Chapter 79: Clash

Author: Arya

There existed five other Angels who held equally high status in the Malak family.

The first one, Hafaza, also known as the Guardian Angel. They were divided into two parts, the Kiraman, keepers of Deeds and the other consisted of the legion under the command of Angel of Death, the Protectors.

The second one, Ridwan, the Keepers of Paradise, tasked with the power of guarding the Malak family.

The third one, Habib, who wielded the power of Ice and Fire.

The fourth one, Artiyail, the Angel of Grief and Depression.

The fifth ones, the Journeyers, were tasked with gathering intelligence and scouting.

Amir who was recently killed had awakened the bloodline of the Journeyer, and thus was given the task of acting as a representative of the family in the League.

These five and the four Archangel bloodlines represented the peak of purity and strength of the Malak family. 

The other members of the family could awaken their bloodline but it would only provide them with a slight upper edge in power and strength. Like the wielders of the Angelic bloodline were adept at using the energy of Light. Even then they were stronger than an average super if they could properly master their bloodline powers.

Kevin observed the people in front of him.

He could sense a type of special energy in them. It resembled his Holy Energy in some form, but was a bit different, he could not actually point the actual difference. After all it hadn’t been long since he had awakened his bloodline.

After gazing at everyone, he moved his sight towards the one leading them. He could feel a sense of threat from this person.

“Ahh, my bad, everyone. You see I came here to meet the four leaders. I heard they wanted an explanation from my family.”

As if trying to hide his embarrassment, he turned his head and pointed towards the now broken pillar.

“I didn’t mean to destroy this pillar. It was all an accident. But anyways who the hell decided to place a pillar over here. Don’t you guys know it could be dangerous if it fell. Thankfully I am strong and it did not affect me, or else I could have been injured.”

Kevin’s speech made the incident seem like an accident. 

The Malak family members behind the Keeper of Paradise could hardly keep their anger inside. 

“Young man, this isn’t a place where you can enter. Surrender yourself. You shall be punished for your insolence against the messengers of the Almighty.”  The Keeper of Paradise spoke.

“Messengers of the Almighty? Ahh, you mean those four idiots who think themselves above everyone.” Kevin spoke with a tone which depicted he had just been enlightened to a very profound truth.

The Keeper of Paradise’s face turned green, just as he was about to order the guards to fire, a voice travelled from far.

“Return back to your posts.” 

The voice was filled with desolation and coldness. Everyone who heard the voice felt as if they were being summoned by Death itself.

Even Kevin wasn’t unaffected by it. Although the effect on him was minimal. He hurriedly took a fighting stance and communicated to Jason and James. His instincts were screaming him to run away from whoever the entity with the voice was.

“Things have turned bad. I need your help.” 

The guards and the Keeper of Paradise did not raise any more questions, instead they left.

The Altar was plunged into silence.

In these silence.



A series of footsteps could be heard. These footsteps resulted from the heels of a woman’s and the floor, while walking.

But these footsteps sounded as the hymn of death to Kevin. His back was unknowingly drenched in sweat.

And then he saw.

A woman dressed in black gown with long wavy black hair, wearing black stilettos moving towards him.

Her face, cold and emotionless. In her hand, she held a long scythe as big as her body stature. 

The combination of such a weapon with her face, created a different charm.

There she was, the Angel of Death, Azrael. 

She kept her gaze towards Kevin and slowly moved towards him. 

The more closer she got, the colder the environment went.

It was at this time, two booms could be heard from the sky above the Altar.

Jason and James descended on the Altar. Unlike Kevin they had controlled their descent and thus did not crash.

Azrael stopped and moved her gaze towards the two other unknown people landing in front of her.

She hadn’t seen such advanced weaponry and armor. 

As an Angel of Death, the least thing she feared was Death. In Fact she could even be called the Daughter of Death or Grim Reaper.

Her powers enabled her to directly gaze at the soul of living beings. But for some reasons the souls of the three people in front of her, were clouded in darkness.

She did not mind the new people and had only just stopped for a moment, continuing her path, she moved towards the black pillar depicting the Angel of Death. 

“The other three fellows will be here soon.” Saying so she took her seat below the pillar.

Jason, James and Kevin were surprised by such a reaction from her. It must be known that they had infiltrated the Malak family and Kevin had even accidentally destroyed their Altar. 

But they did not provoke her. Instinctively even Jason and James felt fearful of her.

After all ‘Life’ keeps ‘Death’ at bay but in return has to stay holed up inside a living being, always fearful of Eternal Death.

Azrael took her seat and did not bother about anything else, she closed her eyes.

Just when everyone’s attention was focused on Azrael an extremely intense aura approached them.

It felt like a pricking needle, stabbing deep into their skins even though they were wearing combat suits.

Scanning the area for the source, the gazes of Jason, James and Kevin’s locked on three people dressed in milky white garbs, slowly approaching them.

The pressure created by just their aura made the sins feel uncomfortable. 

Led by the Angel of Revelation, the other two Angels, Mercy and Music were moving towards the Altar.

Khuraymah along with his son Khushtar and Noor, stepped on the Altar.

Pausing briefly, Khuraymah, shifted his attention on the broken pillar of Gabriel and frowned.

“You shall be punished.” An old and frail voice, filled with authority and dominance sounded from within Khuraymah.

“Look out!” James shouted, rapidly activating his shield and moving forward.


A huge bang was heard, the Angel of Mercy and the Sin of Pride clashed.

Both of them took few steps back.

It seemed they were evenly matched.

The very next movement, Angel of Revelation stomped his foot lightly.

A domain of bright light enveloped the Altar, glittering particles of light rained down from an unknown void in this domain.

Jason’s expression turned serious as he gazed at the domain. He felt his body being strangled and his muscles turning stiff from these glittering particles.

He tried activating his ability to manipulate blood, in order to reverse this affect, but to no avail. 

On the other hand, Kevin and James, were covered in a pale yellow and light red colored hue. This was a form of elemental shield. 

The Angel of Mercy, attacked once again, this time his target, Jason, as only Jason could be seen without any protective shield.

But in truth, Jason was activating the most secure type of protection.

His blood vessels were covered in faint purple hue, this was the cosmic energy in his body, utilizing his ability to manipulate blood, he was able to directly shield any area where his blood flowed. It could also be termed as an internal protection.

Throwing his punch, one could listen to the faint rumbling of the thunder. 

Jason in retaliation threw his own version of puch, strengthened by his enhanced physique.

Soon, both their fists collided.

Sadly for the Angel of Mercy this time they weren’t evenly matched and there was no way Jason was going to miss this chance.

As soon as the holder of Michael, lost his footing from the collision, Jason followed the moment and moved his other hand, which held a standard sin issue of a combat knife, aiming for his neck, hoping to end his life in one attack.

But, he couldn’t, just when the attack was about to connect, he felt a stabbing pain in his mind which made him miss the target.

Khushtar moved backwards rapidly taking this chance to distance himself from the opponent.

During this fight, they had forgotten a single concept, the weapons mounted on the combat suits.

Weapons capable of destruction and blasting the city walls apart.

Just as Jason felt the stabbing pain, he immediately activated the shoulder mounted mini-canon.

By the time Khushtar gained his footing, this little beast was already charged and ready to destroy anything in its path.

And so it did.

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