combat suit was hardly damaged, there were just some scratches here and there.

All the credit to these, went to Lucifer, who somehow had integrated a kinetic impact absorbing mechanism. The mechanism behind this system was similar to the synthesiser in the base. The synthesiser utilized energy as the medium to create the desired materials. Using a similar principle, it was possible to convert any form of energy into another form. Although this could not be achieved using conventional science. It required some knowledge in the runic circuits and their working.

This showed how much Lucifer had developed his skills.

Kevin’s dramatic landing on the Altar had created chaos in the Malak family. The Altar of Gods was a sacred place which could only be accessed with prior permissions from the four leaders.

A commotion of this level, had hardly occurred before.

Apart from the four Archangel bloodlines, there were five other types of Angels who were tasked with missions.

The very first to arrive was the one tasked with maintaining peace and security of the Malak family residence, the one who had awakened the bloodline of Ridwan. 

Behind him were the regular members, equipped with rifles.

They immediately pointed guns towards Kevin.

“Who are you?” The awakener of Ridwan, Keeper of Paradise, questioned Kevin. 

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