My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 3 Part 4

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Part 4


Then the pair finally went towards one of the stores they have decided to pay a visit to for today.


Shortly after Tatsuya and Liliana almost happened to run into one of Tatsuya’s classmates, the two finally reached one of the swimsuit shops that they wanted to check out.


In contrast to the men’s swimsuit section that only had a small selection of styles and designs that looked almost exactly the same, the women’s section was occupying the vast majority of the store’s surface. And the amount of styles, designs, colors and accessories was so big that one could feel their head becoming dizzy just from looking at this selection alone. 


Needless to say, because summer vacation was now officially in full swing, the store was very busy with a whole lot of people going in and coming out almost without a break, like a human river.


However, because of the characteristics of this store, Tatsuya happened to be one of the few male costumers, being surrounded mostly by young women.


Of course, being a man in a place mostly occupied by women made Tatsuya stand out like a sore thumb.


Fortunately enough, since Liliana was by his side all the time, Tatsuya managed to avoid being branded as a suspicious person. However, there was quite a bit of female costumers who felt visibly unease and uncomfortable having a man right next to them in a swimsuit store. Thus, even though Tatsuya tried his best to not pay them any mind, he could still feel quite a few people glaring daggers at him.


Realizing that fact Tatsuya immediately offered to wait outside of the store while Liliana would go at her own leisure and pick out the swimsuit that strike her fancy the most, but the brown-skinned beauty would have none of it. Since they have come in here together, Liliana was pretty adamant on Tatsuya picking a swimsuit that he would think would look good on her. 


So in the end it was nothing more but a stalemate for Tatsuya and Liliana. But, since it was none other than Tatsuya who proposed this outing in the first place, so it would be pretty unmanly and pathetic if he was to decline the invitation from Liliana to pick a swimsuit for her. And so, in the end Tatsuya resigned himself to his fate and walked right into the store together with Liliana, having to withstand the burning gazes of the women all around the store.


But then, when he was in the middle of actually picking out a swimsuit for Liliana, Tatsuya realized that a completely new problem has now presented itself in front of him. 


When it comes to Liliana, the proportions of her body were something that could only be rivaled by those of the gravure idols, and even then Liliana would easily blow the rest of the competition out of the water. 


Especially her bust area was a point of concern for Tatsuya. After all, its sheer size and suppleness was something that clearly escaped the frame of being called “average size”. 


So naturally, this would mean that in theory the Japanese market would only have the selection of few outfits that would actually suit Liliana’s figure and needs. 


This simply would not do here. The sheer purpose of their visit to the shopping mall today was so that Liliana could find a  practical swimsuit for herself that would be fitting for playing around outside for a whole day.  Should they fail to find one, Liliana surely would end up feeling sad and disappointed.


Of course, all this time Tatsuya had to remind himself that it must be a different swimsuit from the ones that kept on appearing inside of his fantasies, that it must be gorgeous enough to underline Liliana’s beauty, and not all that flashy at the same time. So after a moment of careful deliberation Tatsuya finally picked up two swimsuits from the rest of the literal pile.


「Tatsuya-san? Can I ask you for your opinion? Which one do you think is going to look better on me?」


Liliana beckoned Tatsuya to come to her, and the she showed herself to him while wearing an American-Sleeved white bikini that tightly covered her chest area. The other one that Liliana had in mind was a pink-colored monokini that not only quite boldly exposed her shapely back, but also created an impressively exposed cleavage in the upper part of her bust.


Liliana was yet to try the pink swimsuit on, but it was quite easy for Tatsuya to imagine that she would look simply beautiful and positively stunning in it. 


So as a matter of course, when Liliana asked him for his opinion, Tatsuya wanted to answer “Both!” on the spot without giving it much of a thought. 


But since “both” was out of the question here, Tatsuya had to make up his mind. And if he was to make a decision based on a “superior—inferior” bias, the only thing he was able to think of here was their difference in the amount of the skin they were exposing.


「The white one. I think that it will look amazing on you, Liliana-san.」


「Fufu…… Are you sure that you are really okay with that one?」


It seems that Liliana was able to perceive the difference in reaction that Tatsuya displayed over the two swimsuits. But still, since he made his choice, Liliana wanted to be absolutely sure that it would be the one he would have liked. That way, no one would have any regrets here.


「…… Yes, I am sure. The pink one sure is gorgeous, but…… I wouldn’t want any other man to witness you wearing that one, Liliana-san.」


Liliana was not the only one who was showing her consideration here. When it comes to Tatsuya, he wanted to be the only one who could gaze upon her wearing such marvelous swimsuit. The fact that he would not be able to be the only one who would witness it exclusively did not sit right with him.


Laying his feelings bare like that for her to see, Tatsuya bit his lip slightly. Liliana also hung her head down, her cheeks flushing bright red in view of this bold display of affection from Tatsuya.


「Please, there is no need for you to worry, Tatsuya-san. Besides Tatsuya-san, I can’t think of anyone else I would have want to see me wearing this outfit. And besides……」


Liliana came closer towards Tatsuya and leaned over, whispering those words right into his ear:


「Tatsuya-san. I am exclusively yours and yours alone, isn’t that right?」


Those words made Tatsuya blush furiously. In face of such a bold claim, there was no longer any doubt in his mind at all. He had to make a decision based on his honest feelings here.


「…… In that case, the pink swimsuit. I think it will look the best on you.」


Understanding Liliana’s intentions, Tatsuya gave her his answer in a clear and determined tone, grasping her hand firmly while being at it.


「Fufufu…… I understand. Well then, please excuse me for a moment, Tatsuya-san.」 


Hearing Tatsuya’s honest decision, Liliana nodded her head slightly and then turned around and went toward the cash register. 


Deep down inside Tatsuya felt slightly disappointed that he was unable to see Liliana trying this particular swimsuit on, but he also understood. With so many women around and only a handful of men, the young man enjoying the private swimsuit show in a store like that would have been instantly branded as an incurable pervert. And he would like to avoid a social stigma like that if he could help it. 


He was curious. He wanted to see her wearing it, but he ultimately decided that he is going to wait. Waiting to see someone wearing an outfit like that is the kind of thrill that was enjoyable to experience once in a while.


Then, once they have already left the store and went on, Liliana leaned towards Tatsuya once more and whispered into his ear that she would show the swimsuit to him tonight if he so desired to see it.


Hearing her say that, Tatsuya eagerly shook his head in approval. The prospect of receiving a private swimsuit show excited him to no end, but at the same time he was slightly embarrassed that he and his desires were so easy to read. He felt like a small child here, and Liliana seemed to him like a patient parent casually playing along with their child’s mischief and desires.


There was still some time left until the nightfall, and even though Tatsuya could not wait, he also felt glad that they managed to accomplish their goal without any unnecessary complications. Which was even more surprising taking into account the sheer number of styles and types of swimsuits that were available in the store. 


However, it would be such a waste if their date was to end so soon, so Tatsuya and Liliana decided to have lunch in the shopping mall and then walk around the place for a bit.


And then, while walking around, Tatsuya happened to see a beautiful yukata that was on one of the window displays. ‘Ah, it’s already that season, huh?”, “I’d bet that it would look really good on Liliana-san”…… Those were the thoughts that flashed instantly through his head. Well, truth to be told it was mostly about that second thought.


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