My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 4 Part 3

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



After that, he let Liliana stay with him in his apartment. Day after day, the two of them started to grow more and more attracted towards one another, to the point where Liliana decided that she wanted to devote the rest of her life to repaying Tatsuya for his kindness, helping him out and serving him in any way she could.


It could very well be here that Liliana’s affection for Tatsuya finally managed to influence both her mind and her body to the point that even the slightest detail connected to Tatsuya was more than enough to get her in the mood. So it might actually been something completely else from Liliana being a lewd and shallow woman, as opposed to the fact that she was agonizing over so much. 


The more Liliana was thinking about Tatsuya, the greater the pleasure she was able to excavate from inside of herself. And the more she continued to tease and caress her most sensitive spots, more ripples of pleasure was echoing throughout her entire body.


「Tatsuya-san……! Tatsuya-san……!!」


Her voice was mellow and overflowing with both longing and desire.


With the picture of Tatsuya filling the entirety of Liliana’s mind, she grasped her clitoris firmly in her fingers, rubbing it strongly. Then, she inserted her love juice-covered fingers back inside of the her pussy and started to stir it violently.


Soon enough, the image of Tatsuya, his scent and the accumulating pleasure managed to erode every single last one speck of feelings of guilt and shame that might have been left inside of Liliana’s mind. She no longer felt guilty for getting in Tatsuya’s bed and staining it all over with her own love nectar.


「Aaahhh……!! Good! Good! It feels so incredibly good, Tatsuya-san! Haah, aahhh, kuh, nnh……!! Tatsuya-san’s lingering scent is the only thing I can think of right now…… I know that doing this by myself is wrong, but please forgive me! This feels way too good for me to stop myself from doing it!」


Wanting to feel even better, Liliana tried to push her finger deep inside of her pussy, trying to see just how far she would be able to reach.


And once she reached the point where her finger would not go in deeper any more, she started to stir her insides up.


The movement of her fingers was slowly starting to resemble the way in which Tatsuya would usually move when he was inside of her, aiming at Liliana’s deepest parts, the ones that would give her the greatest pleasure there was to give. And every time Liliana’s fingers brush against that deepest part of her insides, her voice would reach the new heights of pleasure.


In addition, the abundance of love nectar covering her insides made it easy for Liliana’s fingers to run amok inside of herself, stirring up her pleasure and making those love juices foam up from the sheer force and intensity of her movements.


「Even though we did it just yesterday…… Nnnhhh, aahh, i-it was not enough for me, it seems…… B-But I have to finish this quickly, I need to clean the room before Tatsuya-san comes back…… Naah, oooh…… But I have never wanted to do this before so much…… Ahh, b-but what if this is not going to be enough for me, either? W-Will Tatsuya-san make love to me again today? Maybe then I will finally be able to calm down……」


Just the thought of that was enough for Liliana to swallow down hard.


While she was still pleasuring herself, her thoughts were already drifting towards what the two of them would be doing tonight in the bed.


Liliana was the one who should be servicing Tatsuya with all of her heart, but the thought of Tatsuya accepting all of her selfishness and comforting her as many times as there would be necessary was sending shivers of pleasure up and down Liliana’s spine, a sensation that she was unable to stop or fully control.


Liliana’s fingers continued to piston her in a fast and steady rhythm, and she could feel that she was already starting to approach the climax she was longing for so much.


「Ahnh, aaahhh…… The inside of my stomach aches so much and feels so hot…… Tatsuya-san’s, nkuuh, aaahn, nnh…… Tatsuya-san’s semen, pouring itself all the way to the back inside of me…… Please, Tatsuya-san, give it to me…….! Give me your precious sperm some more……!!」


Liliana utters those words as if in fever, begging the Tatsuya who was not her to grant her wishes and give her the pleasure she was so desperately craving.


It felt as though her previous shame and embarrassment were only a lie or a mirage that was never here in the first place, and now her own words were exciting her beyond belief.


She took a firm grasp of her swollen and erect clitoris and started to rub it and squeeze it furiously, no longer caring if the pleasure would be too much for her to bear.


Also, in order to make the feeling of her fingering herself as close as possible to the feeling of Tatsuya’s penis, she inserted another finger inside of her pussy and started to make a good use of it right from the get-go.


「T-Tatsuya-san……! Kufuh, nnnhyii…… Please give it to me! Give it to me all the way inside of me!」


Inside of Liliana, there was a massive pleasure accumulating, one that was about to overflow any minute now.


But still, she was not slowing down or picking up her pace. Her fingers were still going at the same pace, in a steady rhythm, squeezing out as much pleasure out of her insides as she possibly could.


Letting out a scream-like voice, Liliana’s entire body twitched violently. She was imagining that it was Tatsuya’s penis that was knocking up at the entrance of her uterus just now, and the memory of the joy this would bring her made her experience a pleasure that was on a completely different level than usual.


「Tatsuya-san, please, I beg of you…… My lewd insides…… Ooohh, nnh, fill them up with you precious semen and make me into a sloppy mess!」


Liliana shrieked in a lewd and sensual voice, stretching her legs wide apart and pressing her fingers inside of her with a newly found strength and vigor.


There was so much love juices dripping out of her pussy right now that almost the entire bedsheets were drenched in them, a wet and sloppy mess completely different from how they used to be just a moment ago.


And the more aware Liliana was of the reality of what she was doing, the whiter her vision was starting to become. Feeling that she was right on the edge of reaching her climax, she closed her eyes and swallowed hard, bracing herself for what was about to come.


「Aaahh, I’m about to cum! I’m about to cum while being wrapped in Tatsuya-san’s scent! Naah, nnnhh, I’m so sorry, Tatsuya-san! Please forgive me! Please forgive me for being so selfish and feeling good on my own! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!」


Being all alone in the house, Lilaina’s back finally arched violently as she was overcome with the strongest ecstasy today, the one that threw her off the edge without any prior warning whatsoever.


The pleasure penetrated her whole body, her vision went completely dark and completely white in an instant, and the strong tremors rocking her whole body showed no signs of stopping at all.


「Ahh, aaahhh……! …… Fuah, ahh…… Aaah, haah, haah, haahn…… Nnnhh!!」 


After a moment that felt nealry as long as enternity itself, the waves of climax finally wash off of Liliana, her muscles finally relaxed and she lost all of her strength, falling right on top of the bed.


Her limbs motionless and unable to move even an inch, Liliana’s chest was moving hard up and down, desperately seeking air that could fill her lungs once more.


Listening to the fastened and violent rhythm of her own heartbeat, Liliana was overcome with the feeling of tremendous shame, and she chewed onto the bedsheets in desperation. But even so……


Even after all this, those sheets were still filled with reassuring scent of her beloved Tatsuya. That fact alone was more than enough to make a lonely smile bloom on Liliana’s lips.

「–––––– I cannot believe this! What have I done!? What was I thinking!?」


When Liliana finally managed to regain hers senses enough to get up from the bed, about thirty minutes or so passed.


It seems that the fatigue caused by pleasuring herself so violently was so great that she actually managed to black out for a moment out there, but once she has regained her consciousness she found out that her raging heartbeat managed to calm down quite considerably. Right now, her senses were back with her, and she could once more think about things calmly and rationally. 


And then almost right away she fell headfirst into guilt-fueled depression.


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