Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 1.4

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

I was a little surprised looking at the pictures.

They were pictures taken of the room from different angles. The interior was quite clean and showed the room fully furnished. What caught my attention the most was that there was a cute girl in the pictures. She made all sorts of adorable poses and was smiling while making a peace sign. If it was professional artwork, the title would be『when I came home, my girlfriend was relaxing』

「Um, is this the current resident? 」

「No, currently there is no one living there」

Of course, if someone was staying there, it would not be available to rent. That meant that the girl was a model. I see, I didn’t realize there were such sophisticated ways to photograph a room to showcase it. That said, the girl is quite cute. She was probably my type.

「Um, what is the name of this girl? 」

It was a model that I had not seen before, so I could not help but ask.

「Am I terribly sorry. I do not know what her name is」

I see. She must not be that famous, but she was cute. Surely, she would become popular soon. I must look her up later.

While thinking this in my head I returned to the main conversation.

「This room has furniture already in it, but are there any views without it? 」

「No, this room has a TV, PC, washing machine, and various other things included」

I was very grateful that the room was fully furnished because I couldn’t afford to buy any.

「But isn’t this room quite expensive? 」

「No, the rental cost is ¥5,000 per month」

    After hearing that price I thought it was a joke.

「¥5,000! What, isn’t that a little strange!? 」

    I could not help but shout. Of course, I could not help it. There was no way a fully furnished apartment was that cheap.

「Well, the residences in Nanae Island are mainly for students, so most of them are cheap due to student discount」

「Even so, it is still too cheap! 」

「Yes, it is obviously very cheap. That is why I do not recommend it」

    The attendant that was supposed to be recommending residences gave me this explanation. The confidence he had in not recommending a room was rather refreshing. By the way, other residences on Nanae Island that are as nice as this one would apparently cost almost seven or eight times as much.

    For now, I put this room aside and asked the attendant to recommend other residences. However, it seemed that the first residence that I was shown was too nice. Each other room seemed mediocre by comparison.

    Actually, in reality, as a student who had been partially disowned, I had no choice but that super discounted residence that had all the furniture already.

    I told this story to the half-drunken landlady. She said, 「Ah, yes yes」, and questioned me.

「Did you hear that there are some conditions from the realtor? 」

「Yes. That you don’t need a deposit payment, but that I would have to pay for any broken furniture, and that the rental has to be paid one year in advance」

「Yes」, Ms. Shiki nodded.

「And there are no refunds for any reason, alright? 」

    That meant that once I paid ¥60,000 in advance, I did not need to care about my rental fee for a full year. It is quite difficult to lose ¥60,000 initially, however, if I add up the little savings and the initial monthly living expenses I had, I could make it work. It is only the first month that is going to be tough. I just have to endure this one month.

「Yes please」

「Then, please sign here」

    I wrote my name in the contract document that was passed to me, and put my thumbprint on it. I politely and fearfully placed the envelope that held one year worth of rent money on the table and said, 「Here you go」. I slid it towards the landlady.

    Then the landlady picked up the envelope and, I don’t know why, but she tossed it to the floor randomly without even checking what was inside.

「What!? 」While I was caught by surprise, the landlady who I could only think as stupid and rash stood up and said, 「Then, I shall show you the room. So could you follow me? 」

    While holding the half-emptied beer can, Ms. Shiki guided me outside the landlord’s room to the two-story apartment that was beside it.

    The Happiness Dorm had a total of six rooms, and three rooms on each floor. The room that I was going to use from today onward was room 202.

    We climbed up the stairs, and to the room. Ms. Shiki took out a key from the cleavage of her busty breasts.

「Here you go」

    Why did she keep it there, I thought. I accepted the key that was warmed by her skin.

「You can use it as you want」

    What? The key? How many ways are there to use it?

    I decided I’d think about that later. For now, I used it properly: inserting it into the deepest part of the keyhole. I twisted it and unlocked the door. Then, I opened the door.

「I am going to stay here and enjoy the wind for a while, so go check inside」

    I tilted my head at what Ms. Shiki said while she leaned against the railing. But for now, I opened the door and went inside.

    The size of the entrance was about half a tatami mat. There was a kitchen immediately after entering. On the right-hand side was a sink and besides that, a washing machine. On the left-hand side was a bathtub and a toilet. Further in was a door that led to the room that would become my main living space.

    Then I realized something.

「What? I can hear the sound of the TV? 」

    Was it my imagination? I heard a rowdy sound from the room.

    I was on alert as I took off my shoes at the entrance. Then, I went through the kitchen and opened the door.


「What? 」

「Hm? 」

     I locked eyes with a girl that was sitting on the bed and eating a cup of pudding.


Section 3:


    The girl was wearing a one-piece outfit and froze with a surprised expression while looking at me.

    While she stared at me, I could not help but stare at the girl as well.

    Not just at the pudding that was on her spoon, but her lips there too. Her round and large eyes. Her soft and long hair, which was tied by a ribbon with a cute design. On her neck was a ball necklace that was about the size of a fist. Her body was uniquely a girl, fragile and graceful. I could see a beautiful body line even from on top of her one-piece.

    If there were 100 people, surely 95 people (the other 5 having specific fetishes) would say the young girl was very pretty.

「……Sorry, I must have the wrong room」

    With that, I closed the room’s door, put on my shoes at the entrance, went outside, locked the door, and then inhaled deeply.

    Phew, ……there you go. I am calm.

    I somehow composed myself and looked above the door once more. The old plate there definitely said 『202』.

    I was not wrong. This was definitely the room that was to become my residence from this day on. Then, who was the girl just now……hmmm? Wait a moment. I think I saw that girl somewhere before……wait

「That’s the girl from the picture」

    The girl that had been eating pudding in the room just now was undoubtedly the girl from the picture I had been shown by the realtor.

    Why was that girl here? Why? No, wait a moment. That can’t be true. A cute model should not be in my room. Surely, I must have been mistaken. Surely, the girl was so cute that my brain had made me hallucinate without my permission. Surely that was it. However, in that case, I had a question. If my brain was lying, what were my real intentions? Actually, human souls are……why was I sidetracking into philosophy? Compose yourself!

    It is easy to confirm whether or not what I had seen just now was a hallucination.

「I should just go in one more time」

    Thus, one more time…

    I inserted the key into the door’s keyhole with my sweaty hands. I unlocked the door once again, twisted the doorknob, and opened the door. I took off my shoes at the entrance, passed through the kitchen, and opened the room’s door.


    While watching TV, the girl was definitely there, laughing and having a fun time.

I closed the room’s door again, and did not put on my shoes at the entrance. I opened the door again and said once again.

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