My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 3 Part 7

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Part 7


When Tatsuya conveyed his honest feelings to Liliana, her eyes shone brightly, and then she stretched out her tongue in a hurry and started to put her whole mouth to good use.


「Ukuuh…… If you keep on doing it like that, Liliana-san, it will feel so good that I am going to melt because of it!」


If she was to add the warm and supple caress of her warm tongue to the already marvelous feeling of her saliva-drenched breasts rubbing against his dick, Tatsuya was sure that he wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer if faced with such combination.


Also, from time to time Liliana would pay extra attention to the other parts of Tatsuya’s penis besides the head, gently wrapping her tongue around them and covering them in pleasant warmness and wetness. 


「*Lick*, *lick*…… Nnnhh, *chuu*…… Tatsuya-san, I’ll make you feel even better in n time at all……」


While Liliana’s tongue dance all over Tatsuya’s glans, he could feel her hot breath and rough breathing all over his abdomen.


And at the same time, a new portion of saliva arrived, coating his dick very thoroughly and applying new lubrication and warmness in place of the previous ones. 


「T-This sensation…… Your boobs are so lewd, Liliana-san. So wet and so shiny with saliva…… They really look like a sexual organ right about now!」


The mixture of sweat and saliva coating Liliana’s boobs with every second was making loud and wet noises every time Tatsuya would thrust his dick into her breasts. The sheer amount of this thick mixture was reminiscent of a vagina secreting its love juices like crazy. 


「Haah…… Haah…… I knew it. You are the best, Liliana-san. I just can’t hold on for much longer if you keep on doing that……」


Originally it was Tatsuya who was supposed to do all the work in here, but before he could even realize it, their roles got reversed and he was the one who ended up being serviced by Liliana.


But still, the amount of lubrication here and the friction it was causing with every single thrust only served to amplify Tatsuya’s pleasure, and at some point it was all so great that he was having trouble holding himself back anymore.


「Nfuuh…… If you continue to rub it against me so strongly, Tatsuya-san…… Haah, aahn, nnh…… My chest won’t be able to stop shaking……!」


Despite it being really difficult to speak up and trace her tongue all over Tatsuya’s dick at the same time, Liliana was shaking her whole body vigorously and urging more saliva to drip down onto his member, hot moans and pants accompanying the warm feeling spreading throughout Tatsuya’s genitals.


「That’s because your boobs and tongue feel way too good and are way too lewd, Liliana-san! Not to mention those lewd noises that you are making…… If you keep on letting me hear them like that, I won’t be able to hold myself back for much longer……!」


「Hauuh, nnhhhh…… Tatsuya-san, you may say that to me, but every time your body is rubbing itself against mine, I can’t help it but to become so sensitive…… I can’t help it but to make voices like that!」


Saying that must have been really embarrassing for her, since Liliana’s face was now as red as a beet. But even so, even the amount of embarrassment must have been unbearable for her, her tongue, breasts and mouth would not stop on moving.


Additionally, as if to prove her words to Tatsuya, he could see that Liliana’s nipples have grown really big and swollen and extremely hard. Also, their size and stiffness were so great that they were easily pushing against the fabric of her swimsuit.


「Oh, so it really is true that you have become so sensitive, Liliana-san…… And look! Your nipples are so erect right now that you can see them clearly even through the fabric of your swimsuit!」


「P-Please don’t say that out loud, Tatsuya-san……! Nnhhh, *chuu*…… A-And the way my nipples are now rubbing against the fabric of the swimsuit, it’s actually driving me crazy……! And it gets even worse every time you thrust your magnificent penis inside of my breasts, Tatsuya-san!」


While casting her gaze downwards, Liliana confessed those words with the wet eyes and the tormented tone of voice. Every time her nipples would rub against the inside of the swimsuit, Liliana’s whole body would shiver and tremble violently.


「Hmm, I see how it is now…… Well then, I guess that I’ll have to do my best as well. You are making me feel so good, Liliana-san, so I need to respond in kind.」


Occasionally, Tatsuya would change the angle at which his penis was pistoning Liliana’s breasts, making sure that he was going to cover every single bit of flesh on her magnificent hills. 


「Hyauh!? P-Please, Tatsuya-san, don’t do that……! If you keep making me feel so good, I won’t be able to focus on properly servicing you!」


「So, you are trying to say that you are satisfied enough here……? But you see, Liliana-san, I don’t think that you have had enough. So I want to make your breasts feel good some more. Way more.」


Every time Tatsuya changed his pace or position, Liliana’s breasts would respond in kind, shaking and swaying and sending sweet and pleasant shocks all over her body.


Poking and thrusting through Liliana’s boobs at different angles, Tatsuya could feel the softness and elasticity with the whole surface of his dick, and he could already feel that hot and shocking urge starting to gather up inside of his lower body.


「Tatsuya-san, if you continue to shake and thrust like that, my nipples will only continue to get hotter…… Ahh! Tatsuya—san rubbing himself against my breasts and my nipples rubbing against your body…… This is too much! I’m feeling way too good from this!」


The way in which Liliana’s body shivered and trembled made it seems as though the sheer amount of pleasure was too much for her body to handle. And it was not from her nipples alone. Tatsuya’s penis sliding in and out from her cleavage also played a huge part in this as well. Another factor here must have been the increasing feeling of shame, which only amplified her pleasure. At this rate, Liliana was probably really close to reaching her climax here.


「Make sure that you focus on enjoying this pleasure properly, Liliana-san! Nhaah, I also can’t take any more of this for much longer…… This is all your fault, Liliana-san! Your boobs feel way too good!」


「Hyaaahn~! You are moving even more violently than before, Tatsuya-san!? …… The way in which you are twitching so much, you are about to ejaculate as well, is that right? And just imagining you doing that is making my nipples even hotter than before~!」


Once Tatsuya was no longer able to hold back his urge to ejaculate that started to overwhelm him, he pulled himself out from Liliana’s breasts in a hurry. At the same time, he could see that Liliana’s face was already being distorted by the pleasure as well and that fact was well reflecting in her voice. 


At the same time as Tatsuya’s meat stick started to twitch and pulsate violently, Liliana’s whole body started to jerk in the uncontrollable way as well.


「Uwaah! Cumming…… I’m cumming! Liliana-san!」


「Y-Yes! Please do that! Me too……! I am also right there…… The way in which Tatsuya-san rubs against me and my nipples rub against you are going to make me cum!」


Feeling his orgasm approaching fast, Tatsuya put more strength into his entire body, and especially in the grip strength with which he was holding onto Liliana’s boobs.


And then, with the intense pressure made every inch of his penis tighten, Tatsuya finally reached the peak of his pleasure. 


He started to swing his hips with all of his might, and the tip of his dick managed to jump out vigorously from the inside of Liliana’s breasts and stop right in front of her face and mouth. Then, the torrents of warm sperm started to leak out from Tatsuya’s tip, flooding Liliana’s face like hot magma. 


「Nhaaaaaahhhhhh!! Tatsuya-san’s sperm, aaahhh, it’s making my insides twitch and quiver so much……! Aaahhh, and the raining semen makes my nipples harden so much! They are so hot! All of this is making me cum!! Being used by Tatsuya-san like that, while my nipples are rubbing against the fabric of my swimsuit is making me feel so…… So…… Nnnnnnhhhhhh!!!」


While Liliana’s beautiful face was being thoroughly tarnished by all of Tatsuya’s accumulated desire, the rocking waves of climax started to spread all over Liliana’s body, robbing her of all of her strength and almost causing her to faint on the spot.


Some of Tatsuya’s semen was even so lively that it shot right inside of Liliana’s opened mouth, dripping down her throat or spilling from her mouth and tracing down her chin.


All this time, Liliana writhes on the spot as if entranced, the pleasure coming from her overly stimulated nipples being so great that she almost lost all contact with reality. 


Seeing how he managed to dirty most of Liliana’s body with his hot spunk, Tatsuya tried to gently stroke her head, hoping that this gesture would at least partially compensate her for what he has done.


「Liliana-san, that a great expression you are wearing on your face right now. I wish that you could see it.」


「Fuaaahhh…… Being surrounded by Tatsuya-san’s thick smell, it makes me feel so warm and happy. I just hope that all of this sweat and semen on my breasts won’t cause me any rash to appear…… And the thought that I made Tatsuya-san feel so good and release so much of it…… It makes me feel even better…… Even though it’s slightly perverted…… Aaahhh……」


「Me too. I have been looking forward so much to seeing Liliana-san in her swimsuit that I just couldn’t really stop myself. And it was just as wonderful as I have imagined it to be.」


「Nnnaaahhh…… R-Right. I’m glad that it pleased you so much, Tatsuya-san. But it’s not over yet. Now, please go and enjoy my swimsuit more and more!」


While the heat of their respective climaxes does not cool down at all, Liliana scoops out a huge portion of the semen that was dripping down her face and looked at it sticking to her fingers with a completely mesmerized expression. It was such an erotic sight that Tatsuya’s manhood regained all of its vitality in an instant.


The swimsuit show for just the two of them was far from being over. Quite the opposite, actually. It was only beginning right now.


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