My House is a Magic Power Spot Chapter 30 & A Little Question For You Guys…

Weslykan Here. Ummm something Regular Chapter of the week

RC 1/?  SC 0/0

Sorry guys I was feeling like absolute dog cr*p

I couldn’t Translate and couldn’t Work.

That’s extremely unfortunate as I needed that money T_T

Ayayayayaya…. well I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my 3 regular chaps for the week so…I’ll get back on that Next Week.

If you guys like silly awesome fun things…then try reading this “In a Different World with Naruto System

It’s pretty fun….unless you’re a hardcore fan who sees anything that isn’t official as eye-cancer.

I saw that there were people doing stuff with Patreon…I don’t know much about how that works either…like do people like that? All I have is the PayPal Keep My Utilities on Fund*TM

Do you guys think that doing a Patreon is better than using PayPal? If we did Patreon on this site would you use it? If so what kind of things would you like included in that for tiered rewards? Different Patreons for different stories? Leave your thoughts in the comments below please.



  1. yes please patreon. I already donate a buck or so to a handful of light novel translators. it makes it really easy to add another person to the list of people I donate to and makes it really easy to see the total each month so I don’t overspend myself. as far as tiers go, I don’t care. I usually go for the bottom tier anyway.

  2. I believe both options can be apply to you. Use PayPal for your sponsored chapters so that you can easily keep track of them. Use Patreon to accept donations only. Patreon is quite flexible which donators can contribute however they want such as one time donation, or based by chapters, or period of time. Keep up the good work.

  3. As long as the chapter is still released for the people who can’t donate at the usual (1 week delay or something) i wouldn’t see a problem

  4. i believe that for you, both is the best option. patreon for sustained income, paypal for the incidental donation. although i am not in a position to be able to donate, i do believe that others would be willing to pay you through that.

  5. Thousand Skeleton

    I don’t really know about Patreon, but even if you use it don’t stop using Paypal because if you do I can’t donate. Not that I could donate in a long time anyway but still.

  6. Welcome back Wes!

  7. Thanks for doing this chapter?

  8. That all depends on you as Patreon is meant for indefinite projects and whether or not you can continue.I prefer Patreon and for tiered rewards perhaps an extra chapter per tier and one Patreon for all series.

    • Thanks for the input. I was just wondering about it as I see stories using it on Wuxiaworld. I can definitely continue. It’s just a matter of whether I get horribly ill for a little while….then come back to work. 😛

  9. Thank u always for ur great work…

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