My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 76


Translator: CasBrin

Yesterday Father was really quite pigheaded.

Even though I tried to complain during dinner about the compulsory dormitory system, he left saying he had work to do and wouldn’t let me into his study. After banging on his door I was dragged away and locked in my room. Even though it was treason to separate me and Michelie, Father wouldn’t listen to our sisterly bond.

“Even if I go to the Royal Academy, it’s not like classes are compulsory. Most of all, I’ve already studied everything in the curriculum anyway! So there’s no reason I have to go. Isn’t that right charles!”

“Exactly Chris!”

The one who responded, eyes gleaming with spirit was Charles.

Even though he was royalty he was so cute always coming over to visit my house. He had already turned 11 this year. Although he and Michelie used to be the same height, Charles has grown to be quite a bit taller.

Even so, his honesty was still his greatest asset, as his emotions were clear on his face. For some reason my fiance was quite pleased when I relayed the situation to him this morning.

“Today Chris is so lively!”

“Of course! because I’m angry now!”

It seems like Charles had taken a different meaning from all this than me, but it didn’t matter. I was in high spirits. I held up my clenched fist above my head to show just how mad I was. Charles raised his hand with a “wow”.

“I thought Father was a better father than this! To try and separate Michelie and me….Oi Charles! Do you have anything to add!”


“Okay, let it out!”

It seemed Charles did after all have have some thoughts on the forced separation of Michelie and me. As expected of my fiance.

At my encouraging response Charles opened his mouth in good humour

“It serves you right!”

“Look Charles, I get it, you are courageous as always in volunteering to fight for me…..!”

My smiling face was shocked as I realised what Charles had just said and I grabbed his face in my hands. In my previous life they called this move the iron claw. I put all my strength into twisting as hard as I could.

“It hurts! This really hurts Chris!?”

“Make peace with it. While I am fond of you, I am still a strict lady.”

Charles tried to pry himself out of my iron claw, but being older my grip was stronger.

Never ever will I lose! How could his reaction to my justified speech be “Serves you right”. Even someone as gentle as me will snap. His timing especially had fired me up.

“While I’m happy you said you’re fond of me, you’re misunderstanding! I wasn’t saying that it serves you right Chris!”

“Oh really now?”

I considered Charles’ appeal for a moment, as a doubt was born. I relaxed my grip ever so slightly.

“Then what did you mean?”

“I meant it serves Michelie right? So let me go already!”

“I understand. we’re going to go into overtime now. Resolve yourself Charles.”

“Wh- why?!”

WHy on earth would this kid think I’d let him go with that. He had just dug his grave deeper.

No matter how Charles complained or screamed I didn’t let him go. I was now putting in more power than before.

As I was punishing Charles a voice came from the side.

‘Oi Christina Noir Let him go—Wah?!”

Turning in the direction of the voice, I threw a nearby jewelry box at them. I thought it was quite a weak throw, but the target screamed when it hit the mark.

“Bastard….Just what are you trying to pull?! The hell do you think I am. How dare you disrespect the crown prince like this!”

“Just when did you sneak into my room you perverted prince!”

“Who you calling a perverted prince?!”

I really don’t think I need to tell you all the names of my enemy shouting at the moment.

With straight blonde hair and blue eyes slightly different to Charles’, it was His Highness Endo. He was a species of annoying bug that would occasionally follow Charles here when he came to visit. While I was busy with Charles he has snuck into my room, I hadn’t noticed him at all until now.

“Ah, it’s you Big Brother”

In order to beat up this idiot who forced himself into my room, I released the iron claw. Charles approached Endo as if he hadn’t just been tortured.

“What are you doing here Big Brother. Weren’t you keeping Michelie company?”

“Aaah. I went to her room, but she wasn’t it sight. Oi Christina Noir. Where’s MIchelie?”

“Well now. That’s something even I don’t know.”

I played dumb to His Highness’ Royal Inquiry.

Of course I actually knew where she was. Since Endo was coming here, Michelie had run away from her room. She’s probably off doing embroidery with a maid somewhere. She’ll come out again once Endo’s gone.

“I see. Michlei is inconsequential, so it’s fine that Chis doesn’t know.”

“Shut it.”


As usual I couldn’t understand the aggression between Charles and Michelie, so I lightly chopped him on the head.

“Hah. Well, since it seems Michelie is busy there’s no helping it. But from that talk just then….bastard, It seems you didn’t know about the dormitory system until now. You have no self respect.”

“Shut it you good-for-nothing Prince! What a hobby you have, eavesdropping.”

“When things don’t go your way, do you always resort to slander? Pathetic. I basically only come during the seasonal school break. How did you not even realise?”

“Seasonal school breaks……? Ahh, I see.”

After all, this year Endo’s visits have always been in the seasons of Summer or Spring. Thinking about it Endo is one year older, so he’s definitely a student there. I see. He came during the twice yearly holiday period. I didn’t realise because I don’t pay attention to someone like Endo.

“My bad, because his highness shows up only in summer and winter, I thought it was just you being weird as usual. So I didn’t really think about it much.”

“What the hell am I to you anyway?!”

“Hmm? Didn’t I just say so now?”

“But Chris, you really have no choice about the dormitory. Finally Michelie is the one who gets left behind for once.”

“The first part was right. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear the second part. This is advice from your older brother. Don’t hang around with this one. Her stupidity will run off on you.”

“How about you stop talking to Charles. You’ll corrupt my fiance and turn him into an idiot and pervert like you Perverted prince!”

I will never get along with this asshole. Since he had fallen in love with Michelie at first sight two years ago, he has been appearing now and then like a stalker to visit her at our house. No way would I ever get along with that. He sticks to her like a bug. He isn’t even good enough to face Michelie, so I’ve been running interference. Even if he gets through my interference, and manages to meet Michelie, it’s not like this useless bug can try anything.

“Oi Christina Noir. Quit calling me a perverted prince. It’s way too harsh….!”

“Hah. I can call scum like you whatever I want to. Since that was what you promised two years ago.”


With a chuckle I proudly squash Endo’s resistance.

There’s nothing wrong with calling a pervert trying to close in on my little sister a pervert to his face and I have no intentions of changing that after this. The special rights I received two years ago have come in more use than I thought they would. Since the only thing this idiotic prince has is his ridiculously high pride, since he put forward the conditions, there’s no way he would break his word.

“Then shall we have another duel with swords this time? My training has been paying off.”

Since the incident with Endo, Mariwa has been teaching me the basics of self defense. Even Mariwa agreed that it was a good idea to be able to protect myself. furthermore, for some reason only in our self defense classes ‘….You have good muscles’, Mariwa unprecedentedly praises me.

While I had never actually fought with anyone, since Mariwa praised my skill, I think I will be fine.

I’ve already given up suspecting why Mariwa knows how to train the body. It’s just mariwa. I’d be more surprised if there were things Mariwa couldn’t teach.

Endo crossed his arms and turned away to my teasing proposal.

“Fuuun. Can you even fight against a girl with a sword?”

Seems this fool who tried to have a duel with me in the past was babbling on about something.

It seems Viscount Igusa’s teaching has improved since two years ago but still….. “Charles. Get away from that idiot. Come here.”

“Yeah ……sure?”

“Hold on a second”

As Charles obediently headed towards me Endo grabbed him to stop him.

“Oi woman. don’t deceive my little brother. Stay here, Charles.”

“Yeah? um, I don’t really mind but….”

“I’m not deceiving anyone, he’s my fiance. Charles, It’s fine so come here.”


Caught between me and Endo, Charles was trying to decide what to do. Of course neither of us would compromise to the other, so we glared at each other over Charles.

Unexpectedly, Charles who was stuck between us took hold of each of our hands.



With a complicated expression, Charles was drawing Endo and my hand’s towards each other. Our fingertips were barely touching. Even if this is such a Charles thing to do, since it’s so sudden I can’t respond immediately.

“Can’t we get along like this?”



Caught unguarded by Charles, I can only stare at my hand touching Endo.

Well, I mean, I get what Charles is trying to do. I can see what he wants to say. But still, this is. Basically, it’s that.

“It will dirty my beautiful lady skin”

“Don’t touch a royal like me, it gives me goosebumps”

It’s basically still the same conclusion.

No matter what Charles says, I will never try and be friends with this guy.

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