My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 68


Translator: Cyrus

Now that I think about it, Surfania and Leon have only met once.
On top of that, they barely said a word to each other. The closest interaction they had was over a board game. It’s bad for nobility to forget someone that easily, but I can’t help it if she’s really forgotten him.

“Well, it’s not that you’re especially unimpressionable or that your situation is just as forgettable.”
“Thanks for the lousy consolation.”

He puts his hand on my shoulder, but there’s no gratitude behind his thanks.
While this was happening, Surfania ran to the corner of the room. Shutting herself in there, she stares at Leon, on guard against him.
Let me speak my thoughts on the current situation.
It’s interesting.

“Come on, Leon. Go talk to her.”
“No way. She’s completely on guard. She looks like she doesn’t know me at all.”
“It’s alright. She’ll get used to you.”

I egg him on because Surfania’s acting funny. If anything, it’s a good chance for her to get used to interacting with people.
Leon reluctantly approaches Surfania who’s completely on her guard.

“Well then, Lady Chris. How did you come to know about this place?”
“Hm? One of the maids resides near this church. When she came back from her break, she told me she saw you here, Mariwa.”

After doing some research, I found out that Leon comes here too.
I came here thinking maybe I could see them. I did tell Mariwa I was coming to visit, so it was never a problem.
I’m thinking about bringing Michelie here next time. Bringing Surfania here this time was merely the rehearsal.
But things have become more interesting than expected.
I observe Surfania, who’s beginning to threaten Leon with a glare.

“I see. That’s how it is. Well, I wasn’t trying to hide the fact, but I didn’t expect one of the maids to see me here, either.”
“Yeah. So why do you come here, anyway?”

The maid simply saw her in this church, but doesn’t know why she comes here.
Mariwa herself has some social status. There has to be a reason why she’s coming all the way out of town.

“I’ve simply been teaching a talented and diligent child with bright prospects. Since I had the good fortune to meet him, I thought I might as well invest in him a little.”

Leon was indeed depicted as a talented person in Labyrinth Destiny. Mariwa certainly has insight.
I’m convinced of the reason itself, but something bugs me.
I take a peek at her face.

“So who’s more talented, me or him?”
“I do not compare my students with one another. You are you, and Leon is his own self.”

As one who holds formalities despite having a private life, Mariwa dodges my question with a sound argument, and my indirect attempt at receiving praise as well. I pout silently.
In the first place, the Noir family is paying Mariwa for educating me, yet Leon is receiving the same education in this church for free. Perhaps I’ll ask him how far he’s progressed. As if reading my thoughts, she begins speaking.

“First of all, how do you intend to compare yourself with a child who receives education only once a week? And at such a huge advantage, no less.”

I become silent in earnest thought. Mariwa breaks the silence.

“But looking at Lady Surfania and Leon……”

I look at what she’s seeing.
Surfania’s still hiding in the corner, keeping Leon at bay. Leon himself is consciously keeping his distance, as if he’s at a loss as to what to do with a small animal.

“It’s quite an interesting sight, don’t you think?”

I completely agree.
The most interesting thing is Surfania openly showing her timidness. She looks just like a cat who’s seen someone for the first time.

“Is she really going to debut in high society in the future, I wonder?”
“Who knows? Well, such a situation is certainly a surprise. However, no matter how others may criticize her, she is free to live as she desires.”
“Well it should matter.”
“Please tell that to Lady Surfania instead.”

Mariwa and I are talking excitedly about Surfania without a care.

“However, they should at least talk with each other, if only a little. Otherwise, it will negatively affect their motivation.”
“Leaving Surfania aside, will this really affect Leon?”
“Yes. Greatly, I might add.”

I ponder about this. I don’t know why exactly, but Mariwa seems certain about it.

“That said, Surfania is extremely shy…… I doubt she can overcome it within a single day.”
“Getting Lady Surfania to eat the bait would prove to be effective. Do you happen to know what she likes, Lady Chris?”
“Hmm…… I would say, entertainment novels and board games, if there are any here.”
“Ah, there are some.”

I could never imagine entertainment being remotely related to churches. Mariwa gives a single nod in response to my surprised look.

“Yes. It would seem that the priest here has an interest in them. Let’s see…… here they are.”

She takes a board game from the cupboard without a second thought. She has a perfect grasp of the place she’s simply borrowing.

“Yes. now we have some bait. ……Leon! Come here for a second!”

I take the the board game from Mariwa and call out to Leon.

“Hey, Chris. Does she dislike me for some reason?”
“She just acts like that in front of people she’s unfamiliar with.”

He seems more depressed than I thought. Though it’s only natural when someone you know is putting up their guard against you.
Leon sighs in deep relief.

“I see. She’s just shy.”
“Yeah. She becomes impudent once she gets used to you though…… anyway, help me with the preparations here.”
“Huh? Preparations for what?”
“You getting along with Surfania. Here, let’s move the desks first.”

I give my support to the confused Leon. We move the chairs and put some desks together, then place the seats so they can face each other.

“Then we’ll put this here. Now, sit there, Leon.”

I place the board game on top of the desks. Now for the difficult part: getting his opponent to sit here.


Surfania looks at what we’ve set up and twitches in response.
She approaches the table with caution, step by step.
That’s just… funny.

“Heh… Heheh…… Hm?!”
“Milady, let us enjoy this in silence.”

Mariwa holds my laughter back for me. Indeed, it’s highly possible that Surfania will start sulking if she notices us enjoying the situation. I nod in silence, and gently move her hand away.
It’s rare to see Mariwa enjoying herself like this too. I’m surprised to find out that she may well be into pranks herself.
We watch over the both of them, and Surfania finally sits and faces Leon.

“Um, let’s play?”

Surfania nods at his suggestion without a word.



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