Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 4.6

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The moment Jūgo was about to crash into the ground he intentionally rolled in an athletic move to deflect the impact of the fall. Then he stood up as if nothing had happened and started running. His movement was indeed quite swift and nimble.

Hm, he has more potential than I had thought

    Tensai smirked fearlessly. It seemed that she was deep in thought again.

Now then, I think I’ll go

    Tensai started moving.

    However, she did not head to the door in front of them, but the staircase near them.


Section 5


I am going to go next

    When I tried to open the lock of the storeroom to challenge the test for the 13th time, Tensai finally decided she was going to try.

No, it’s fine! I am going to pass this test on my own!

    I told them that after each failure I had more motivation to solve the puzzle.

I’ll go then

    And I was just blatantly ignored. It seemed that this person really does not listen to others.

    This is how my 13th attempt now involved Tensai as well.

    I was already used to unlocking the door. I opened the door and went inside the room. Then, as usual, the door behind me was locked.

Hm, this room is clearly strange

    After entering the room, Tensai suddenly said this.

What is strange about it?

The room is much smaller than it should be. There is probably a hidden space beside this room

I went to look at the room on the floor above this. It was much larger than this room

Why the floor above?

There was no room downstairs. Most likely that is the where the mechanism that hurls you outside is located

    I don’t know when Tensai had done this search. Tensai started investigating the wall, and immediately came back.

It seems to me that there would be a hidden door somewhere. Probably if someone answers the question in this room correctly, the door would open

    Saying this, she looked at the signboard with the question.

I see……ah, by the way Jūgo


Have you given an incorrect answer from a place that is not right in front of this signboard?

Errr.. Do you mean have I answered the question from further away?


Yes, I’ve tried that

    It was the sixth try. I was tired of being hurled outside, and thus I cheated, and took three steps back. Then I shouted slippers. Then, a hole opened in the floor where I was, even though I had back away three steps.

I see, it is such a mechanism huh. I am such a genius

Hey stupid. You know the answer already huh?

I figured it out, she replied.

Really! What is the answer?

    By reflex, I asked her. The famous detective smirked.

Hmm, should I tell you?

    After pondering in an irritating way, Tensai said something outrageous.

Hmmm. If you announce here how much you admire me, I shall answer the question

    What is this condescending order?

    All of her actions seemed to be just so vexing.

    Phew, sure then. If you say so, I shall answer.

    I inhaled deeply and shouted.


I love Tensai from the bottom of my heart


Wha, what- !

……which is a joke arghh!

    She smashed a bowling pin that was in the room into the back of my head with all her force. This must be a reverse strike. It was super-duper painful.

You bastard, that’s not a joke you can make to a girl!

    The famous detective turned her face bright red, and scolded me. This time, it was obviously my fault. So I prostrated myself on the ground saying I am terribly sorry

That s..surprised me a bit

    The famous detective fidgeted as if abashed. Hmph. Even if you look like that, it’s not going to attract me, alright?! I pretended to be tough in my heart like a tsundere. In my mind.

That being said, what is the answer?

    Although I kind of didn’t want her expressions right now should not go to waste, I did want her to stop acting like this. So I hurried her. Then Tensai said, alright then, and shouted at the signboard.


The answer is, human!


    The buzzer this time was indicative of success. As Tensai had said, a hidden door opened.

    The correct answer was a human. Among the lifeless objects that scattered in the storeroom, the only thing different was a living human being. That meant us who had entered the room in order to solve the problem.

    I see. While I honestly was awed by her answer, I was also very frustrated.

You solved the riddle quite easily, huh

This is a beginner’s riddle. It is not hard at all

    That being said, I could not solve it at all.

But it was quite an interesting mechanism. There must be some device that detects one’s voice somewhere in this room. Nonetheless, I cannot pinpoint what kind of device it is though

What do you mean

Just now, I had called my name Tensaiin front of the signboard, and called myself a genius』」

Hey, why are you boasting now, you fool

    She hit me hard.

You are the fool. Don’t you understand? The answer to the riddle is human, but most accurately it would also be correct to answerJūgo YamaandTensai Ikkyūas well

    Actually, she was right, it was correct as well. I see, even though she had shouted her own name and genius (which in Japanese is tensai, and has a slightly different spelling from her name Tensai, but the same way of saying it), the signboard did not react.

That meant this signboard could not identify very specific names of objects. Or perhaps it cannot respond to new information….

Hey, I don’t need to understand all the technical stuff. Let’s just go

    Whether I liked it or not, I understood now that Tensai’s analysis skills were amazing. Nevertheless, her explanation was excessively long and she investigated more than necessary. In language class, I learned that this was called, superfluous.

Hey, I was in the middle of my explanation

As I had thought, you are super amazing

    The moment I said this, Tensai smiled.

I see. As long as you understand that…

    I started to understand how to handle this fool.

    Be that as it may, it was a true fact that the riddle was solved thanks to Tensai. Even though I had failed 13 times.

    I looked into the adjacent room together with Tensai.

    It was a narrow room with a width of about one meter.

    At the end of the room was a treasure chest.

I see, so you pass the test when you take the thing inside the treasure chest back to the club room huh

It’s over already? How easy

    Tensai snorted as if disappointed. Well, for her it must be. Nevertheless, for me, I felt relief.

There. Go open the treasure chest

    When I let her go first, Tensai looked at me as if dumbfounded.

Is it alright?

You solved the riddle, right? It is your reward. It should be the special privilege of the person who contributed the most to do these kinds of things

    When I said so, Tensai giggled a little bashfully.

    I honestly thought that these kinds of gestures of hers were cute.

Well, of course, I am the best

    Nevertheless, when she opens her mouth she only annoys me.

    Tensai went ahead into the hidden room alone. Then, she crouched down in front of the treasure chest. The treasure chest was about the same size as Tensai when she was crouching down. She opened the chest.

There is something inside

    She took out a stone with both her hands from the treasure chest.

What is this rock? It’s looks like a stone you place on top of pickle containers

    Upon seeing the stone that Tensai had taken out, I muttered. It was immediately after this.


    Suddenly, the wall in front of me disappeared in one go.


    The room that had been dark suddenly was filled with the light from outside.

    Both Tensai and I were dumbfounded by the sudden event.

    Then there was sound and the floor of the hidden room tilted.

    Tensai’s body started rolling on the tilted floor. She seemed like she was about to be hurled in mid-air.

    I could not help but doubt my eyes.

    This was the height of three stories. It was different from the height that I had been hurled from just now.

    No, no, no. This height was a little too high.


    Tensai is going to get hurt.


I immediately glanced down and took notice of something. I immediately ran diagonally down the slope of the hidden room without any hesitation. I thrust myself towards Tensai who had just started rolling. 

Immediately, my hand reached Tensai who had been hurled in the air. Then, while wrapping her in my arms, I prepared for the impact.

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