My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 7 Part 3

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Feeling that his ejaculation was fast approaching, Tatsuya also picked up the movement of his tongue, not wanting to lose to Liliana. He then grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them open, creating for himself even easier access to Liliana’s most private parts, and then he started to lick them all over again and blow his hot breath over them. 


And then a certain thought occurred to him. There was one part of Liliana that was twitching and puckering slightly, one that he was yet to claim as his. He then pressed his finger against that tight hole and slowly inserted it inside, while the hole tried to push him out.




The moment Tatsuya’s finger crawled its way right inside of Liliana’s anus while his mouth still continued to lick her pussy clean all over, Liliana let out a lust-filled scream unlike of which she has never let out before.


While Liliana was instantly stunned by the kind of stimulation  that she never experienced before, her body was constantly secreting her lewd liquids without a moment of break,  and the droplets of her juices kept on splashing all over Tatsuya, which he would then gratefully swallow down.


「Puhaaah, nuuuhhh…… T-Tatsuya-san, t-that place is…… my butt……? Aahh, i-if you keep on touching me there, I…… Nhyiih, c-cumming! I’m cumming!!!」


Not only her pussy was being played with right now, but it was also her anus as well. But even though she begged Tatsuya to stop it, from the way in which her body reacted to that stimulation it was clear that she did not really disliked it. What’s more, she shook her hips slightly, seemingly in the way of protest, but actually it was so that she could feel this intense stimulation even more.


「But surely it feels good to you, right, Liliana-san? Besides, if you do not like it, then how do you explain those gushing love juices of yours?」


It was really lovely to see Liliana react so sensitively to this new form of caress, and Tatsuya continued to assault her two holes with his tongue and his fingers at the same time, eager to see more of Liliana’s cute reactions.


At the same time he also continued to scoop up Liliana’s gushing liquids with his tongue so that he could smear them all over her pussy right away, and then he gently grabbed her from both sides, stretching her anus apart and widening the already tight hole.


「Nhaah, aaahh, my butt! At the same time…… Nhyiiih, noo, even though it’s really embarrassing, it also feels so good! Nguuh, *slurp*, *suuuuuuck*!!!」


Despite being overwhelmed with shame from having her butthole stretched apart and played with by Tatsuya, Liliana did not forget to keep on servicing him in return for his efforts.


But also, at the same time she was trying her best to get her dirty hole as far away from Tatsuya as possible.


And without even having to think about it, she ended up taking Tatsuya’s penis inside of her mouth even deeper, making loud and wet noises as she did so.


「Kuh, fuuh, nnh, uuuhh…… Good… this feels really good, Liliana-san!」


「Nguuh, nguuh…… Nnnhhh, Tatsuya-san, you’re twitching so much and… Aaahh, it seems that you have grown slightly bigger again, nnh…… Tatsuya-san, are you about to cum soon……?」


Hearing just how much Tatsuya was enjoying her body as well as her blowjob, Liliana gladly picked up her pace and started to move in an even more intense way when she realize that Tatsuya might actually be approaching his limits.


She adjusted her position and shook her face fiercely, steadily driving Tatsuya towards his ejaculation.


「Liliana-san, you also seem like you’re approaching your limits…… Your pussy is twitching and contracting so much, and your butthole is trying to clench itself shut…… Uuh, kuh!!!」


Despite being sensually shaken and suffering from the ever-increasing urge to ejaculate, Tatsuya keeps his mouth glued to Liliana’s genitals, and just lets his tongue run wild all over the place there, pushing Liliana closer and closer to her own orgasm.


「Fuaaah, ahyiih…… T-That’s right…… Nhh, hnn…… M-My butt, even though it’s embarrassing…… but Tatsuya-san’s fingers toying with it feel so good! Nuuuh, aahh, but even though it feels so good, I don’t want to finish before you do, Tasuya-san! Together, please……! Let’s cum together, aaahh, nhh……!!!」


「Y-Yeah, let’s cum together! I’ll try to hold it in just a little longer, so please do your best to hold back as well, Liliana-san……!」


In order to respond to Liliana’s plea, who apparently couldn’t stand it any longer, Tatsuya pierced the pussy as far as possible with his tongue while also not forgetting to caress her other hole while he was being at it.


Of course, when it comes to Liliana’s butt, he also tried to stick his fingers inside of it as far as possible, while constantly fighting the immense pressure that tried to expel the foreign objects out.


「Hyuuhh, nfuuhn…… G-Good, it feels like my butt is going to cum as well! Aaahhh!!」


Tightening her lips in reaction to this weird and unfamiliar sensation, Liliana lets out a loud roar as her whole body shakes and twitches violently. Tatsuya also stopped resisting the sweet sensation that was building up inside of him, and let it just naturally overflow from the core of his body and overwhelm him.


And just as they agreed on, the two of them rushed towards their respective peaks of their pleasure, and their visions were clouded by the sudden flashes of white lightning.


「Me too, I’m cumming as well, Liliana-san! Take it! Take it all……!!」


Tatsuya then managed to utter those words while he also bent his finger inside of Liliana’s anus. In response to that, Liliana’s peach-shaped but shook and trembled like crazy.


「G-Go right ahead! Please cum as much as you like, Tatsuya-san! Y-Your fingers, they are reaching so deep inside of my butt……!! Nhaaah, apuuh!? Nnh, nfuuh, nnh, aaahhh!?」


At that moment the really tense meat stick pulsated inside of Liliana’s mouth and exploded with all of its stored up lust in there, gushing out a plethora of thick, white liquid that was released the moment when Tatsuya’s excitement has reached its peak.


But even so, Liliana never backed away or let go of Tatsuya’s manhood with her lips, accepting inside of her every last drop of Tatsuya’s cloudy-white spunk. And as she began to swallow it all down ,her whole body instinctively trembled and shivered.


Every time Liliana’s throat tightens as she swallows, a new portion of her love juices would splash out from within her, and after a moment of staying just like that all the strength has left her lower body and her put plunged right into Tatsuya’s face.


「Haah, haah…… Amazing! That was really amazing, Liliana-san!」


Tatsuya’s eyes were shining brightly while his face was completely drenched in Liliana’s love juices.  It would seem that the pleasure of having both her pussy and butt stimulated at once, combined with the joy of swallowing his thick load created a new form of pleasure that Liliana has never experienced before.


「Nfuaah, aahh, no, don’t! I told you to stop, Tatsuya-san, but you just would not do it! Nhyiih, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Tatsuya-san! Nguuuh, aahh!! I’m so, so sorry for what I have done now!」


While uttering an apology with a voice as if she was about to cry, Liliana was still riding on top of the waves of pleasure that were washing over her body.


And then, when their respective climaxes finally started to subside, the two of them let out a deep sigh and they fell on top of the bed sheets with their limbs devoid of any strength.


「Nnh, nhh, kuaah, aah!…… Just look that you have done to me, Tatsuya-san~.」


Even though she gulped down a huge portion of his semen, and even though she just went through such an intense orgasm, the look in Liliana’s eyes was clearly saying that she was far from being done and that she still wanted more.


Of course, the same could be said for Tatsuya, but first he had to reassure Liliana that everything was alright.


「Please, calm down, Liliana-san. I’m not upset or anything. I don’t really care about stuff like that. Rather, I’m really happy that you seemed to have enjoyed yourself quite a bit there.」


While saying that, Tatsuya backed away slightly from Liliana’s behind and showed her his wet tongue, as if that was supposed to serve as proof for his words. He then traced with his tongue over his love nectar-drenched lips and swallowed that huge helping.


「Hyah!? T-Tatsuya-san!?」


「See? I really do not care about stuff like that at all. I mean, I wouldn’t really mind if you were to do something like this to me some more.」


「Umm, does that mean that…… I can still service you some more?」


「But of course. You see? My erection hasn’t subsided at all yet. So if I could ask you to carry on, Liliana-san, that would really make me happy.」


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