My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 83


Translator: CasBrin

In the room where she was abandoned by her only older sister, Michelie Noir stood stock still in blank surprise.

Her hair was scattered on the floor. The wreckage of the golden waves she’d grown for so long. But right now, Michelie’s eyes didn’t even see the hair around her or anything else.

She didn’t care about such a thing. Originally, my most beloved older sister praised my hair saying she likes it, so I asked a maid to help me keep it nice. If it was cut by the person I wanted to impress by growing it long, then I didn’t care about it anymore.

That’s why what had shocked Michelie wasn’t having her hair, a lady’s pride, cut off.

It wasn’t even the words of her always reckless sister either. What had gone straight to her heart were the eyes that Chris had looked at her with.

Narrowed eyes, with the lids slightly hooded, wrinkled eyebrows not quite enough to look displeased. The colour of the eyes that looked at me like that, they had felt murky.

Everyone I had met had looked at me with those eyes.

–what a pitiful child.

The only eyes that had never looked at me that way in this whole world were the black iris’s of my beloved older sister.

That murkiness she had seen, even more so, as it was her beloved sister who they belonged to, was shocking enough to leave Michelie blank with shock temporarily.


How long had she been standing there for.

From Michelie’s downcast form a continuous stream of resentful words, could be heard.


The storm of my feelings couldn’t be kept down, so much so that time seemed to have stopped.

“Absolutely, never forgive……!”

Driven by those violent emotions Michelie’s fists clenched harder and harder.

“Michelie? Ah, I thought you’d be here.”

Michelie was still rooted to the spot by the vortex of unpleasant emotions when the door to the room opened.

Michelie slowly turned towards that rude voice. Standing there, was a boy of the same age, same hair and same colour eyes as her.

“Michelie, I wanted to ask if….eh? You cut your hair Michelie. Anyway, that’s not important.”

The rude boy whole entered without even knocking, was Charles. Charles didn’t even seem to notice Michelie’s emotionless face. he didn’t have any comment on her new shorter than common sense hair length.

“Hey Michelie, Chris is acting weird, did you do something? She told me to go home, then wouldn’t see me to the door and won’t even meet my eyes. Today Chris was even stranger than her second form.”


Completely ignoring Charles’ flood of questions, Michelie called out quietly.


Michelie hated Charles. She firmly believe she would never see eye to eye with him.

But, throwing aside her hostility at her natural enemy, there was something she absolutely had to accomplish.

In response to Michelie’s words Charles frowned.

“What, all of a sudden.”

“Because I cannot forgive. So cooperate”


The wrinkle between Charles’ brows deepened at Michelie’s unclear explanation.

Of course he would react like that. Just as Michelie hates Charles, Charles also hates Michelie. Suddenly being asked by an enemy to cooperate with them without an explanation, of course he wouldn’t easily agree.

Because Charles and Michelie both share the same most important person in the world.

Like repels like. Which was also why Michelie was sure Charles would help her.

“That big Sister has changed, you noticed right Charles?”

“Well, yeah Chris has been weird today….”

“Then cooperate”

Even if I resent it, The person who cares the most about my sister other than me is Charles. Normally that repelled me. But today was different.

Michelie held out her hand to Charles

“Help me find out what hurt Big Sister”

Charles eyed her outstretched hand as if it were a slug.

“You mean, the cause of Chris’s change?”


“The cause, it’s something that’s hurting Chris right?”

“Big Sister looked like she was in pain”

“She didn’t turn back to normal at all?”

“…This hair, it was Big Sister who chopped it off”

Holding a piece of her now short hair Michelie said who cut it.

Hearing that, Charles’ eyes narrowed.


Chris, who always exclaims that she loves Michelie the most in the world, performed such a rash and violent act. Even if it sounded ridiculous, Charles would understand since he saw Chris with his own eyes.

Chris having gone so far, she wouldn’t be able to come back so easily.

When her hair was cut, in Chris’ eyes Michelie had seen fierce resolution, sacrifice and pity.

The change in Chris’s heart, it isn’t like what happened with Charles. At that time Chris’s change of heart had been because of a clear outside cause. And that was something that time alone could not erase.

“So cooperate with me”


Charles took Michelie’s hand only as much was necessary looking, disgusted to even touch her.

“I will cooperate with you. Since it’s for Chris.”

“That’s right. Cooperation for Big Sister’s sake”

Between the two people holding hands, there wasn’t the slightest bit of trust. All that held them together was the shared interest of doing it for Chris.

“But, I will definitely rescue Chris. Michelie you’ll be useful for that”

“f course. Same to you Charles, I won’t get in your way.”

Michelie looked at Charles coldly.

Something had muddied that black that had glittered the most in the world. Somewhere out there was the bastard who had broken the heart of Chris, the most amazing person in the world. And so, what Michelie should do as a sister was clear.

“The person who made Big Sister have those eyes. That bastard who obstructed my Big Sister’s life…..!”

As her head rose, eyes wide open, face dyed with anger, in those blue eyes burned resolution.

“I will never forgive them!”

Held by that flood of emotions, driven by her fury, Michelie took her first step.

It was the first step towards crushing the destiny Chris knew to pieces.

Elsewhere, Father muttered “….I felt a chill”

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