My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 97


Translator: Casbrin

At this Academy, the student council room was a sanctuary of sorts.

Teachers hardly came, and there are restrictions on which students can enter.

For the student council room, no one except members can enter. The student council members were a collection royalty and particularly, high ranking nobles. There is a terrifying story that once there was a commoner elected to the student council, but the backlash was so great they eventually ran away from the school for good.

Listening to a story like that, it makes me think this school is really warped.

In our country, there has been a rise in affluent families who aren’t part of the aristocracy. For that reason, a school where a person’s parent’s wealth or status was irrelevant was needed. Aside form nobles, rich families became to control the economy too, unlike previous schools, it was hoped that this school would be a great equaliser since it made dormitory mandatory.

However, as it’s prestige as a learning institution rose, previously home educated royalty even begun to attend the school.

Because of that, social classes ended up seeping through the whole school, and, well, there’s not much that can be done about that.

Well, my fate won’t let me stay until graduation anyway. For a school that has become entrenched with the distorted structure of this country, nothing can be done.

Basically, the student council room is perfect for having conversations you don’t want others hearing.

In that very same student council room, His Highness and I were sitting across from each other.

“Well then Your Highness. How was yesterday. Did it go well?”

That isn’t to say it was just the two of us. My second in command, Rona, who was also secretary of the student council, was here as well, but she was currently preparing tea in another room. Having read the situation, she had made herself scarce.

Our conversation topic was, of course, the encounter between His Highness and Michelie yesterday. Even though I had provided him with a perfect situation, I couldn’t help worrying about how the main actor, His Highness, could mess up.

“It greatly troubles me, whether or not I ought to trust someone like you.”

I asked for details on yesterday, so why did I get this nonsense instead?

With no clue why he said that, I could only incline my head in confusion.

While I didn’t tell His Highness about my previous life’s knowledge and my destiny, I did let him know in advance that I would harass Michelie.

“….What do you mean? Was there a mistake somewhere in the advice I gave you?”

“Rather, you were greatly mistaken. You were fundamentally wrong in the information you gave me.”


What do you mean fundamentally?

How could there be a fundamental flaw in my carefully prepared plan? As if I would believe such a stupid false claim. I say I can’t believe it but, these are the words of someone who was there I can’t just ignore them.

In this carefully planned story I have to act as both the director and as an actor. If there is a discrepancy, then it makes things different from the fate I’m supposed to love. No matter what, I have to fix this.

“What exactly was wrong. Michelie was surely crying in that cafeteria. It ought to have made a favourable impression if you went there and comforted her.”

“Aaah, well she was crying.”

His Highness confirmed what I had said.

If it was like that, then there couldn’t have been anything wrong with my advice.

“Michelie was so happy she was moved to tears.”

Wait a, that makes no sense.

“How could you tell me to go and comfort Michelie when she was crying of happiness huh. I have no idea what you want from me.”

“Eh? Wha, what do you mean?”

“….I don’t have any more words for someone as dense as you. After all, I should really stop putting my trust in you huh.”

Grr, this conceited prince.

“What’s with that. Isn’t this Your Highness’ misunderstanding? Isn’t this just you misreading the perfect situation I set up? How unsightly, to fail and then blame me!”

“Shut it ugly. Rather…”

Ignoring my complaints, His Highness changed topic.

Since it’s not going in his favour he’s trying to escape now huh. However I’m not in the mood to be deceived. I was about to snap back at him when-

“Christina Noir. You haven’t seen Charles yet.”

From this inconvenient topic he presented, I quickly looked away.

“Wha, What are you talking about.”

“I’m saying, that even though Charles has entered the academy, you still haven’t shown your face in front of him.”

“…..Shut it.”

Why do I have to hear things like this from Endo.

Even though I think that, I can’t argue back. While I am still at this school, I will not meet Charles, this is the reality I have chosen.

As I sunk into silence, Endo let out a sigh.

“Honestly, whatever happened to change your heart three years ago, It has nothing to do with me. Since it’s convenient I thought I could utilize it, I thought as long as you don’t get in my way it was enough. That’s why I’m not going to look into it.”

He was going to look the other way at my strange behaviour.

His Highness has matured into an adult. By actually interacting with people, he has gained a sense of balance with human relations. For Endo, it seem these four years as a student has had a positive influence on his personality.

I will honestly recognise this.

“It’s a problem between you and Charles. Anyway, you’re the one who will regret it in the end. It not something I should be involved in.

“…..I don’t regret it at all.”

I pursed my lips.

I have, I have done what I must do. I have no room for regrets. That’s why, unless it is necessary for my plan, I will not reach toward anything else.

I am in love with Charles. That feeling will never change.

However, there is not even a year left until my ruin.

ALthough i decided to force the progression of Endo’s route, knowing what I do, to meet Charles, it just too cruel. I don’t care about me, but I will never drag Charles into an end that will only cause him sadness,

Endo who knows nothing of my considerations for others, simply scoffs.

“Whatever is up with your feelings, I don’t care. Don’t underestimate Charles though. He is….frankly terrifying.”

To Endo’s faraway look, even I smile bitterly.

Surely because we’re both his family, we understand perfectly. And even I agree with him on that.

“I know”

Charles is that sort of person.

I know that much after all. Charles is honest with his own feelings, which is even more reason why I must not waver. Without caring about the surroundings, faithful to his desires, that attitude, is such that sometimes it is frightening.

But, my remaining time isn’t even a full year. Even Charles, by himself there’s nothing he can do.

With my solemn agreement, the conversation has abruptly ended. seeing that out conversation has quietened down, Rona has returned with tea.

“Please, lady Christina. I put my whole heart into this tea.”

“Thank you.”

Drinking the tea Rona presented with a smile, I find some calm.

Since there is no more reason to converse with His highness, I shall make idle chat wit Rona instead.

“How is the student council doing? With His Highness, things must be quite difficult.”

“Yes. two years ago was especially difficult. Really, his HIghness knew nothing about the the hearts and minds of people in this world….Recently though his attitude has become a lot more understanding.”

Endo seems to be making a bitter face at our remarks. Serves you right.

“When I think of how lady Christina shall be the next student president, I will do my utmost!”

“…I, I see.”

I can only ignore the words Rona says, as her smile knows nothing of what will happen in the near future. It is good to throw in my surroundings and express harsh words, but it is an idea that I become a Yes-Man.

In the first place, the president is decided by a vote amongst the student council. Strictly speaking, I am an outsider. I am not a member of the Student Council. I only come here because it’s convenient to talk to Endo, I could never be the president since I don’t even belong to the student council in the first place.

“Don’t talk about such odd things, Ronafia I will never allow a savage like her to become the student council president of our esteemed school.”

“Hmm. Is that so, Your highness…”

To the words of His Highness, the current president, Rona responds with an ice cold voice.

Her eyes cold, Rona extends a cup to Endo.

“If you please, Your Highness. I wholeheartedly put some tap water in a cup for you.”


Preparing in advance, Rona is someone who can really read the atmosphere.

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