Author: Arya

A wide cabin with robust walls and a huge metallic Throne situated in the middle. A living being seated on the Throne. He had a shiny bald head with certain prominent grooves on it and his face seemed as if embedded with eyes as black as an abyss. This abyss like eyes portrayed rippling emotions containing Sorrow, Guilt and Exhaustion.

“Hope! They fought till the last breath for hope. For they were the ones whose war cries echoed inside the minds of the people. It would be blasphemy if I were to kill that hope.”

Saying so the being pressed a button.


The sound of a click reverberated inside the cabin.


With a steaming sound, tubes made of certain unknown material descended from above and connected to the grooves on the being’s head.

“Sigh….. Live my children. For I shall leave you with hope.”

The rippling emotional waves inside the being’s eyes disappeared. A soft material soon covered the throne and the cabin descended into silence and darkness.



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