Chapter 8: Boar Sin of Gluttony.


Author: Arya

New York City, USA.

Continental Hotel. This Hotel has been open to the world for a long time. People often wondered whether the hotel owner could even earn anything from it. Well, that was for normal people. The hotel was specifically designed by the Assassin Guild as a safe house for assassins over the world. This was a hotel where one could approach with an application for bounty or any other assassin mission. The respected mission would be collected by the specified person and the guild would be responsible for the logistics.

Inside one of the rooms in the hotel sat a middle-aged man with short brown hair having lunch. One could notice from his posture that he was a man that should not be annoyed at all.

-Ring Ring-

Suddenly he received a call, he looked at the number on the screen and smiled.

“Who is the unlucky person that decided to contact me ?”, asked the man picking up the call.

“I know it has been a long time since we last talked, but I need you back.” A voice replied on the phone.

The man was startled hearing the voice and smiled for a few seconds.

“Well, I can’t just leave my current job given my status. Anyways what does your esteemed self need me for?” The sarcasm in the voice of the man was inevitable. Yet, one could also notice a small smile on his face.

“Spare me the sarcasm, you very well know I wouldn’t have contacted you if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. After that one incident-”

The man intervened before the voice on the call could finish.

“Okay, okay. Don’t go back in time, just tell me when and where !”, said the man seemingly bothered by the response.

“I will be there at the mansion in a couple of hours, be ready. This would be a long trip.” The voice replied.

The man sighed and disconnected the call. Took a deep breath and looked at the time while enjoying his lunch.

After he was done with his lunch, he went to his room and took a nap. After half an hour he woke up, went towards the cupboard and took a bag out, he filled it with his things which included passports belonging to different countries, a CZ 75 SP-01 pistol with two magazines and some cash belonging to different countries.

He checked out of the hotel, boarded a taxi and headed towards the suburbs of NYC. While checking out of the hotel he handed a golden coin to the reception. The taxi soon reached a mansion. A mansion in NYC, one of the urban areas of the world, depicted the financial status of the man. There was a plate beside the gate which had an incomplete quote written on it.

“Light and Dark, two worlds apart–”

The mansion was one of the safe houses of that man and his name was Jason. He was a part of the strongest and deadliest mercenary group in the world, but after their disbandment he worked as a spy and broker for information.

Jason went inside the mansion; he took out his phone and dialed a number. A few tones later the call connected.

“Are you here yet?” He asked the person on the phone.

“Yes.” A voice replied through the speaker.

-Whop Whop Whop-

Just as the call disconnected the voice of copter blades rotating reverberated in the skies. A black colored AW101 could be seen approaching from the horizon, very soon it reached the skies above the mansion and landed in the front yard. The engines kept roaring and the blades kept spinning.


The door of the copter opened. Jason went ahead and boarded the copter. Inside, a man was seated. Jason obviously knew the man. The man saw Jason and stood up, both of them hugged each other, considering that man’s status, anyone would be shocked if he was seen like this. Jason seated himself in front of the man.

“So, what was it that you require my assistance!” Jason asked. One could still notice a tint of sarcasm from his voice.

“Read the file.” The man pointed at the file placed in front of him, while the copter resumed its journey again.

Jason took hold of the file which had Top Secret written on the front and started browsing through the stuff carefully. The file contained various images and data of multiple persons, along with some interesting history and so on.

After reading the file, Jason took a deep breath and asked, “I can see some promising candidates here. Are we going back to our previous work ? If yes, then please count me out. I won’t be able to handle it again.”

“No, I do not want to sully the names of my brothers. I know you have your doubts, but you will know everything soon.” The man replied.

“If you say so.” Saying this the man took a deep breath and look of reminiscence flashed in his eyes.

“I miss them, buddy.” It seemed as if saying this sentence took a huge toll on Jason’s mind.

“Yes, I miss our brothers. But they will always be remembered in our hearts” Replied the man.

“Light and Dark, two worlds apart-” Jason said, waiting for the man to reply.


“-still each other’s part.” The man replied with a sad smile on his face.

Jason too had a smile on his face as he heard this.

“Yeah, but still. It was nice seeing you again, Percy.” Jason said with a laugh.

Yes, the man seated in the copter was Percy. Percy and Jason have been friends for a long time. Even though Percy kept as little to no contact with him. He still considered him his sole friend and brother. The past of these two brothers was a rough patch, filled with the smell of death and blood, on the edges of life and death. Yet, this past had some beautiful memories etched deep into their minds. The brothers and comrades with whom they fought and faced those perils.

“Yes, it was nice seeing you again too, Jason.” Percy replied with a smile on his face. Jason could be considered as the only living friend and a brother of Percy.
“As you read the file, what do you think of the others?” asked Percy.

“Hmm, yes the candidates are best in their own fields, but we might need to train them in teamwork and survival tactics. Some of them might be aware of the cruel reality of the word, while some aren’t. They are like a caged lion, unaware of the wilderness. A camaraderie has yet to be birthed between them, for them to excel as a team. Although it’s not easy, leave it to me, I shall train them in all the required aspects and their shortcomings.”

“Yes, and don’t forget you will be their vice-captain. We will be needing comrades who can fight and trust their back to one another. Inculcate the spirit of death and vigilance in them. Have them struggle on the edge of life and death. I have prepared a training regime for them, see for yourself once we reach. Do the necessary adjustment as you see fit. I need them to be ready as soon as possible” Percy said.

Jason could sense a feeling of urgency and worry in Percy’s voice. He was even astonished. As he and Percy have been friends for a long time. He knew the power and authority of the Jackson’s.

What happened for him to be so worrying about it !

Jason thought and asked, “ What is making you so worried ?”

Percy adjusted his state of mind and replied with a solemn tone.

“Not here, I will brief you once we reach the base.But keep in mind, we must fight till the end.”

Both Percy and Jason conversed for a while and talked about their old days. Even though the pressure from the mission and their future endeavors would be huge, it was of no use in the present there was still some time for it to happen.


Meanwhile as Percy had started his plan to fight the Devas and his fate, the United Federation had started its contingency plan. Many important people belonging to the society disappeared from the world. Major families and business groups started to relocate. Generals and commanders of major units and forces retired and disappeared. The world was enveloped in an eerie atmosphere. Still the common populace was unaware of this fact. They continued their daily lives while huge undercurrents brewed in the world. The Federation had just recently received a new batch of samples from the recent exploration. The United Federation had long wanted to start with their tests on the samples they received, but they wouldn’t start the test until the contingency plan had completed with its initial phase of development. Thus the world sure had time, but in the whole galaxy who knew when the imminent threat would arrive. Cero only had an estimate. The situation could change anytime.



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