My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 3 Part 3

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Part 3


For a moment Liliana just looked at Tatsuya with a really puzzled expression but then she shifted her head and looked in the direction where Tatsuya was looking from inside of the booth. There stood a blonde-haired young man who looked really energetic and hyper-active.


「Could it be that you happen to know who that man is, Tatsuya-san?」


「…… Yeah, he happens to be a classmate of mine.」


「So, does that mean that he is your friend?」


「Y-Yeah, I guess that you could say that. At least as far as school is concerned. I honestly don’t know why, but we just happen to get along really well for some reason.」


「……??? If that is the case, then should you not go out and greet him? Since that man is your friend?」


「No, no way, no way! Not in a million years! Not happening! This is the one and only ting that I do not want to do right now!」


「…… Huh???」


「If he was to see us right now, it would have developed into one heck of a messy situation. Not to mention that in the future he would be really annoying about it and he wouldn’t give it a rest. So it’s best to simply avoid him for now.」


「I-Is that…… Is that so?」


「For the time being, I’m sure that if he sees us together, he is going to start talking about with the rest of the class, and that might cause some vicious rumors to start to spread about you, Liliana-san. Also, people are bound to start grilling me about it once the new semester rolls in, and that would mean lots and lots of nosy and annoying questions.」


The way in which Tatsuya and Liliana were trying to hide right now from his friend and prevent him from seeing him together with Liliana. And the sheer desperation and determination with which he wanted to hide made it feel as though his previous determination to show Liliana to the whole world was nothing more but a lie.




Tatsuya’s flustered and panicked appearance was so cute and adorable that Liliana couldn’t help herself but to laugh seeing it.


「Please, Liliana-san, don’t worry about it. It’s just something that us adolescent young man tend to do. There is actually no deeper meaning behind it. So rest assured.」


「Right. If you say so, Tatsuya-san, then I understand.」


Tatsuya was okay with various third party members to know about his relationship with Liliana and envying them that special relationship. However, once that third party turns into a classmate of his, the entire matter changed dramatically.


When it comes to Tatsuya, he might have a cute and almost baby-like face, but despite of that his grades in both academics and sports were spot on. He might have not been aware of that fact himself, but he has also been quite popular with the girls at school and University.  


And as a matter of fact, Tatsuya actually happened to receive a bunch of love confessions throughout his life. 


However, Tatsuya was not like any other young man his age. Because for Tatsuya, there was a clear distinction between the concept of romantic love and mere sexual lust. That is why every time he happened to be confessed to, he would make sure to clearly convey his feeling and turn the offer down properly. For Tatsuya, there was nothing worse and irresponsible than being swept away by the atmosphere of the moment and end up in a relationship with a person towards of which he felt not romantic feelings whatsoever.


In the past, many of Tatsuya’s friends suggested to him that he should at least try to date one of the girls that confessed to him as a form of a trial run, but even that suggestion did not sit right with him. For Tatsuya, doing things for such devious reasons would feel not like true dating, but rather a half-assed love affair. There was no way that he would develop romantic feelings for someone through such means. And so he remained single for the most of his life.


It was at around that point in time that Tatsuya decided that the only one girl or woman he is going to date seriously is going to be the one with whom he will want to spend the rest of his life. Otherwise he couldn’t help it but to feel guilty towards the other party. Because if you truly love someone, you will be ready to spend the rest of your life with that person without much of a problem.


And such way of life was not an easy one, especially nowadays for a young boy going through the midst of puberty. At some point, he was even blatantly accused of being a homosexual. 


So for Tatsuya to finally start dating someone for real, for some of his colleagues it would have been big and major news.


It would be even greater incident for those guys, especially since Tatsuya’s partner was someone of such outstanding proportions and beauty like Liliana. It was also not all that hard for Tatsuya to imagine that they jealousy and anger would be tremendous and not all that quick to pass.


「So if I understand correctly, you would wish to keep our relationship a secret for now, right? Tatsuya-san?」


「Yes, and I’m sorry for that. I would like to keep this relationship a secret until the summer vacation period is over.」


It’s nothing like Tatsuya thought that he would be able to hide his relationship with Liliana forever.


Moreover, he knew that trying to keep this relationship a secret was unfair towards Liliana, and he felt deeply sorry to her for doing her dirty like that. If there was someone to blame for this situation here, it was surely Tatsuya. 


But even so, those were Tatsuya’s true intentions here: hide this relationship only until the end of the summer vacation, and then come out into the open with it and make it official. 


「Is there some sort of an important event during summer vacation? Something that makes this period special?」


Since Tatsuya mentioned the end of summer vacation, it was obviously something that picked Liliana’s interest. He must have had a reason to mention this specific time period.


「If you ask me for a reason, there are a few of them. First of all: there are no classes during this period, so if I were to introduce you to my colleagues, a whole lot of people would have swarm our house, not giving us the time to enjoy ourselves. Second is that I have decided to spend this summer vacation with Liliana-san exclusively, so I don’t need a third wheel butting in. And third: I wouldn’t want any of them to start spreading malicious rumors about Liliana-san just because they might be envious of our happiness.」


Especially that particular friend of Tatsuya tended to be really obnoxious, blabbering things like “Ahh, I really want a girlfriend~!” or “Man, I want to grope some boobs~!” all the time without even considering the time or a place. He was quite honest with himself and his desires, but more often than not that honesty tended to get him into trouble.


This dude was a good friend and overall a fun guy to be around, but he was mainly interested in the members of the opposite sex exclusively all the time, so if he was to learn about Liliana, he would continue to pester her without end. And this is something that Tatsuya would like to avoid. 


However, even though the two of them were trying to hide right now, the glares that Tatsuya was sending towards his friend were only serving to attract attention towards Liliana and him. And soon enough the gazes of the passers-by were really starting to sting.


「Fufufu…… There’s no need for you to be on your guar all the time like that, Tatsuya-san. See? It seems that your friend is finally going his own way, and in the opposite direction at that.」


Once again, seeing Tatsuya in a state of adorable panic like that, Liliana couldn’t help herself but to giggle while biting on her lip slightly. It was a behavior that was really uncharacteristic for Tatsuya, and it was somewhat fresh to see him acting just like that. 


It was then that Tatsuya finally realize that his friend really was going away from their location. It also took him a moment to realize what he was doing all this time and that he was WAY too cautious then he should have been here. Was he perhaps getting a little bit paranoid? It was certainly an option that one could not entirely discard at this point in time.


Once Tatsuya was finally able to let out a huge sigh of relief, he also happened to realize that the people passing the photo booth by were all looking at the two of them in a really weird way. And even though this caused his cheeks to become bright red with embarrassment, he then straightened his back and took Liliana by the hand as if nothing weird has happened. 


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