My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 4 Part 2

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



With each breath she took, the itching sensation inside of her crotch was growing more and more unbearable.


Because of that, right now Liliana did not even bother with an imitation of a foreplay, wasting time on caressing herself through her underwear. Instead, her fingers went right in for the kill, stroking her pubic hair and sliding alongside the gaping entrance of her pussy.


「Nkuuh…… Uuuhh~」


At that exact moment, a sensation similar to an electric shock run through Liliana’s entire body. 


She could not see it well, but she could feel that there was a thick trail of slimy and transparent liquid sticking to her fingers.


With just a slight touch, it was more than enough to make Liliana secrete a huge amount of love juices. 


「Haah…… F-For me to…… to be this excited…… Aaahh, nnnhh, haahn……」


With just the slight rubbing, Liliana could feel like her throat was about to squeeze violently as she let her voice out.


Moving her fingers back and forth, she could hear her own crotch making wet and sloppy noises.


The intense feeling of shame was causing her body to become increasingly hot, but the burning sensation in her Liliana’s chest was even hotter than that. It was so hot, in fact, that she wanted to scream out loud, hoping for some sweet release.


「I should be cleaning the house right now, but instead I am doing something so unbecoming…… Nnnhhh, and to top it all off, I’m doing such things right in Tatsuya-san’s bed……!」


If Tatsuya could only know the real Liliana, the shameless one who goes into heat just by smelling his bedsheets and masturbates in his bed because of it, he would surely come to despise her, maybe even drive her out.


Just imagining such a scenario was more than enough to make Liliana’s whole body tremble in fear and terror.


「I’m so sorry, Tatsuya-san! Please… Please forgive me……!」


She was apologizing time after time, but even though she felt truly sorry for doing those things, Liliana’s fingers did not stop even for a moment.


Liliana was truly afraid that Tatsuya might hate her if he was to see her like this. However, since he was also kind and compassionate, there was a part of Liliana that was thinking that he might accept her just the way she was. Even though she was a hopeless pervert like that.


Liliana was aware all too well that right now she was doing something that she absolutely should not be doing, but she was no longer able to stop. And if Tatsuya was to find her like that, then he would surely want to punish such a lewd and indecent woman that she was.


「Tatsuya-san, I’m so sorry, but…… I just can’t bare it anymore!」


While Liliana kept on apologizing to Tatsuya who was not here over and over again, her slender fingers started to dig themselves deeper and deeper into the space in between her legs. 


And since her pussy was already overflowing with large quantities of thick love juices, her fingers managed to sink inside with surprising ease, encountering very little resistance.


As Liliana’s body shook and trembled in pleasure, her expression started to mellow out more and more. While she continued to pleasure herself wrapped in Tatsuya’s bedsheets, she would imagine that it was actually Tatsuya himself who was fingering her so fiercely. This act alone made Liliana feel even more ashamed.


「Ahh, nnh…… Tatsuya-san’s scent…… This is so…… So…… Haah……!!」


Yes, Liliana fully understood that what she was doing right now was unbecoming of a prim and proper woman.


But even so, right now she was no longer able to stop doing what she was doing. Her fingers continued to penetrate her cavity and scrape its walls in a fierce manner, as if they were a completely separate entity with their own will.


It is precisely because of that that Liliana was no longer able to stop pleasuring herself.


「Kufuh, nhh…… Aaahh, uuh, nnh…… Tatsuya-san…… Tatsuya-san……!!」


Without even being aware of it, the name of her beloved person was leaking out of Liliana’s mouth over and over again.


While the movements of the fingers that were violently caressing Liliana’s pussy pick up their pace, Liliana started to caress her mouth with her other hand, all this time feeling the heat that was emanating from the nether regions of her body.


And once her underwear was no longer able to contain all of those love juices, they started to spill out beyond her underwear, dripping down her inner thighs.


「I know that I have to give Tatsuya-san plenty of service tonight, but…… Ahh, ahn…… For some reason I just can’t stop doing this on my own just like that……」


Even though she would scold herself in her mind to stop doing this, the image of Tatsuya’s face was hovering in front of her eyes all the time, urging her to continue with her shameful display while the feeling of incredible happiness was spreading throughout her chest.


Still, this was not her intention at all. True, she thought about pleasuring herself, but not here, not in this place. And definitely not in such a vulgar manner.


But, the sweet pleasure she was able to wring out of herself was all the reason that she needed to carry on, even though the shame just kept on piling up inside of her, making her feel really conflicted about herself.


「Fuuuh…… Haah…… Fuuuh…… Aaahh, Tatsuya-san’s scent…… Tonight, I really need to service Tatsuya-san a whole lot so that I can make it up to him…… But for now… Yes, just for now, let me……」


Liliana was taking deep breaths in order to inhale more and more of Tatsuya’s scent, all the while continuing to apologize to him, even though he was not currently present here. As her pleasure gradually started to raise, her whole body began to squirm and she grasped the bedsheets in a firmer way.


With her head buried in the sheets, and the smell of her beloved Tatsuya surrounding her from every direction, she continues to writhe in pleasure without a single care in the world.


Those sheets may have been fresh out of the washing machine, but at this point Liliana no longer cared if she is going to get them all dirty and wrinkled, embedding the scent of her own lewdness into them as well as the stains of her love nectar.


It was all the fault of Tatsuya’s scent embedded in those sheets. It was precisely that that got Liliana so aroused, and every second it was dancing inside of her nasal cavity it made her feel as though she was about to lose her mind.


「Fuaah! Akuuuh…… F-For this place, to become so big and swollen as well…… NNH!」


While Liliana’s fingers were ravaging the inside of her pussy, she also happened to brush against the swollen and hard protrusion located just above the entrance to her wet insides. And the pleasure and shock she felt at that moment was so great that Liliana’s back arched strongly, her whole body almost jerking violently in the air.


Realizing just how much pleasure that action could bring her, Liliana focused the movements of her hand around that place, seeking to wring as much ecstasy as she could from it, carefully imitating the way in which Tatsuya would caress her there.


Liliana’s lips trembled while her lewd moans continued to leak out, echoing throughout the apartment. 


Why is it that she felt this way towards Tatsuya’s bed and his scent today? She wanted to ask herself that question, but she no longer possessed sanity and mental capacity to be able to answer that kind of question.


「Just a whiff of Tatsuya-san’s scent is enough to make me become so incredibly wet out of nowhere…… I’m sorry! I’m so sorry for this, Tatsuya-san! Please forgive me! B-But, I can no longer stop my hands from moving, either! …… Haah, haa…… It’s all that scent’s fault! Tatsuya-san’s scent has made my body feel so incredibly sensitive…… Aaahh!!」」


While Liliana was desperately mumbling excuses to justify her shameful behavior just now, her hands continued to rub and pinch on her enlarge clitoris over and over again, sending spasms of numbing shock throughout her body. The pleasure was so great for her that she thought that she was going to be unable to breathe because of that.


Due to the intense shock and pleasure each spasm was giving Liliana as it ran across her spine, her genitals were spewing out even more lewd liquids, and they were thoroughly soaking into the bedsheets and the mattress underneath them. 


When Liliana met Tatsuya for the first time, she was under the impression that he was an incredibly kind and helpful person. After all, one has to be like that to help out a random stranger who they just happened to meet in the back alley in the middle of the town.


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