My House is a Magic Power Spot Chapter 31

Weslykan here! Regular Chapter for the Week!

RC 1/who knows as of now ? SC 0/0

Sorry guys I’ve been crushed by responsibilities and stuff has been difficult.

I’ve been trying to TL in whatever time I can scrape together.

I’m going back to University soon…so work is trying to squeeze every moment out of me before I leave.

THANK YOU GUYS FOR DONATING! When there is a Sponsored Chapter you will all be credited up top!

This is the same message on Hachi…I know that…what do you want from me!? T_T


Here’s the chapter



  1. While i would love if you returned to throw out chapter after chapter after chapter (yup, 3 is enough), i will not be sad even if you post 1 per week. Real life is more important and at least the hype will be bigger 🙂 HYPE!

  2. .
    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Ahahahaha, that’s RL for ya, just focus at it then u can comeback here with light step…

  3. Details, details~
    Just take all the time you’ll need for your preperations for uni.
    we’re just gratefull that we even get a single now and then, so don’t worry and focus yourself at RL.
    and thank you for your hard work and the new chapter!
    now, that’s enough of my ranting and noow i’m off to the new chapter XP

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