My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 75


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Normally at dinner the Noir table bubbling with conversation.

Father, Michelie and I were all gathered together to have dinner tonight. As usual Michelie and I were exchanging everything that happened during the day while gathering information, it was a fun mealtime activity. Even delicious food will be spoilt by a bad mood. Since I knew that, I was saving up all the times I got to each happily with Michelie like this.

Yet, right now the table held the atmosphere of a funeral.




A silence of three people saying nothing. The only sound was the echo of tableware. Even I, who normally livened up our dinners, had my mouth firmly closed. My hands holding the knife and fork moved heavily as the dinner seemed to drag on. My appetite had completely disappeared.

Even Michelie was still feeling down. Even her golden hair that always shone seemed to have darkened. She sat there – despondent. With slow movements she worked through her plate, taking small bites. So cute, even when she’s feeling down my sister is still cute.

Only one person, Father, had said, “Why is everyone so down?” as a small try, but he had tucked into dinner with his usual vigour.

The reason we’re so down, was because of a topic that already came up during dinner.


Even if my heart feels hollow, I still have something I must say.

Fate is cruel. It crushes my heart. My plan that would start from spring, entering into The Royal Academy. That was where fate had prepared a large trap for me.

The Royal Academy was a boarding school.

I’ll say that again.

It’s a boarding school.

As soon as Father mentioned it during the meal, both Michelie and I had frozen.

“I won’t go to the Royal Academy”


My Father ignored my appeal.

As if pretending he didn’t hear me, he kept on eating. If you ignore it all, don’t fantasise that it will just go away Father. Even I, his daughter, has to say how stupid by Father was acting trying to feign innocence.

Beside me, Michelie was holding onto my skirt.

“Big Sister…you won’t leave right?”

“I won’t leave…There’s no way I can abandon you and leave, right?!”

“You will go.”

My previously silent Father suddenly came between us sisters.


Michelie turned her entreating eyes on Father.

Even though Michelie, who was always so obedient, was rebelling on this, Father just looked away as if he couldn’t see it.

Still, if Michelie is of the same opinion as me then I have no hesitation. With my conviction prepared, I confronted Father.

“Do you have a problem, Father? Since I said I won’t go, I will not go. Is there anything more important than my will?!”

“Just why are you complaining so much, Christina…”

Father is acting as if he’s facing a selfish brat saying nonsense.

Finally beginning to speak, Father met my stare.

“Christina. What you will gain at that school, do you really not understand how important it is? You were originally looking forward to starting school. Why all of a sudden have you changed your mind?”

“Because…I didn’t realise all students had to live in the dormitory.”

I knew it had a dormitory, but I thought it was just for students who lived quite far away.

I didn’t think they’d go so far as to force nobles who lived so close to the school to also live in the dormitory. Certainly I knew that in the game Michelie stayed at the dorm, but I thought that was because of the game Christina’s bullying, they never said it was actually a compulsory dormitory. Until today at dinner Father had said ‘To think from Spring even Christina will be in a dormitory’ Even this house will become so quiet’ uttered looking deeply moved. It was a possibility I hadn’t even considered.

Damn it. I was careless. To go so far as to place a trap here, destiny is truly cunning.

“It’s your own fault you didn’t realise. Anyway, aren’t you going to go to school with the Calibrachoa’s daughter Surfania? Then everything should be fine. If you suddenly pull out, won’t she be quite upset?”


I didn’t get what going to school with Surfania had to do with what we were discussing, but Michelie seemed shaken for some reason.

“Big Sister is happy to be with Miss Surfania, right? Even if I’m not there, if Surfania is then it’s okay?”

“Don’t fall for his rubbish, Michelie. Surfania can cry all she wants.” I sighed.

As Michelie had begun to grasp my hem with all her power, I thought of a very good idea.

Even if Father’s eyes were telling me to be quiet, I had no intention of stopping.

“I know! Father should use his power to force the school to give me special treatment! They can just let me commute instead. Like that, everything will be fine.”

“Absolutely not. I am ordering you to stop with these crazy ideas.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. Our house is so close!”

Rules are rules. Abide by them.”

“Well their rules are stupid! making people live in the dorm, it should only be people from the border!”

If Father is going to crush my idea without even listening, then I won’t listen to him either.

Im the name of my pride and my love for Michelie I say this.

“Who do you think I am? I am Christina Noir The eldest daughter of the Noir house, one of the three great houses of this country. I am Micheli’s Big Sister! If it’s for my sister, I will break this enforced boarding system!”

“You’re so cool, Chris!”

“Of course! I am your Big Sister after all!”

“If you’re such an admirable Big Sister then stop saying such unreasonable things!”

Though Michelie’s eyes were sparking with high praise for my speech, Father quickly cut me down saying I was just being selfish.

“It’s not as if there isn’t a system to let students go out for legitimate reasons, and the half yearly holiday students are free to go wherever. Isn’t it fine since you can play with Michelie as much as you like then?”

I see, I see. He is saying that even if I’m in a dormitory, I can still see Michelie every half year.

…Is he trying to kill me? To only see her one every six months? As if I could stand such a stretch of time being apart from her! I can’t believe this. What the hell are you saying Father?

“I can’t see Big Sister for over half a year…..? Th- that’s ridiculous!”

If the angel by my side, who was so rarely opinionated, will argue on my behalf the there’s no way I can fail here. As long as Michelie is by my side, I shall never yield.

“I’ve already paid for your enrolment and donated to the school. There’s no way I can suddenly cancel your enrolment just like that. Michelie, you should also be reasonable. There’s nothing that can be done.”

“I didn’t know that! Since we’re rich, there’s shouldn’t be any problem?!”

“Enough of this foolishness!”

This time he finally responded to my complaints. It seems Father has no intention of listening to my opinions.

“Father…why are you saying such cruel things? Father, do you hate Big Sister and me now…?”

“Michelie. You too, stop copying Christina’s bad behaviour. Rather, to have to tell you off when you’re usually so good, it hurts my heart…”

“Sounds like you’re saying you don’t care what you say to me, Father!”

I’d expected him to simply glare, but instead Father came back with a scolding.

“Christina, you will stay away from your sister for a while. It’s because you’re always acting like this that Michelie can’t stand on her own two feet. Are you not ashamed as an elder sister?”

“I- I already know!”

I’ve been steadily distancing myself. Michelie’s has already grown so independent these last two years. Even if it’s just a little, she doesn’t depend on my so much that it could be called dependence. I am accomplishing my duties as a Big Sister properly.

Father narrowed his eyes.

“I see, let me ask for reference then, how many more years will it take?”

“Th- that’s…”

The reason I looked at the ground was definitely not an attempt to escape from Father’s gaze.

Because, Michelie can live independently from me, I’m following the plan. Exactly. Slowly, slowly, until the day when Michelie and I will live completely separate.

“…about thirty years left?”

“Oi. Clean the table. Dinner is finished. Ah, also. take away the children’s as well. Even if they haven’t finished, just take it away.”


“How cruel Father!”

In the face of the two sister’s condemnation, dinner was ruthlessly called to a close.

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